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“In a World Built On Illusions, Truth Is The Most Powerful Weapon.”
– The Love Guru

While Other Media Outlets Give You News That Is:

1) controlled, corrupt and pushing forth the new world order agenda

2) heavily political and

3) focused on negativity, being a victim, and doomsday scenarios,

Truth News provides you with news commentary, spiritual teachings, and healings that are focused on education, enlightenment, and empowerment.

Truth News is for you if you’re interested in solutions, advancement, support, and guidance in doing your mission.


Truth News has purposefully been made to be “no frills,” direct, and straight to the point

to give you the most important news, updates, and downloads (from Spirit),

so you can get the info, adjust your vibration, and get into action.

How To Read Truth News:

START WITH THE MARCH 2021 ISSUES. Issues build on one another, so it’s recommended that you start with the first issues, then continue reading the issues that follow (following the dates) after that (yes, even if the date has already passed). Spirit brings you here to Truth News when you are ready to hear what is shared. The issues are timeless and the dates have no significance, just to merely mark when they were written. Start with Issue 1, as it is now that you are ready.

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Warning: You May Get Triggered

Every thing I write and every time I speak, it is channeled. It may sound like me and look like me and that’s just because I have integrated with my higher self and Spirit (my angels, guides, ascended masters, Zeke, other high vibrational galactic beings). It’s also because I’m not like other spiritual teachers and healers who constantly talk about who or what they are channeling, as I find that to be insignificant. I was told long ago that these are my teachings and I should present them as such. The point here is, when I write and speak, it’s channeled. All products you get on this site, including Truth News, are channeled. If anything upsets you, angers you, frustrates you, upsets you – any emotional reaction – it means you have been triggered. If this happens, congratulations! That means you have internal work to do and that’s exactly why your Soul lead you here – to evolve. When you get triggered, as in have any upsetting emotional reaction to what you read here on Truth News (or with anything that happens to you in life), it means you have unresolved trauma that is coming to the surface to be healed. Get the audio “What To Do When You’ve Been Triggered – Healing Triggers” to help you heal this.

Each issue of Truth News is a gift to your evolution. There are plenty of activations, initiations, healings, teachings and exercises (either implied or clearly stated) that you can be doing after every issue. Each issue is to be looked at as a remote teaching, healing, and guidance session. Enjoy it, and we’re glad you’re here.

March 2021

The “Stop Trying to Wake People Up and Here’s What To Do Instead” Issue (March 1)

  • “Take Your Money Out of the Bank”
  • “Leaving Society, Creating Your Own Life”
  • “The Vaccine is Reversible”
  • “The Levels of Awakening” and more!

The “Stop Showering, Stop Shaving, Stop Giving a Shit” Issue (March 8)

  • “Stay Away from Doctors and Hospitals”
  • “Why You Can, Will, and Must Have Kids (even if you’re ‘older'”
  • “Find a New Job, Better Yet, Do Your Mission. The Robots are Here!”
  • “The Rise of the Super Rich”

The “Point of No Return” Issue (March 22)

  • “Stay Away from the Vaccinated”
  • “Many Truthers Don’t Realize They Have Work To Do”
  • “We Can No Longer Stop This Train Wreck”
  • “Vaccines, Placebos, and You’re Crazy!” and more!

The “Staying Alive” Issue (March 29)

  • “Find Your Tribe
  • “They All Have Blood on Their Hands”
  • “A Restricted Life”
  • “On Borrowed Time”
  • “No More Fresh Air”
  • “The Last Days of Chicken and Meat” and more!
  • Now includes “Dear Blaire” and Joke of the Week!

Purchase Issue 1 to see what Truth News is all about.

Then purchase Issues 2, 3, and 4 to get caught up to speed.

All sales final, no refunds.

April 2021

The “Where Do We Go From Here?” Issue (April 5)

  • “Let Down by The Spiritual Community
  • “What Are We Doing Here?”
  • “Spiritual Lessons During the End of Times”
  • “It’s All A Game, Part II”
  • “Zombies are Not Your Friends” and more!
  • “Dear Blaire” and Joke of the Week!

The “Get Me Out of this Fake World!” Issue (April 12)

  • “They are Everywhere!
  • “You Must Take Care of Yourself”
  • “Us vs Them”
  • “It’s Going to Be a Hot Summer”
  • “Observer or Divine Mission?” and more!
  • “Dear Blaire” and Joke of the Week!

The “Let Them Eat Their Prey” Issue (April 19)

  • “The Train Has Left the Station
  • “Now They’re Not Wearing Masks!”
  • “Turning the World Right Side Up”
  • Joke of the Week and more!
  • This week’s issue is a bit shorter than normal because there is a lot to process and Spirit wants you to take the time to process it.

The “Things are Getting Weirder” Issue (April 26)

  • “No More, Hello, How Are You?
  • “My Hairdresser was in ICU with Covid”
  • “Only Support Your Own Kind”
  • “Hey, I Thought You Were Somewhat Awake”
  • “The Police vs The People”
  • “Good Doctor, Good Nurse, Good Parent, Good Teacher, Good Cop”
  • Joke of the Week and more!

All sales final, no refunds.

May 2021

The “Summer of Freedom” Issue (May 10)

  • “They Can’t Hear You
  • “The Protection of Dark Energy”
  • “The Protection of The Light”
  • “We’re in a Vibrational War”
  • “Lower Realm or Higher State?”
  • “The Shame of ‘Healthcare’ Workers”
  • “Saying Goodbye to Friends and Family”
  • Joke of the Week and more!

The “Wounded World” Issue (May 17)

  • “People are Awake Now”
  • “The Stages of Mark of the Beast”
  • “So Many Orphans”
  • “Poisonous Blood”
  • “The Vibration of Your Food”
  • “Leaders of the New Earth™”
  • Warriors, get ahead of the curve! This issue contains some business advice on what to focus on, alter, or add to your current offerings to serve what will be happening with the people of the world.

The “Things are Getting Exciting!” Issue (May 24)

  • “I Bought a Crystal and Had a Major Hissy Fit
  • “Stop Wasting Your Energy”
  • “Bewildered Human Beings
  • “Awakened Vaccinated People?
  • “Things are Shifting at the Speed of Light”
  • Joke of the Week and more!


“Mass Awakening of Society” (May 25)

  • “Soul Recall”
  • “Soul Retrieval”
  • “Hunting Down Your Consciousness”
  • “Remember When You Wore a Mask and Acted Like a Brainwashed Zombie?”
  • “Does This Mean the QAnon Idiots Got Away Scot Free?”
  • “There Will Still Be Terror”
  • Blaire’s Joke of the Week and more!

The “Living It Up Like a Brainwashed Zombie” Issue (May 31)

  • “Deformed Babies
  • “Stay Away from the Unvaccinated Who Hang Out with the Vaccinated”
  • “Let’s All Get Together and Be Depressed”
  • “Somehow There Are Very Few Vaccine Deaths in NJ”
  • “Who’s The Miserable One?”
  • “Daddy Governor Says I Don’t Have to Wear a Mask Inside Anymore! Yippee!!”
  • Blaire’s Joke of the Week and more!

All sales final, no refunds.

June 2021

The “Disintegration of the Matrix” Issue (June 7)

  • “All Seems Okay and Well (But It’s Not)
  • “From Truth Warrior to Sheeple Role Model”
  • “Update – Stay Away From The Unvaccinated Who Hang with the Vaccinated”
  • “Your Energy Field Has Been Compromised”
  • “The Simulation We’re In”
  • “A Third Shot”
  • “Shit’s About to Hit the Fan”
  • Joke of the Week and more!

The “Shit Storm Is Here” Issue (June 13)

  • I think this is my best issue! (but you can let me know what you think! of course they’re all great!)
  • “Is It In My Head? My Vibration? Or Is It Real?”
  • “The Vaccinated Need to Be Quarantined”
  • “Their Evil Plan Revealed”
  • “There’s Always a Way Out. The Light Always Wins.”
  • “Spiritual Teachers and Healers to the Forefront”
  • “Euthanasia”
  • “Front Row Seats”
  • “Doctors and Nurses Attacked” and more!
  • Warning – This issue may be triggering to you. It’s suggested, as it always is, to journal a lot about the thoughts and feelings that come up for you while you read it, so you get new insights and awarenesses as far as what you should do.

The “It’s Showtime!” Issue (June 19)

  • “Mayday! Hunker Down!”
  • “It May Take Awhile for Things to Settle Down”
  • “Many in the Spiritual Community May Seek Help Too”
  • “From Sheeple to Newly Awakened”
  • “What? Forgive You for the Hell I’ve Been Experiencing?!”
  • “Juneteenth, Gay Pride, and Other Bullshit”
  • “What It Means To Be In Your Own Energy”
  • “Fake Covid, Fake Vaccine, Fake Shedding”
  • “Blaire’s Joke of the Week” and more!

All sales final, no refunds.

July 2021

The “And Life Goes On” Issue (July 4)

  • “Is Most of the Population Really Going to Die?”
  • “Are You Putting a Death Wish Onto Others”
  • “Will The Sheeple Go To Heaven?”
  • “Manchurian Candidates”
  • “Are You Vaccinated?”
  • “The Solution To The Vaccine”
  • Blaire’s Joke of the Week and more!

The “Enemy of the State” Issue (July 5)

  • “Trump’s Back”
  • “Passing the Torch”
  • “Vaccine Injured Crisis Actors”
  • “All the More Reasons to Disconnect”
  • “Make Your Own Game
  • Blaire’s Joke of the Week and more!
  • In this issue I talk about disconnecting from the matrix.
  • A new way of looking at it. These issues keep getting better and better! WOW!

The “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” Issue (July 16)

  • “It’s All Fake”
  • “All ‘Leaders’ in the ‘Truth’ Movement are Compromised”
  • “You’re Tuning into a Frequency”
  • “Let’s All Talk about Door to Door Jabs”
  • “The Spiritual Community Has Been Infiltrated
  • “Vaccine Solutions, Part II”
  • NEW!! Upcoming Warrior Event Calendar
  • Blaire’s Joke of the Week and more!
  • Ooohh, this issue is good!!

The “Exiting the Matrix” Issue (July 29)

  • “Retarded ‘Digital Soldiers'”
  • “Kicked Off LinkedIn”
  • “Working in Different Realms”
  • “Dr Judy is Full of Shit”
  • “Fake Vaccine Disasters
  • “Waiting, Waiting, Waiting..”
  • “Transhumanism Right Before Our Eyes?”
  • “Spiritual People Who Don’t Want to Talk about the Waxine”
  • “Alive Whistleblowers”
  • Blaire’s Joke of the Week and more!

3 Bonus Audios: “You’ve Been Duped! Advanced Mind Control Techniques Revealed” (3+ hours)

  • Part 1:  “You’ve Been Duped! The Truther Movement Psyop” and “The Vegan, Vegetarian, Fruitarian, Natural and Healthy Eating” Psyop”
  • Part 2:  More details about the “The Vegan, Vegetarian, Fruitarian, Natural and Healthy Eating” Psyop”
  • Part 3:  I Was Brainwashed Into Turning Vegetarian, Vegan, then Fruitarian! Guilt, Shame and Shock Awakenings – What This Means for The General Public and You and Your Mission.
  • Absolutely mind-blowing and shocking information in this audio. Have your thinking and questioning cap ready, as well as water to clear toxins and help you process the information, as well as pen and paper to take notes while listening. It’s suggested you read the July issues of Truth News first then jump into this audio. It all leads you up to this and gives soft awakenings before you get these two whammy downloads.

All sales final, no refunds.

September 2021

The “Some People are Awake (Kind of)” Issue (September 7, 2021)

  • “Living in the New World Order
  • “Living in the New World Order, Part II”
  • “Don’t Curse People”
  • “What Will Happen Next?”
  • “Everyone’s Trying to Make Their Career”
  • “They’re Using Our Words”
  • “The Light Is Not Winning”
  • “There Will Be No Trials or Tribunals”
  • “Stay Away from the Vaccinated, Part II”
  • “Let’s All Welcome the New Public Editor”
  • “Let’s All Stomp On Spotted Lantern Flies (Because We’re Told To)!”
  • Blaire’s Joke of the Week and more!

All sales final, no refunds.

The “We Are At War But The Sheepies Want Fireworks” Issue (September 18, 2021)

  • “Masks are Not Good, But Vaccines are Okay.
  • “Self Care is an Absolute Must”
  • “Advocating for Their Own Demise”
  • “Vaccinated Warriors, The Fiercest Mother Fuckers of All”
  • “Let’s All Walk Around and Pretend Nothing’s Wrong Here”
  • “I Started Speaking Light Language and Use It To Activate Myself, Trees,  and Horses”
  • “Preparing for What’s To Come”
  • “This is Our Life Now”
  • Blaire’s Joke of the Week and more!

All sales final, no refunds.

The “They Are Clearing the Board” Issue (September 27, 2021)

  • “Out of Commission Players
  • “What Are You Doing About Your Parents?”
  • “It’s Still Extremely Warm in NJ”
  • “Vaccinated Warriors, The Fiercest Mother Fuckers of All”
  • “Robots Aren’t Coming, They’re Already Here”
  • “Eating Babies”
  • “Graffiti Is Okay for Me, Not For You”
  • “5G Deployment in My Hometown”
  • “Ex-Military Still Implementing Orders, Just Not Knowing It”
  • “Follow Up On So Many Visions/Predictions I’ve Made That Already Came True!”
  • Blaire’s Joke of the Week and more!

All sales final, no refunds.

October 2021

The “Herding Sheep Is Surprisingly Hard To Do” Issue (October 11, 2021)

  • “Braindead Sheep
  • “Sheep are Hard to Herd”
  • “Our Advantage – How To Wake The Sheep”
  • “One by One, You Get The Job Done”
  • “Fuck Your Life If You Want, But Not Mine”
  • “Everyone’s Got It. Might As Well You Get It Too”
  • “The Killing of Max Igan”
  • “Get Your Flu Shot!”
  • Blaire’s Joke of the Week and more!
  • This issue is priced higher than previous issues due to it solely being focused on activations, initiations, teachings, healings – frequencies – on how to shift the collective. It’s time to step it up! It goes well with the audio recorded on October 22, 2021 posted after this.

All sales final, no refunds.

November 2021

December 2021

January 2022

The “I Don’t Think It’s a Good Idea To Tell People They’re Being Exterminated” Issue (November 18, 2021)

  • “Don’t Tell People They’re Being Exterminated
  • “You May Be Partially To Blame If Your Family Gets Taken Out”
  • “Giving People The Activation To Kill Themselves”
  • “Self Hate and Self Destruct Programs”
  • “The Immune Compromised”
  • “No More Dairy Queen or Carvel”
  • “Get Used To Being In Your Kitchen”
  • “Being Cautious About Being Around Vaccinated People”
  • “The Lifespan of Humans”
  • “The Travis Scott Concert”
  • Blaire’s Joke of the Week and more!

All sales final, no refunds.

The “Forget Them, Save Yourself” Issue (December 20, 2021)

  • “Jump Off The Sinking Boat, Now!
  • “Moving From Hell To Heaven”
  • “Night and Day and the Trust System”
  • “Happy Cows, Happy Humans, Happy Death”
  • “It’s About To Get Hairy”
  • Blaire’s Joke of the Week and more!

All sales final, no refunds.

The “Jig Is Up, Now We Hunker Down” Issue (January 19, 2022)

  • “Get Ready to Hunker Down
  • “There Are So Many People in the Middle”
  • “The Fake Sun”
  • “Hunter Slaves Killing Free Animals”
  • “The Issues with Their Awakening”
  • Blaire’s 3 Jokes of the Week and more!

All sales final, no refunds.

April 2022

The “It Was All A Dream” Issue (April 24, 2022)

  • “From 3D to 5D – Is This Really a Thing?!”
  • “The Disintegration of the Matrix, Part II”
  • “How Our Mind Works”
  • “Let’s Revisit Covid”
  • “Why Food Shortages, Inflation, Cyber Polygon, and Other Bullshit Won’t Effect You”
  • “Mind Discipline!”
  • “The Universe Will Show You”
  • “It’s All Crumbling Now”
  • “Healed Individuals Leading The Way”
  • Blaire’s Joke of the Week

All sales final, no refunds.

Summer 2022

Over the summer months I have been receiving a lot of downloads related to the “world” we live in as well as been guided through steps on how to master it.

These teachings are called, “There is No Breaking Out of the Matrix” and can be found on the Advanced Warrior Toolkit page.

Also I have been without a home, also known as “homeless” for the whole summer. I have learned a lot of lessons, and cleared through a lot of programming and fear having had this experience, plus I think going through this also enabled me to download the matrix teachings that I share with you in that audio I posted about above. If you are in fear of being homeless, think it would be awful if you ever were, or if you have been homeless in the past or have gone through the experience several times, then you may want to get my “Healing Homelessness Programming” audio.

October 2022

The “Wait, Watch, Pounce” Issue (October 2, 2022)

  • “The Con, The NWO, and Your Mission”
  • “You Think They’d Want Help In Saving Their Lives”
  • “Bums are Everywhere”
  • “Indigos Who Took The Injection”
  • “New Psychic and Healing Gifts Activated”
  • “Letting People RIP?”
  • “The Robot Is Controlling You
  • Blaire’s Joke of the Week

All sales final, no refunds.

May 2023

The “Going Back To Sleep” Issue

  • “Help! I’m Stuck in the Truman Show! (We all are!)”
  • “Turning to Doctors”
  • “Still Talking in Code”
  • “My Vision, My Tribe”
  • “Co-Signing on Mental Illness”
  • “Leaving NJ and Going Deeper Into Slavery”
  • “The Gluten Free and No GMO Agenda”
  • “AI Robot New Movie Release and Recommendation”
  • “You’re On a List!”
  • “Where Do We Go From Here?”
  • Blaire’s Joke of the Week

All sales final, no refunds.

September 2023

The “Here We Go Again!” Issue (September 23, 2023)

  • “Round 2”
  • “The Stages of the Awakening Journey”
  • “Most of the Truther Community is Contipated”
  • “Ignoring Truthers”
  • “Doing Your Mission”
  • “Ignoring Distractions”
  • “So What’s Going To Happen?”
  • “In The Sweet Spot”
  • “Can’t Stop”
  • “Won’t Stop Keeping Yourself Sane”
  • Blaire’s Joke of the Week

All sales final, no refunds.

October 2023

11/26/23 – In less than a month since creating this audio above, “The Deconstruction and Total Combustion of the Matrix,” I got confirmation that was I was remembering/being downloaded from a video that just came my way that indeed I was correct and I’m creating an audio that goes even deeper as in watching this video (which I will share in Part 2 of this audio) sparked new memories/downloads. Brilliant stuff coming through! Mind blowing! Information NO ONE ELSE is talking about. While other people who are supposedly “awake” are still pulling you in directions to either ignore what is going on and live in love and light or are taking you deeper down a false and fake road filled with emotion and craziness of the matrix (virtual reality) world, I’m guiding you out of this maze into a place of total clarity. Incredible! Feeling so blessed to be able to share this work.

May 2024

The “Believe Nothing That You See” Issue

  • “Pre-Eclipse Weirdness”
  • “Something Weird Happened Right Before The Eclipse”
  • “They Were Running Their Agendas, But Wait…”
  • “Then The Total Eclipse Happened, And Nothing…”
  • “The Prince of Dubai, Who Is Also The Ruler of Dubai, Contacted Me”
  • “Apocalyse and Other Doomsday Scenarios”
  • “We’ve Gone to a Higher Level in the Game”
  • “What Are You Doing?”

Approx 8 pages of insights, intuitions, activations and downloads that help you step to a higher level of consciousness and master this game.

Disclaimer: If you’re a bible followers and attached to bible programming, this issue may upset you. Read at your own risk. There are no refunds if you don’t like what is shared.

All sales final, no refunds.


4/23/21 – In the March 22nd issue of Truth News, I wrote a piece about how you should stay away from the vaccinated. This was one month ago that I published this information, as guided by my Spirit team (angels, guides, ascended masters, Zeke my star brother, etc). And although I felt weird writing it, it was what they were advising me to do so I was passing it on to my subscribers. Now one month later, reports are coming out about how those who have NOT been vaccinated are having health issues (blood clots, miscarriages, abnormal periods, rashes, etc) that are just like those who have been vaccinated brought on by them being in close vicinity to those who have been vaccinated. A terrible situation, but a great confirmation! You heard it here first!

6/5/21 – In the May 31st issue of Truth News, I wrote a piece about how you should stay away from the unvaccinated who hang out with the vaccinated. Another piece of downloaded information that seemed a bit outrageous but this has now been confirmed and an update on this subject can be found in the June 7th issue.

6/19/21 – In the June 13th issue of Truth News, I wrote a piece entitled “Their Evil Plan Revealed.” In there I shared how there’s going to be more disclosure from the evil doers themselves about what they have been doing in order to spark more outrage, anxiety, fear, sickness and death. To confirm the download of information that I got, now, just a few days later the CDC has issued a Class 1 (which is the highest level of recall) over the Covid Rapid Tests and says in an email to health professionals to not to use them anymore. The email continues to say that the FDA has “significant concerns that the test has not been adequately established and its use can present a health risk and that the FDA has not approved the use of the test.” So here we go! Disclosure coming out more and more! Who would have thought that disclosure would be by the psychopaths themselves, but TRUTH NEWS (as in Blaire “The Love Guru”) knew and called it first! Just another reason to read and support TRUTH NEWS. Your Only Source of Non-Bullshit, Non-Propaganda, Non-Political, Non-Indoctrinating Media that not only reports the happenings before they happen, but also gives you tools, tips, downloads, activations, initiations and PRACTICAL STEPS on how to GET INTO YOUR POWER so you can be a leader in the new earth!

7/4/21 – In the very first issue of Truth News, I wrote about how the vaccine is reversible. Now in the July 4th issue of Truth News, I (Spirit) reveals how to undo the acts of evilness done through these death, illness, and sterilization shots.

7/4/21 – In “celebration” of the Sheep Holiday, the 4th of July, I am offering readers of Truth News to pay for the current issue in crypto. We’ll do this as a test run and see how it goes. If I like the experience, I’ll offer up more opportunites for you to pay with crypto. (And yes, I know crypto is cabal created and run. Do you? It’s also the way of the future because until we take over this shit show that is currently happening here on Earth, they call the shots as to what’s to come.)

7/16/21 – Please note I am only publishing Truth News on days/weeks I feel guided, so if you don’t see a current issue, check back in a day or two.

7/16/21 – In the first issue of Truth News, I wrote about how the vaccine is reversible. In the 7/4/21 Spirit shared with me one solution to this. In the 7/16 issue I am revealing two other ways the vaccine damage is reversible too.

7/29/21 – TRUTH NEWS is on temporary hiatus. People need to get caught up on the current material which will help them raise to a higher level and clear their programming. I want to focus my time and energy on the massive upgrades happening in my life. I’ll be back.

9/7/21 – TRUTH NEWS is back! I’m publishing again on a regular basis.

9/27/21 – My guides have pointed out to me that so much of what I have already shared in past issues of Truth News (that I saw in visions and intuitively knew and then shared with you!) has already come true or is happening now. In the 9/27/21 issue they want me to go over the last few months of predictions, recap what has come true, and expand on what’s next in each of those areas. Get the latest issue of Truth News to know what’s happening, before it happens, so you can properly prepare – mentally, emotionally, physically, psychically, and energetically.

4/2024 – I saw/met a NPC at the park this week who was wearing a t-shirt that said “Essential NPC.” I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Thought I was seeing things or that the matrix was playing games with me. In short, I predicted this would happen in TRUTH NEWS – The May 25, 2021 “Mass Awakening of Society” Full Moon Solar Eclipse Issue (listed above). I said NPCs would become conscious – and now they are! I will share more details in the May 2024 Issue of Truth News posted in a few days.

4/2024 – Another prediction/vision of mine has come true! In Sept 27, 2021 Issue entitled, “They Are Clearing the Board” I predicted on how we would be going to a higher level of the game and we have successfully gotten there since right before this total solar eclipse that just happened. Congratulations to all the players who are still in the game. I will share more details of what has taken place and how and why we are now at a higher level of the game in the May 2024 Issue of Truth News which will be posted shortly.

Truth News is educational, light-hearted, as well as super deep, fun, funny, inspiring and gives me tons of ideas on how to expand my mission!

I like Truth News because it’s not ‘smoke up your ass’ spiritual channeling, but instead real world practical and inspiring news. Each week, Blaire gives me so much to think about and new ways to see the world and what is going on within it.

Blaire, thank you so much for leading the way for us indigos and the new earth.

I’m loving Truth News! Each issue helps me go deeper in my understanding of what’s going on in the world, as well as helps me evolve as a person and with my mission. 

What Network Will Be The First To Share Truth News?

I recorded this message in March 2014 when the government was lying to its people about another one of their corrupt dealings. I was asking, “Who will be the first network to share truth news?” I was tired of listening to the news and being lied to.

You see, truth has a vibration and when you’re tapped into that frequency, everything else sounds like nails on a chalkboard.

Well, it ends up that I’m the first network to share truth news! Surprise, surprise! (Or really no surprise at all, as I was making a prediction of what was truly in my heart and Soul to do in this world.)

You can find Truth News above on this page, as well as watch it on The Awakened Warrior TV Show.

About the Publisher and Editor In Chief of Truth News

The Love Guru Blaire

Spiritual Teacher, Master Healer, Psychic Medium, De-Programmer, Dating & Relationship Expert, Marriage and Family Therapist, Horse Whisperer, Dog Psychic, Animal Communicator, Proud Awakened Warrior

For over 20 years, I’ve guided people out of illusions and into truth.

Everything you’ve been taught here on Earth is a lie. The truth is, since birth you have been programmed / indoctrinated / brainwashed. As an emotionally and spiritually mature adult, it is your job to get de-programmed. This is what I help you do.

I help you heal your mental, emotional, and childhood wounds, as well as clear all the ways you’ve been programmed by society, by the media, and by your parents. I’m also able to help you heal your anxiety, anger, sadness, loneliness, frustration, resentment and fear. Once this internal baggage is cleared, you’re able to see the world as it really is, rather than through a distorted lens of false beliefs and lies.

For over 10 years, I’ve been studying and teaching about the new world order, corruption, and how to be a leader who leads in truth, honesty, integrity and for the good of all.

In short, I put you into power.

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About The Alien Network:


Created in 2020 by The Love Guru, The Alien Network creates TV programming, books, products, as well as a subscription news publication ("Truth News") that brings higher consciousness into the world. More specifically, the programming brought to you by The Alien Network is geared towards Indigo Warriors and in helping you prepare for and do your mission.


Indigos were once more powerful on their own while we were learning who we were and how to use our special gifts and abilities. But as one advances down their path, they then become 100x’s more powerful when joined with other Indigos to do their missions together. That’s what we do here. Combine our energies, our time, our focus and our intentions to bring higher consciousness to the world in a bigger way than what we would be able to do on our own.

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