Warrior Toolkit Advanced Teachings

Learn about the matrix,

how to master the matrix,

break out of the matrix,

exit the matrix,

transcend the matrix.

** I highly suggest you download and learn from the foundational audios/teachings found in the Warrior Toolkit found here before you listen to these. It’ll help you process the information.

Advanced Teachings.

Look, all my teachings are for the more advanced student and Soul, but the audios listed below require that you go through many of my teachings listed here, as well as read my books before you download them, otherwise it’s going to be hard for you to take in the energy and material I’m sharing and you’ll have loads of resistance come up.

Audio programs are listed in the order they were downloaded into me and recorded, which also means that as you move down the page the teaching get more complex and advanced and require you to have a higher level of consciousness to understand them (when you listen to the audios listed above them on the page, it’ll help you align with the level of consciousness that I’m sharing)

WHEN LISTENING TO THE AUDIOS – To help you process the teachings and healing energy shared:

  • Drink water during and after audios to help you clear toxins and stuck energy.
  • Take notes, journal about your thoughts, feelings and intuitions that come up when listening.
  • After listening, apply what I shared with you or your intuitions sparked from the audios.
  • Spend a few days thinking about what I shared (at random times during the day). This allows your own guidance and downloads to come through.
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Collapsing the Complete Coronavirus & Vaccine Matrix – Part 1, 2, 3

Coronavirus Lies, The Illusion, and What You Can Learn From It To Make Your Dreams Come True – Part 1

40 minute audio + PDF with key concepts and steps to follow

There’s a good possibility that the coronavirus doesn’t even exist. That it’s totally an illusion. In this audio I go into details on how society was brainwashed to believe in the coronavirus lies and the illusions, as well as details on what this teaches us all about our magical abilities as humans to create anything we want in our lives – positive or negative. I share specific examples of how this psychological operation (brainwashing) was done and how you can use it to your own benefit.

Brainwashing in and of itself (other words for brainwashing are programming or indoctrination) is not good or bad. Instead, it’s a tool – how it is used is what matters. The coronavirus was pre-planned and deployed with negative intentions and a negative agenda to hurt humanity. It was done by evil forces. In this audio, I guide you in learning from it, understanding the brainwashing tactics that were used, and then how it was masterfully deployed to get everyone on board to believe in the illusion and lies. When these brainwashing tactics are then used by you, in the light, you can easily and quickly upgrade your life and make your dreams come true.

To help you learn, heal, shift and change, listen to this audio with your journal and a pen in hand. Take notes. Write your thoughts, emotions, memories, intuitions, and awarenesses, as well as what you’d like to implement and change. This is how you actively participate in your shifts and changes and it’s how you upgrade your life.

The Vaccine Isn’t Real and Vaccine Shedding is Fake. Going Deeper in Cracking the Code of the Matrix – Part 2

1 hour audio

Make sure you have your paper and pen handy to take notes while you are listening to this audio. As well as a glass of water to drink while you are listening (and then one after) to help you process the information. This is a download I have been receiving in parts over the last few weeks and it’s a doozy! Lots of mindshifts to go through to fully process this one.

In this audio, we’re going deeper into cracking the code of the matrix. The veil is disintegrating and the information has been coming through that there’s a good possibility that the vaccine isn’t real and that the story about the vaccine shedding is total bullshit (yes, even if you’re experiencing the effects of it now). I discuss all of this in this audio, as well as a way through. In this audio, I also go over how the cabal/dark entities will kill vaccinated people, as well as those who are experiencing vaccine shedding in the upcoming months. This is not about stepping into fear, but instead guiding you out of it. I share with you how to do it in this audio – how to understand from a higher perspective what’s going on and your way out of the tangled web of the matrix in which they most likely caught you in. You must participate with this audio – take notes and think about what was shared. Ask your guidance system to help you know the truth. YOU ALSO MUST BE WILLING TO CHALLENGE YOUR BELIEFS AND WHAT EVERYONE ELSE IN THE TRUTHER COMMUNITY IS TELLING YOU AT THIS TIME. This is the only way you get shifts and upgrade your life. It’s also the only way to completely break out of the matrix.

The Complete Coronavirus & Vaccine Matrix Has Fallen. Vaccine Lies By The Truther “Leaders” and The Truther Community – Genius Mind Control – Part 3

43 minute audio

Don’t let your mind fuck you up. You’ve been totally and completely brainwashed! Yes, you, truther. In this audio I share another level of the download I’ve been getting for months about the truther community and the coronavirus matrix. Absolutely mind blowing information that no one else is talking about (at this time) except for me.

The coronavirus vaccine is not going to kill people, it’ll be You (and more!) You’ve been played, I’ve been played, we’ve all been played – real bad!

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“6 months ago I bought The Coronavirus Lies program but didn’t listen to it until last week and OMG! I have been observing ‘The Truthers’ and how full of shit they are and those audios brought it all together.”

Becoming an Original Human – Part 1, 2, 3, 4

“Becoming an Original Human” is my original material that I have been downloading following for the last 2+ months. I’ve experienced great shifts in my psychic and healing abilities as I’ve cleared my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical body from 3D residue. This is the 4-part audio series (and growing) sharing the teachings, healings, initiations, and activations I’ve been getting – I pass it onto you.

Part 1: Understanding and Navigating the Matrix

70+ minute audio

Are you awake, but still not quite sure you understand how this matrix is set up and how to navigate it? There are some very specific rules to follow, and more so, things to understand about this place we are living in order for you to survive and thrive this experience (and war) we are going through. That is what I cover in this audio. I go into detail about what an “Original Human” is, which is a download, teaching and guidance I have received and been following for the last two months to transform my body, mind and Soul.

Discussion about how pure bloods are not actually “pure” anything. Detox suggestions so you can start the transformation to becoming an original human (restoring yourself – your health and your wellbeing) and more. How to get into alignment and your full power with all you have been learning (the disclosure of all the corruption). I then go into definition and discussion on what non-playing characters (soulless beings) are and how to navigate them and this world, if you want to successfully do and complete your mission, being an Indigo Warrior. A packed audio that gives you action steps of exactly what to do to ace this world and get massive success. This audio shows you how to crack the code of the matrix. You learn these things and then all of a sudden this fucked up world makes perfect sense!

Part 2: Consciously Creating Friendships and Call In Your Soul Tribe.

1 hour audio

Learn how to attract and be in friendships consciously. Most people “find friends” by default through work or wherever. Most people settle in their friendships. You may hang out with someone because they’re able to hang out or because you see someone often around town or because you are lonely and want someone to hang out with. Also, most people have a lot of mixed feelings about their friends – they like certain things about them and then hate other things. But what would life be like if you actually loved your friends. What if they were totally aligned with you? What if they were actually part of your soul tribe? I walk you through several exercises to do in this audio, as well as share spiritual teachings and healings (mind adjustments) along the way. Listen with pen and paper, take notes, and do the exercises. Also have water, as some of the things I share in here may trigger you! (which is good, because then you have an opportunity to look at your limiting beliefs and heal more!)

Part 3: Creating Conscious Relationships, Clearing Remaining Tentacles of Co-Dependency and Freeing Yourself from Being a Slave.

2+ hour audio

Co-dependency is a nasty critter and even though you have done a lot of work around it, I guarantee it’s tentacles are still dangling around effecting every area of your life and dragging you down. In this audio, which is a meaty one, I guide you through another layer (hopefully the last one!) of healing your childhood wounds, another layer (again, hopefully the last one!) of clearing mental, emotional, verbal, spiritual, and sexual abuse, and co-dependency issues. The time is now to free ourselves totally and completely in all areas of our lives where we are making ourselves a slave. In this audio we’re discussing relationships. And on the other end of healing all of this is utopia, heaven on earth, your soul family – people who you can completely trust, who are loyal, loving, and who you can build a life with. Long term love, friendship, and business relationships. People who act in honesty, integrity, and for the good of all, just like you do. Masks completely gone, totally in the new earth. You ready? I sure as hell am!

Part 4: Staying Conscious and Keeping Commitments

2.5 hour audio

In this audio I define what an “Original Human” is, as well as talk about how to keep walking the path of attracting and creating business and personal relationships with people who are masters walking this Earth, just like you. Step into heaven and earth and live in the fairytale you’ve been dreaming about. The energy is here and this is the program that gets you there!

Part 5: Saying No to Soulmates

44 minute audio

Part 6: Preparing For and Connecting to Your Life Partner

1 hour 15 minutes audio

Part 7: Being Re-aligned as Your Original Self

17 minute audio

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There Is No Breaking Out of the Matrix – Part 1, 2

Part 1: Understanding the Matrix

85 minute audio

This audio series takes you deeper than the “Becoming an Original Human” material posted above. New insights have come in and I share them with you. When you understand what we’re really doing here on “Earth” it gives you a clearer understanding of how to go about your day to day, as well as how to live in a more successful, happier, and fulfilling way. I’m going to leave the description of this audio kind of vague. Get this two part series if you feel called to. (Feel into the energy and see if you want it)

Part 2: Mastering the Matrix

75 minute audio

This audio’s teachings (and there are a lot of them, layers built upon layers, make sure you have your notepad ready and you’re giving the audio your full attention so you can also download the energy I am sharing with you) takes Part 1 even deeper. Some people will vaguely share with you what this matrix we’re living in is all about, but they don’t share teachings on how to actually master the matrix. This is what this audio does for you. Again, give your undivided attention, go into a zone when you are listening to it, and take notes. Have water to drink nearby too, which will help you process the information. We’re going a bit trippy in this audio series, because as they say, the truth is stranger than fiction. It’s cool too. It will also put you in the driver seat looking at the world in this new way and in choosing how you direct your life everyday. I love this material.

Once you purchase, you’ll get an email with the downloadable file. If you are having an issue, reach out. No refunds or transfers.

What Is Truth? Series – Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

These audios span 1 year of downloads and reworking of my brain that came through. No topic is off limits. Prepare to have your mind and world turned upside down and then be re-oriented again when you step into truth… Your Truth. You Decide. I just present theories, but at the end of the day, this is your life and you can believe whatever you want. An amazing audio series that I suggest you listen to over a span of weeks or months, as in no need to rush through it. Let the concepts ponder and percolate within you and see what rememberings and intuitions come to you.

Part 1: Is There Such a Thing As Truth?

2 hour audio

Discussion about how we are computers running programs, our upbringings in this matrix, and more.

Part 2: The Truth Warps. What Is Truth?

38 min audio

Discussion about the truth about Jesus, Santa, the boogeyman, the peace sign, and your parents… and more.

Part 3: Maybe It’s Okay to Believe Lies.

1 hour audio

Discussion about spiritual programming, angels, guides, voice to head technology, hive mind, how the technology has evolved, and more.

Part 4: Truth is Subjective.

56 min audio

Discussion about not wanting to spread lies, propaganda, the truther community, spiritual teachers/healers, the covid “injection,” identifying as homeless, being conscious and more.

Part 5: The Unvaccinated are Dying Too (and Other Truths To Get You Into Alignment)

34 min audio

Part 6: Skipping Out on Paid Plans

46 min audio

Part 7: Living in Different Dimensions and Divine Truth

24 min audio

All the concepts I speak about in this series are great, but at the time of posting this series, I am in love this audio as it shares teachings about different dimensions and how this whole new world order runs and how people get pulled into and stuck in different dimensions (and how to pull yourself out and step into divine truth) 

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7 Steps on How To Play and Be The Master of this “Matrix Game” Everyday

15 minutes

Virtual reality is not coming, it’s already here… and we’re already in it.

This audio is short, sweet and to the point. Easy steps to follow every single day to master this matrix.

Learn how to play this game powerfully each and every day. 

Listen every day, so you remember what to do to keep winning (as we are frequently mind-wiped).

Listen to “There is No Breaking Out of the Matrix – Part 1 & 2” audio program listed above first. This audio is a companion audio to that one. This will also help you get a better understanding of what is being shared here and enable you to better use it and put it into action.

Your and My Mission, Playing the Game, and Lifelines

48 minutes

In order to play the game, you need to actually know you’re in a game.

In this audio I share how “controlled opposition” players are essential to the game and put in the game for very specific reasons, one of those reasons is to make the game more fun for us all. I discuss how to know what’s to come next in the game (as in “secret” map to the game), and how to pay attention to “lifelines” in the game, which are “golden tickets/keys” to look for that will help you rise to the next level in the game. And learn how to shut down/end the matrix game, plus more.

A fascinating new way to look at and understand what’s going on in this game.

I’ve cracked the codes and am sharing them with you! It’s suggested that after or before you listen to this audio, get “7 Steps on How To Play and Be The Master of this ‘Matrix Game’ Everyday”

Once you purchase, you’ll get an email with the downloadable file. If you are having an issue, reach out. No refunds or transfers.

You’re Probably in the Voice to Skull Program Level 4, 5, 6, or 7 (And Don’t Even Know It)

55 minutes

The voice to skull program has evolved and you’re probably in it.

In this audio I share a little bit about the voice to skull program, in case you’re unfamiliar, but the majority of the audio is me discussing the downloads/awarenesses that came through about how the voice to skull program is a self enrollment “choose your own adventure” program and how you’re in it right now, along with how to pull yourself out of the program.

As usual I share stories of how this information came to my awareness and practical examples.

Listen to “There is No Breaking Out of the Matrix – Part 1 & 2” audio program posted above to help you understand the matrix we’re living in. This audio builds upon that one.

Once you purchase, you’ll get an email with the downloadable file. If you are having an issue, reach out. No refunds or transfers.

Why The New World Order Doesn’t Matter and Escaping the Matrix

100 minutes

This is a very advanced audio and meant to be listened to AFTER you listen to: “There is No Breaking Out of the Matrix – Part 1 & 2” and “Navigating the Matrix – Part 1 & 2” Get these audio programs first, so you get a full understanding of what I’m talking about here.


A discussion about the new world order script vs our natural evolution. I share examples on how they are unnaturally evolving us and how to totally and completely check out of the new world order (as in not give a fuck about the new world order and be able to totally check out of it)

This is how you “exit the matrix or “break out of the matrix” – In this audio you get insights on how to step into natural evolution, be part of the solution and totally combust the matrix.

Listen to this audio with a notepad and pen to take notes and draw out what I am sharing with you to help you understand the concepts. Don’t listen to this while doing anything else. There’s a lot to take in and again, writing/drawing out the concepts will help you visually see it and process the information.

Once you purchase, you’ll get an email with the downloadable file. If you are having an issue, reach out. No refunds or transfers.

Deconstruction and Total Combustion of the Matrix

1 hour 16 minutes

Highly suggested that you listen to audios listed above with the word “matrix” in the title to be able to understand and digest the information shared here.

The matrix is combusting and most likely not in the way you would expect or how others are talking about the shifts.

This is information no one else is talking about. Downloaded directly into me from my higher Self.

In this audio I’m covering topics related to the hive mind, mind control, and a new and totally different take on the Hawaii (and other) fires, the Palestine/Israel situation and more. This is all from a matrix game perspective, not from any DEW, biblical, false flag or other bullshit point of view. And I have a new movie release recommendation for you that ties together all the information I’m teaching about.

Since there are layers upon layers of (most likely) new information shared here with you, I suggest you listen to each section (I divide the information into 2-3 sections), journal about one section at a time, take a break, let it sit and stew for a week, weeks, or months, and then come back to learn and digest new information. It’s most likely going to take you awhile to process the information shared here and pay attention to intuitions and remembrances come up for you.

Please just bare with the first 5 minutes of the audio where I have to cover a few things before I actually get to the material, as Spirit was helping me adjust to be able to share this information (there was a lot of pre-information to share before I was able to get into it) 

Once you purchase, you’ll get an email with the downloadable file. If you are having an issue, reach out. No refunds or transfers.

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Created in 2020 by The Love Guru, The Alien Network creates TV programming, books, products, as well as a subscription news publication (“Truth News”) that brings higher consciousness into the world. More specifically, the programming brought to you by The Alien Network is geared towards Indigo Warriors and in helping you prepare for and do your mission.


Indigos were once more powerful on their own while we were learning who we were and how to use our special gifts and abilities. But as one advances down their path, they then become 100x’s more powerful when joined with other Indigos to do their missions together. That’s what we do here. Combine our energies, our time, our focus and our intentions to bring higher consciousness to the world in a bigger way than what we would be able to do on our own.