Trying To Wake People Up?

You know about the covid scam… great.

And naturally, when you know about some bullshit, you want to pass it on.

You want to warn people.

You want to save their lives.

You want to prevent them from getting sick or being eliminated.

But no surprise.

They’re not really listening.

They don’t seem to care.

The information you share with them goes in one ear and out the next.

They agree with you one minute.

Tell you you’re making sense.

And then the next minute they start spouting off some stupid brainwashed shit.

It’s a total waste of time.

It’s frustrating.




You hate them, but also love them.

Why can’t they just wake up, see the light, and join the fight?

Wondering what you’re supposed to do?

Here’s another way to look at it!

Are you robbing people of their awakening?

Recorded December 2020

Are you robbing people of their awakening?

I know this isn’t an easy lesson to learn, but this is where your spiritual practice comes into play.

This is how you step into another level of consciousness. Another level of being. Another level of ascension.

I’m not telling you to stop your outreach, but there does comes a point where you have to take a step back and let people have their own awakening.

I wouldn’t have wanted anyone to take my awakenings away from me.

I’ve had many and they’ve made me the person I am.

And I love who I’ve become.

What about you?

Have you loved the awakenings you’ve had… and have they made you the wonderful person you are today?

So instead of spending your time and energy trying to wake people up, go deeper in working on yourself.

There’s always more layers to uncover and more of your power to step into.

And yeah, I know that’s probably not what you wanted to hear.

You may have already done a TON of work on healing yourself already.

(It sure is easier to focus your attention on someone else, right?)

But your focus should always be on YOU.

Plus there’s always more to heal.

And there’s always another level of spiritual mastery to attain.

There’s always higher levels of consciousness to experience.

And more spiritual gifts open up.

And more healing powers…

It’s actually really great.

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