Keynote Speaker on Abundance Consciousness & Resiliency

Getting Through Hard Times, Manifesting,
Creating Miracles, Surrender, Life Path

In May 2022, when Blaire’s lease was up, she found herself suddenly homeless. Being in a new state with no friends or family, she set out on an adventure bouncing from town to town, staying in hotels, motels, a camping ground, a dirty abandoned warehouse, and even her storage unit. After close to a year of this, Blaire started perfecting her creation abilities and started manifesting houses on million dollar and multi-million dollar properties that were 50 acres and larger.

“How to Use Hard Times to Rise and Propel Your Life Forward

Invite Blaire To Speak To Your Organization About:

  • * How to get through hard times
  • * How to develop a resilient mindset
  • * Developing a deeper faith and connection to Spirit/Soul
  • * Building confidence and belief in yourself and your abilities
  • * Being resourceful
  • * Being present in the moment
  • * How to be your own best friend
  • * Self care
  • * How to surrender
  • * Using humor to get by
  • * Being fierce towards your dreams
  • * Living in the unknown
  • * How to heal anxiety and fears, etc
  • * Accepting your life path
  • * And much more!

Going through hard times doesn’t have to destroy you. It can actually make you a much better person and is to be looked at as a great gift.

Contact Blaire with details of your event, your organization, amount of people, etc.

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