Are you one of the people who’s awake, yet still Waiting, Hoping, Wishing or Wanting People To Wake Up?

So they’ll… 

STOP taking the covid shots because it’s killing them?

STOP taking the shots because they’re sick or suffering?

STOP taking the shots because you’re afraid of them dying or getting injured?

So they’ll UNDERSTAND why their family members and/or friends are sick or dying?

JOIN the fight to save humanity and the world?

AGREE with how you see this reality?

HELP save our freedoms?

• STILL be able to be your friend or family member – rather than making you feel uncomfortable or grossed out to be around them?

Look, the fact that you’re “awake” but are still waiting for other people to wake up, is bothersome.

Watch this video and you’ll understand why…

Stop Waiting for People Who Are Behind You In Their Spiritual Evolution

Recorded September 2022

To sum it up, the people who are asleep right now…

1 – Don’t understand what’s really going on in the world.

2 – They are badly brainwashed.

3 – Getting de-programmed (healed from programming/brainwashing) takes a really LONG time. It’s a LIFETIME journey. (If you’ve been on your spiritual/healing journey, you know this.)

4 – Most people don’t know what the new world order is.

5 – If people have heard the words “new world order” they don’t understand what it is. (It’s a very big topic, as you may know)

6 – It takes people YEARS to understand what the new world order is as well as the severity of it.

7 – These people are FAR BEHIND you in their spiritual evolution…

So You’re Waiting For People Who Are WAY BEHIND You in understanding as to what’s really going on in the world, as well as on their spiritual path… to “save” you?

This makes no sense

and is a very disempowered way to be in the world.

It’s time to go deeper in your healing work.

This is the work I do – I put you into your power.

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