What Is An Indigo Warrior?

On this website, I talk a lot about Indigo Warriors – do you know what an Indigo Warrior is?

Maybe YOU ARE an Indigo Warrior!

Other names for Indigo Warriors are “Warriors of Light,” “Indigo Warriors,” “Awakened Warriors.”

An Awakened Warrior is an indigo adult, starseed, or lightworker with warrior energy who is actively healing (or has healed) their emotional, mental, and childhood wounds and is here to help, heal, change, and serve the world.

You understand that before you can help, heal, and change the world, you must heal yourself.

You are sensitive, caring, and have a strong sense of right and wrong. You don’t like being told what to do, you have a fiery, rebellious nature, and you tend to think about other people’s feelings more than your own. You’re an activist at heart and your activism tends to be focused towards helping animals and/or the environment.

You have psychic and healing gifts. And if your super powers have not come online just yet, they will once you heal yourself. You have a deep connection to God and a loving, trusting nature that usually ends up working against you because a lot of people tend to disappoint you when you see who they really are.
You love the Truth. You hate small talk and you like to have deep, connected relationships, yet you tend to feel alone, different, and wonder where you belong.

Indigos are the Most Powerful Beings on Earth. You may not feel powerful at this time and that’s only because you have not done enough healing work to get into your power. This is what I help you do. I am a proud Awakened Warrior and one of my missions is to guide, help, heal, teach and lead Indigos in preparing for and doing their mission.

Through my books, products, programs, and private sessions, I help you heal your mental, emotional, and childhood wounds and guide you in to stepping into a powerful leader.

As an Indigo, you have a big mission here on Earth. You are here to bring light to the dark and tear down the corrupt systems that currently occupy the world. Then you are to rise as a “Leader of the New Earth” who leads in truth, honesty, integrity and for the good of all.

“Before you can heal, help, and change the world,

you have to heal and change yourself”

– The Love Guru

I Am An Awakened Warrior

I am thoughtful, caring, and wise.

I’m able to see the truth amongst the lies.

I act with courage and strength to speak out against what is wrong.

I bring my light to the dark.

I do things because they are the right thing to do,

rather than having a secret agenda to benefit myself or one group at the sake of another.

I am a Leader of the New Earth.

I lead in truth, honesty, integrity, and for the good of all.

I am healed.

I have done intense internal work and healed my childhood wounds.

I do not hide from my pain, but dive in to heal and transform it.

I am here to positively effect the world.

Are You an Enlightened Master?

In this video, broadcasted on Jan 2014, The Love Guru speaks about the changes that are happening in the world now (2020-2021 and beyond) and how enlightened masters have come back to assist humanity in this transformation.

Are You an Indigo?

Take the quiz to find out:

Growing up, were you told that you’re “too sensitive”?

Would you call yourself “artistic” or were you when you were young? Did you enjoy such things as dancing, singing, drawing, making videos, writing songs, poems, books, or doing something related?

Do you have a deep connection with nature? Do you like talking, sitting by or hugging trees, gardening, hiking, walking around daydreaming, or talking to flowers or animals that you pass outside?

Do you hate people who don’t tell it like it is? You know they’re not being straight with you and it drives you crazy.

Do you prefer being outside all day wandering around, having adventures, rather than stuck inside behind an office desk?

Do you love animals and have a special connection with them?

Do you find most people boring and feel they don’t have much to offer you? Can you speak to a person once or twice, suss them out, and then not feel the need to interact with them anymore?

Do you feel like you’re here to do something big, but you’re not sure exactly what it is?

Can you tell when someone’s lying?

Do other people not see the world like you do?

The full quiz with all 49 questions can be found in the book, How Aliens Put Me Into Power: 1st Installment – The Reconnection

Heal Your Mental, Emotional, and Childhood Wounds, Uncover Your True Self:

When you have healed your emotional,  mental and childhood wounds, you clear the layers of your false self (who you’ve been programmed to be) and uncover your True Self and then do your Divine Mission. Indigos are the leaders of the New Earth who lead in honesty, integrity and the good of all. The only way you can be one of these powerful leaders is when you’ve healed yourself. This way you are operating in the highest good of humanity, rather than being tainted by your past wounds, baggage and blocks.

About The Alien Network:


Created in 2020 by The Love Guru, The Alien Network creates TV programming, books, products, as well as a subscription news publication ("Truth News") that brings higher consciousness into the world. More specifically, the programming brought to you by The Alien Network is geared towards Indigo Warriors and in helping you prepare for and do your mission.


Indigos were once more powerful on their own while we were learning who we were and how to use our special gifts and abilities. But as one advances down their path, they then become 100x’s more powerful when joined with other Indigos to do their missions together. That’s what we do here. Combine our energies, our time, our focus and our intentions to bring higher consciousness to the world in a bigger way than what we would be able to do on our own.

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