Resource List for Those Attending The Love Guru’s NWO Trainings

Resources to support you in taking what you learned in my NWO trainings deeper.

EMF Reading & Consultation (40 Minutes – In Person)

Get a reading on the EMF levels in your home, office or on your land. I will explain to you what the levels of radiation mean and make suggestions on how you can lower your EMF levels to make it safer for you, your animals, your family, your land and the world. Please note, I am not professionally trained or certified. My knowledge of this topic is from my own experience and study. This is a reading for those who are in my area and a 30 minute radius. There will be a travel fee if you are further. If you are not present at your location and within 15 minutes of the start time of your scheduled reading/consultation time, your reading/consultation will be forfeited and no refunds will be given. If your session starts within the 10 minute courtesy time frame, your reading/consultation will still end at the set end time. No refunds.

NWO/Matrix/Conspiracy Movie List

List of 57 movies (a few TV series mixed in too) to support you in going deeper in the matrix/new world order agenda teachings I share with you in the NWO Trainings. This is just a list. No explanations. During trainings I explain what to look for with some of these movies and tv shows, as in NWO themes, issues, etc. It helps to attend my trainings to fully understand what’s shared on this list, but anyone can download it and receive benefit from it. Instant download. No refunds/transfers.

About The Alien Network:


Created in 2020 by The Love Guru, The Alien Network creates TV programming, books, products, as well as a subscription news publication ("Truth News") that brings higher consciousness into the world. More specifically, the programming brought to you by The Alien Network is geared towards Indigo Warriors and in helping you prepare for and do your mission.


Indigos were once more powerful on their own while we were learning who we were and how to use our special gifts and abilities. But as one advances down their path, they then become 100x’s more powerful when joined with other Indigos to do their missions together. That’s what we do here. Combine our energies, our time, our focus and our intentions to bring higher consciousness to the world in a bigger way than what we would be able to do on our own.

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