Calling all Curious Ones, Warriors of Light, Truth Seekers, Freedom Lovers in PA, NJ, NY, CT, MA, MD, VA, NC, SC, FL

New World Order Trainings

Get Educated, De-Programmed, Empowered, and Involved.

Curious to learn what’s REALLY going on in the world?

Know you’re being lied to… but can’t really figure out what’s wrong?

Not sure of the big picture?

Having trouble putting together the pieces?

Don’t have all the information?


Concerned, worried, anxious, afraid?

Know something’s not right.

There’s so much misinformation and disinformation out there, you’ve been purposefully lead astray.

I can help you weed through the nonsense.

I can help you find the truth.

I can help empower you.

I Can Help You Step Into Being Part Of The Solution.

Blaire is captivating!

She’s super passionate about what she does and her soul shines through.

I wish I was like that. I used to be like that and I hate myself now.

I sold out years ago. I needed to make money.

Now I have a house. I have kids. I have a wife. I’m not independently wealthy.

I need money and now I have dreams around all of this.

I can’t go around saving the world.

I’m hooked into the system and I had to make sacrifices.

New World Order (NWO)
Spiritual, Self Development, and Leadership Trainings

Trainings for leaders and soon to be leaders here to positively effect the world.

Dear Fellow Truth Seeker & Warrior,

The days of sitting around watching this craziness happening in the world are over.

The days of complaining about what our corrupt leaders are doing are over.

The days of siting around watching America being destroyed are over.

The days of thinking that someone else is going to save us are over.



Fixing this world, with all of its problems, is up to you.

It’s up to me.

It’s up to ALL OF US to turn this chaos and corruption around.

Sound like a lot of work?

It is!

I can help you. 

Are you ready to get involved?

Not sure what to do?

It can feel overwhelming.

Have you already gotten involved?

But frustrated, feel it’s not making much of a difference?

Don’t have all the information?

I can help you.

Let me teach you how to be more powerful in the world.

So that your actions make a difference.

And let me guide you in getting so in tune with Spirit/God/your intuition, that you know EXACTLY what to do to create positive ripples in the world.

It’s NOT about getting them to change.

It’s about YOU getting into YOUR power.

This is what I help you do.

– The Love Guru

Overview – Here’s What You’ll Learn:

Step 1 – All trainings start with an education about what is really going on in the world.

Not the bullshit you see on TV or in the media or what the government tells you.

We all have been exposed to tons of information our whole lives and most of it is false, questionable and confusing.

This was all done on purpose.

A population that has no clue what is true and what is false is powerless and therefore can’t fight back, because they have no clue what is really going on, what to do, and have no confidence to back up their actions.

My trainings are about helping you grow as a person…

And putting you into your power.

I want you to step into being your True Self and Your True Self Is Powerful.

Step 2 – During trainings, you’re shown government documents, videos, and articles.

They’re plans for death and destruction, for chaos, tyranny, and craziness have all been documented and released to the public.

They hide very little.

You just have to know where to look and I will give you an education on how to interpret all of this.

We will have discussions on all of this to help you digest and understand the material.

I will answer your questions.

This is NOT about you adopting my beliefs, it’s about YOU figuring out what is true for you.

After trainings, you’re encouraged to think about the material, journal, pray, and do your own research (I give you resources).

Step 3 – You’ll get deprogrammed.

This is the self development, spiritual aspect of the trainings and it is a must in order to get you into your power.

I give you tools, techniques and support in clearing your anxieties and fears, false beliefs, sabotaging behaviors, outworn programming and unhealed childhood wounds.

We all have emotional and mental gunk and if when this is left unhealed, then you remain subject to:

  1. Just complying when you should be standing in your power
  2. You’re stuck in your fear and ruled it
  3. You’re subject to being or becoming corrupt, because when you’re unhealed, you’re not seeing life clearly, you’re seeing it through your wounding
  4. And you’re not able to step into the powerful person and leader you were born to be


Step 4 – You’ll get empowered, put into your power, and into action.

You’ll know exactly what you’re guided to do.

You’ll be clear of your fears and able to take action.

You’ll be well on your way to changing the world.

(And we need you. All hands on deck for this world transformation!)

These Trainings Are for You, If:

* You’re a curious person.

* You are a truth seeker.

* You enjoy thinking, doing self growth and desire to become a better version of you.

* You know something creepy and sneaky has been going on with COVID, the vaccine, climate change, politics, the transgender agenda, the educational system, etc – you want the truth.

* You want to clear false beliefs and programming passed down to you by friends, family, society and the media.

* You’re concerned you may have bad information.

* You’re concerned about your freedom.

* You can’t sit around and watch anymore.

* You want to get educated and empowered.

* You want to be part of the solution.

Sample Trainings:

“The Wake Me, Shake Me!”

NWO Training Series #1

Trainings held at your group’s location. I travel to you. Travel and accommodations additional.

This is the training you start with. Attendees will get details as to what’s really going on in the world, de-programming of their incorrect and unhealthy beliefs, along with tools to help process the uncomfortable feelings that are guaranteed to arise when you learn the truth.

  • 6 trainings total.
  • Each training is approximately 1.5 hours, total 9+ hours.
  • Trainings spaced out every few days or once a week to allow time for you to digest the material.
  • Doing your own research, thinking about the topics shared, and journalling in between trainings is mandatory.
  • You’ll get assistance in healing and clearing your sadness, anger, anxiety, frustrations and fears.
  • You’ll start to step into an empowered position where you can be a positive force in the world.

Each training includes:

* Education about the New World Order.

* De-programming. Every training contains healing and clearings of your mental, emotional, and childhood wounds, as well as all the ways you’ve been programmed by your friends, your family, society and the media. This is a key component that will assist you in the awakening process. It’s what separates those who complain about what is going on and feel they can’t do anything vs those who are loud, proud and taking a stand for your freedom.

* Your Questions Answered. This information invokes A LOT of questions by everyone and normally takes YEARS to sort out and comprehend. You don’t have years to figure this stuff out. I shorten the learning and understanding curve for you by at least 10 years!

* Guidance and Support Through Your Transformation. Learning this information and going through the awakening experience changes you. I will be with you every step of the way, so that you’re able to have a good experience, upgrade your life, and rise in power. Many people at this time are having breakdowns, feeling sad, depressed, hopeless, disempowered, or overwhelmed. I will be there as support for you and your group, so you don’t have a negative experience.

* Action steps to help you move forward powerfully.

Training #1: Understanding the Phases of a Spiritual Awakening and How To Clear Anxiety, Fear and Dark Energy.

Anxiety, fear and dark energy is running rampant these days and if you do not have the tools on how to clear these lower energies from your energy field you can find yourself in a place of suffering and making poor decisions. In this training, I teach you about how we are in a spiritual battle, how to protect yourself, and how to clear and heal anxiety and fear, so you are a powerful warrior. In this training, I’ll also go over what to expect on this spiritual awakening and transformational journey I will be guiding you on, so you know what to expect.

Training #2: You’ve Been Brainwashed! Understanding How You’ve Been Programmed.

The truth is, since the day you’ve been born, you’ve been programmed by your family, your friends, by society, your teachers, and the media. It happens to each one of us. But what does this look like in real life? In this training, I will define what programming/brainwashing is, and break it down for you so you can see how in your life you are carrying false beliefs that have been passed down to you by other brainwashed people. This training is a key teaching in order to understand what is going on and what has happened in our world. I will also share tools and teachings with you on how you know who to trust.

Training #3: What is the New World Order? Key Concepts to Look For.

Whether you are new to the New World Order, have no clue what it’s about at all, or have some information, this is the training to start with. Educational, interesting, empowering, and entertaining. I share 11 key concepts to look for so you are never fooled by the Cabal/Illuminati again. This is their playbook. You have to know your enemy totally and completely in order to defeat them.

Training #4: Covid is a Hoax

The Coronavirus is a big fat hoax, a lie, a fraud, and our leaders are criminals. During this training, I will share with you the overwhelming evidence that breaks down this crime. Truly eye opening! I will also help you clear the programming you’ve received to make you totally hypnotized and unable to see these crimes that happened right before your eyes!

Training #5: Media Brainwashing Tactics Revealed. The Media is Not Your Friend and Never Has Been.

A mind-blowing training that will change the way you look at tv, the radio, newspapers, and movies. The media is not your friend and has never been. A fun and educational, eye opening training! You’ll never look at TV or films the same ever again!

Training #6: Questions and Healing Open Forum. Get Your Lingering Questions Answered and Get Support in Clearing Anxieties and Fears and Seeing All of This In a New, Empowering Light, Plus Putting Into Action What You’ve Learned.

When you start seeing what is really going on in the world, it brings up a slew of questions, thoughts, anxieties and fears. In this training, I will support you with what you are currently going through. Yes, we will talk about our feelings. This journey of learning about the new world order is not just a mental pursuit of learning, you will be emotionally affected, changed, and transformed. In this training, you will get healing, support and guidance so you’re able to go to higher timelines, rather than being dragged down by all the doom and gloom.

After Trainings – Private Spiritual Healing Sessions Available

Spiritual Healing Sessions are no touch, energy healing sessions that clear stuck emotions (anger, anxiety, sadness, loneliness, resentment, frustration, fear), trauma, negative thoughts, negative experiences, and baggage from your energy field that is blocking you. During your session, I will scan and read your chakras, clear out the most pressing issues, replace the negative thoughts and experiences with healthy positive energy and affirmations that will reprogram your body and mind, share messages with you, and give you action steps forward. You’ll receive clarity and peace and feel fresh and renewed (although you may feel tingly, weird, upset, or really tired right after the session because old energy, negative thoughts, and unhealthy ways of being are leaving.)

Only a few spots available after every training.
If you are interested in booking a private session, let me know when you sign up for your group’s training.

The “I Want To Know More!”

NWO Training Series #2

This training series when you’re ready to go deeper. Training series build on one another.

Training #1 : You’ve Been Intentionally Tortured. CIA Covid Torture Tactics Revealed, Plus You’ve Been Taking Part in a Satanic Ritual and Not Even Knowing It.
You’ll be blown away once you see, hear and learn how CIA torture tactics have been rolled out during this Coronavirus scam and have been used on the general population (and you) to totally and completely “break you!” Yeah! It’s like you’re a criminal! Because to them, they want to get rid of you. I will also cover how you’ve been taking part in a satanic ritual and actually working to push forth the dark agenda without even knowing it.

Training #2 : Masks are Horrible for Your Health and the Dangers of the PCR Test

You’ve been lied to big time and one of the ways the Cabal/Illuminati is making people sick and killing them off is by requiring you to wear a mask. In this educational and empowering training, I will present you with doctor and expert testimonial that will give you a new way of looking at the use of masks that you will never want to put one on your face again. In this training I will also discuss and present material to you to show you how the PCR test are total bullshit and a scam and why you should never take one either. This training is essential to your health, safety, and livelihood.

Training #3 : Crimes Revealed. How They Pulled Off the Covid Fraud.

Get inside the mind of criminals and you’ll learn how these evil geniuses pulled off the greatest crime in history. In this training, I’ll share with you how these magicians did it. You’ll forever look at your life and the world differently once you know this stuff. The bonus is: once you know how they did it, you can use this secret information on creating good things in your life and the world.

Training #4 : What They’re Doing is Nothing New. The Government is Not Your Friend and Never Has Been.

In this training, we’ll take a look at how the government is not doing anything new to its citizens and how the corruption, betrayal, sickness, de-population and enslavement agenda has been going on for a really long time right before your eyes. You just haven’t been paying attention, were too busy with work or other stuff, or didn’t care. An eye opening training that will transform how you look at your life and the world.

Training #5: The Dangers of the Vaccine: Mass Genocide Happening Right Before Your Eyes.

The covid “vaccine” is no good, plus it’s not even a vaccine, but because most of the population is under the deep trance of brainwashing, they go out and get it, walking straight into sickness and slaughter. A potentially upsetting and shocking training, especially if you have already taken the “vaccine,” but I will present the material in the softest way possible to not activate a total breakdown. Is it more important for you to know the truth or be lost in denial, cluelessness, and possibly danger. Get the correct information, so you can take right action to sort things out for yourself and your family. Everything is reversible.

Training #6: How To Not Comply with Masks, Covid Tests, Vaccines, Vaccine Passports,  etc – Heal Your Anxieties, Fears and All The Ways You’ve Been Programmed That’s Keeping You From Standing Up and Standing Strong.

By now, through attending the earlier trainings, you now know that covid is a big fat fraud, so how do you align your actions with your beliefs? In this training, we’ll discuss (and you’ll get tools and healing) on how to stand up for what is right – and not wear a mask, take a covid test, “social distance”, give your temperature, quarantining and other bullshit – even if you “have to” for work or to go into a store. Be guided in healing mental, emotional, and childhood wounds, as well as all the ways you’ve been programmed that prevent you from standing as the proud warrior you were born to be.

Audio of this class is now available for download!

The “Police, Firefighter, EMT Specific Training”

NWO Training Series #3

Training series that’s a must for those who are in law enforcement and military, but of course everyone should know this information. Must have attended Training Series #1 first.

Training #1: Everything is the Opposite. Breaking Down the Lies Around “Respected” Professions.

A spicy and enlightening training that’s bound to bump up against your long standing beliefs, if you are in one of these professions or too attached to or run by your ego. Time to open your mind and step into truth. In this training, I’ll go over the lies we’ve been told and sold on believing about teachers, doctors, nurses, police, politicians, lawyers, the educational system, healthcare system and more. Nothing is what it seems in the weird, wacky, and fucked up world we’re currently living in.

Training #2: George Floyd Killing was Staged and How the Black Lives Matter and Defund the Police Agendas are Total Bullshit.

A fun, eye opening and entertaining training! Very revealing. Put on your detectives cap and I’ll break down all the elements of this Hollywood production for you. That’s right! George Floyd wasn’t killed and you’ve been duped big time! I will also cover how the George Floyd “killing” ties into the black lives matter and the defund the police agenda. ** This training is a must if you are a police officer, firefighter, veteran, emt, or in any political position. It’s also great for you if you are involved in the media in anyway – a filmmaker, writer, author, producer, director. Heck, this training is a must for everyone. Plus it’s a fun and interesting one!

Training #3: Becoming an Awakened Warrior – A Leader Who Leads in Truth, Honesty, Integrity and For the Good of All.

Through the trainings, you are learning about the corruption happening in the world. This training provides solutions on how you can rise as a Leader of the New Earth, a leader who leads in truth, honesty, integrity and for the good of all. This doesn’t just happen because you say you want to or are this type of leader, it happens because heal yourself.

Training #4: We’re in a Frequency War. Silent Weapons and Targeted Individuals

Our world is pretty dark, run by dark energies and entities. Training Series #4 goes into some pretty dark stuff, and I’m sorry about that. I wish I didn’t have to teach all of this, although it is pretty interesting, but it must be known by you too. If you are being called to step into a Leader of the New Earth and you are being called to clear out this corruption and replace it with all that is good, then you must know what the problems are, so you not only see where you are called to serve, but also know what is going on in the world. You can not fix things with your head in the sand. Throughout this training series, I will share with you solutions as well, so you know how to protect yourself and so you are able to step into an empowered place, rather than being taken down by darkness and also so you’re not effected (or as effected) by all of this.

Training #5: Weather Warfare, Climate Change and Food Shortages

Most people who are awake think that the vaccine is the only issue, it is not. In this training, we’ll go over how “natural” disasters are not natural at all, and all the disaster that they have planned for us around what’s happening here with Mother Earth.

Training #6: Becoming Resilient: Dealing with Stress, Trauma and the Constant Onslaught of Disasters They Have Planned for Us Without Losing Your Mind, Body, Soul, or Life

Until we take back our world and clear out all this corruption (and there is a lot to be cleared!), you’re going to have to learn how to clear yourself of the constant stress, trauma and unknown nature happening in our world. In this training, I will share tools and techniques on how to stay grounded, happy, and free of stress from constant trauma that is planned to take place in our world throughout the upcoming years. Learn how to create a community of your own and still live your dreams.

Training #7: Putting What You Learned Into Action, Getting In Alignment

In this training, we’ll review some key concepts that you’ve learned and I’ll help you get in alignment with what you know and what you do out in the world. Information is only good if you apply it. I’ll help you clear your limiting beliefs, programming, anger, sadness, frustration, and anxiety around stepping into a powerful warrior of light who not only knows about the corruption, but does things to transform it.

Add-On Trainings:

The New World Order is a very big topic with many aspects that I can guide you through. The more you learn, the stronger and more powerful you get, stepping into self mastery.

Training: Why You Don’t Want To Use Siri, Alexa, A Smart Watch Or Scan Your Face, Your Palm or Your Eyes FOR ANYTHING. 

You’ve probably succumbed to one or all of these things, since “everyone else is doing it” or because it seems convenient, but you don’t want to participate in any of these things. In this training I go over THE REASONS WHY all these things are an issue… and I’ll tell you, if you love your freedom, then this is a training you’re going to want to attend!

Training: Mourning the Old Earth

No matter what happens, we’re never going back to the way life used to be pre-March 2020. In this training, I will guide you in grieving the way things used to be. If the old way of living is not talked about, celebrated, and mourned, it opens the door to all sorts of illnesses and diseases in one’s body, as well as blocks in all areas of your life.

Training: Prepping for Newbies and Creating Conscious Communities

After hearing about all this corruption, most people want to get out of dodge. But how do you do that when this is a worldwide takeover? In this training, I will discuss how to become self sufficient, step into sovereignty, and create conscious communities so you can still find peace, happiness, and live a life of your dreams. 

Training: Finding Forgiveness for Yourself and the Ones Who Did This

By now you may be mad as hell or sad and depressed. This is where forgiveness comes into place for you and the evil doers. We forgive for our own sanity, not to let anyone else off the hook. We have all been “victims” of what these people have been doing. You’re bad to have lots of emotions and thoughts swirling. It’s time to do some more healing work. Plus, when the world is upside down and you don’t know who or what to believe, you’re bound to make mistakes along the way, get things wrong, and people are bound to experience sickness, injuries, death, as well as have emotions such as sadness, shame, guilt, anger, and regret come up. In this training, you’ll get started on the journey of finding forgiveness, so you can let go of things that bother you.

Training: How You Can Still Create a Life You Love, Positively Effect The World and Brainwash Yourself for Happiness and Success.

Most people think they are small and insignificant in this world. Who are they to effect change? The truth is you have a lot of power to create a positive ripple in the world. What the cabal/illuminati has planned for humanity is not set in stone. In this training, you will learn spiritual principles and techniques on how you can use your energy to effect the field (physical reality). An empowering class! Get the keys to manifest your dreams.

Training: The Big Picture: Ten to Twenty Years Down The Line. What They Have Planned.

In this training, we’ll step out of the immediate and pressing issues happening in our world and look at the big picture of things. What’s their overall agenda? Where do they want to take us? What are they doing? This way you know what’s part of the agenda and you can resist, transform or just not partake in it when you see it coming down the line.

Training: Becoming an Original Human

How to detox your mind, body, and Soul so you start restoring your original human super powers and gifts.

Training: The 5 Things You Use Frequently (And Love) That Are Actually Weapons and Bringing You To Your Demise 

Training: How What You’re Eating Is Poisoning You

Training: Understanding Your Food, Air, and Water – How They Are Poisoning You.

Training: How To Heal Your Body and Experience Perfect Health

Training: The Transhumanism Agenda – Merging Man with Robot and Extending Life

Training Details and Rules:

1. Trainings have been developed by me and Spirit (my angels, guides, etc) over the last 2+ years. I knew there would be a time when the general population would be curious and confused, and want to know what is really going on in the world. I knew there would be a time when you would want to get involved. With that said, over the last year and a half, I have been in constant communication with Spirit to put tender loving care into the development of these trainings to make sure they would provide you answers to your questions and reach you where you are and in a place where you can fully understand. These trainings are a gift from my heart to your Soul.

2. Trainings are customized to your group.

3. One training builds on the next. These trainings have been consciously crafted to help you understand what is going on and clear your  programming/indoctrination, so you see how things tie into one another. People who don’t go through these trainings continue to live their lives anxious, confused, putting their lives in danger, and even rejecting the truth.

4. Grab a group of your friends, co-workers, family members, neighbors to attend. These are must-attend informational, educational, and enlightening trainings for everyone. If you love or even slightly care about someone around you, then invite them. You will be doing them a big favor.

5. No masks. If you are concerned about catching “covid”, you can stay far away from me and everyone else or don’t attend. I am not responsible for your health or your anxiety and fears.

6. No cell phones, smart watches, or other surveillance, ill health causing, and tracking devices allowed during trainings.

7. No guns, not even if you are a police officer. When you don’t know what’s really going on in the world, you’re running on bad intel. Are you then working for and protecting the good guys or the bad? The answer is the latter. No guns until you are aligned with the truth.

8. Everyone must wear plainclothes. No police, firefighter, emt, nurse, or doctor etc uniforms or clothing with marks, etc showing your profession or what profession you support.

9. Vaccinated and unvaccinated attendees are welcomed. I just need to know who has been vaccinated and how many injections you’ve taken.

10. No one attending will show their vaccination card, app, give their temperature, use sanitizer on their hands, participates in contact tracing or any other ridiculous protocol. If this is unacceptable to you, then do not book trainings. It defeats the whole purpose of what you will be learning. I am aligning you with truth, and if you participate in any of these protocols you are going deeper into enslavement and illusions.

11. Although I have specific trainings for police, firefighters, emt’s and teachers to educate, de-program, and empower you, no trainings are held in firehouses, police precincts, or schools. These are highly surveilled, high emf, new world order-implementing centers and that is the exact opposite of the truth I am aligning you with. Trainings can be held in a private, quiet room at a restaurant, a private reserved room at the library, recreational or VFW center. No masonic lodges either.

12. Do not clean the location prior to trainings or several days before. There must be no smell of lysol or other chemicals. Have a backup location if we need to move.

13. Bring a notepad and pen to take copious notes. This is a huge topic, you will receive lots of information. You will want to take notes so you can review what you learned later.

14. Bring water to trainings to help you clear toxins and process the information.

15. After and in between trainings, you are required to spend time by yourself to process the information after trainings. To think about it and journal about it. This is not a passive class. Your life is at stake, humanity is under attack, we are at war. These trainings are essential to your awareness, sanity and survival.

16. During these trainings, you will go through periods of confusion, disbelief, upset, frustration, anxiety, fear and a whole slew of thoughts and other feelings. I have designed the trainings to support you through your transformation. All the weird and uncomfortable thoughts and feelings that will come up are all normal and natural. I will be there guiding you through each and every step.

17. These trainings not only educate you as to the corruption going on in the world, help you put together the pieces of the massive crimes (to humanity) happening now, but they also assist you in becoming a better human being and getting into your power. These trainings are about self development, emotional mastery, self mastery, and life mastery.

18. Questions and an open mind are encouraged. I am on your side and there to educate, enlighten, and empower you. If you come with a combative stance and/or a closed mind and harass, are nasty, or give me a hard time during trainings, you will be dismissed as you are not only abusing me but wasting my and everyone’s time. If you are dismissed from a training because of your combative or obnoxious attitude, you will not be refunded or reimbursed. Come with curiosity and a willingness to learn. What I share in these trainings is bound to bump up against many of your long-standing beliefs, but what you will soon realize, everything you have ever been told about this world is wrong.

If you do not respect my desires, you are not welcome to learn from me. I can also teach via zoom, although it’s not the same learning and engagement experience. Plus we all need community – local community who is awake and aware of what’s really going on in the world – now more than ever.

Get Educated, De-Programmed, Empowered, and Involved.

“You’re the one you’re seeking. You are the answer.– The Love Guru

Book Educational & Empowering New World Order Leadership Trainings

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Meet Your Teacher, Healer, De-Programmer

Hi, my name is Blaire and I’m known as The Love Guru.

I’m a Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Heart Healer, Psychic Medium, Dating & Relationship Expert, Marriage & Family Therapist, Horse Whisperer, Dog Psychic, Animal Communicator, and Proud Awakened Warrior.

For over 20 years, I have been guiding people out of illusions and into truth.

Simply put, I put people into power.

I have been studying and teaching about the New World Order, corruption, and how to be a leader who leads in truth, honesty, integrity, and for the good of all since 2012.

This work not only combines my love of learning and teaching about the truth, but also enables to me to help people heal and clear their anxiety, anger, sadness, loneliness, frustration, resentment and fear, as well as their childhood wounds, karma, and all the ways they’ve been programmed by their family, friends, society, and the media.

I’ve been featured in over 100 media outlets. NY Times, LA Times, CNN, MSNBC, Glamour, Guardian UK to name just a few.

Wonderful and insightful. The lightbulbs are going off in my head.

Blaire is a skillful facilitator and creates a safe and loving environment.

Blaire’s energy is attractive and infectious!

Blaire brings insightful and thought-provoking discussion of current events, healing techniques and how to be an activist without getting immersed in the culture of fear and reactivism.

Her approach is different than other spiritual teachers, and she offers down-to-earth advice about how to use spiritual teachings to effect real change, heal our ingrained programming, and move into our power.

Very inspiring class – thank you!

I really love your passion and how real you are. It’s refreshing. Thank you.

I always learn so much from Blaire!

Blaire is effusive, bright, radiant – an inspiration and powerful force in the world!