Retailers, must we really have this conversation about what makes up good customer service?

Don’t you know this by now?

Haven’t you been in retail for a LONG time?

I know most of you have.


So then why when this fake pandemic hits, all of a sudden you, your managers, and your employees have gone completely brain dead?


What am I talking about?

I’m talking about how your managers and floor staff are harassing and stalking your un-masked customers!

Chasing away business.

Chasing away sales.

And totally destroying any affinity your customer has had (that you have built over the years!) about your brand!

But before we get into that, let me back up a minute.

Are you aware that there are people who have “medical exemptions from wearing a mask?”

By now, you should know this, unless you are totally and completely clueless.

Are you also aware that these “people with medical exemptions from wearing a mask” will be shopping at your store?

And have you seen people shopping without a face mask?

Do you know that these “un-masked customers” are protected by the Disability Act?

And discrimination against these “people not wearing a face mask” carries a hefty fine, as well as possible jail time?


But besides all that legal stuff, do you understand that these people are human beings, just like you?

News Flash: People Not Wearing a Face Mask Don’t Want To Be Harassed.

But let me clarify what “harassment” means since it’s become very clear you and your employees are having trouble understanding basic “Retail 101” concepts like, “good customer service.”

1 – Harassment is when you have an employee at the door telling customers when they walk in to, “Put on their mask.”

Good customer service is to greet your customer and welcome them into your store.

Not tell them to do an act of self harm and suffocate themselves!



2 – Harassment is when you have employees on the floor asking un-masked customers, “Where is your mask?” or to “Put on your mask!”

Good customer service is when you have one person, who should be just your manager, who speaks to someone privately, calmly, and quietly, if there is a concern about “not wearing a mask”

Or better yet, just leave that person alone.



3 – Harassment is when you have not one, but several employees, during a shopping visit ask your un-masked customer about their mask.

Good customer service is when your manager meets with their team of employees and tells them to leave “those shopping without a face mask” alone.

Is it so hard to leave people alone and allow your customers to shop in peace?

Is it so hard to let your customers have a good shopping experience at your store or are you purposefully trying to scare customers away?



4 – Harassment is also when your managers or employees tell “customers not wearing a face mask” that they can,“Wear a face shield instead,” “Shop online,” “Send someone else to shop for them” or that they “Should wait outside” or better yet, not even come in.





Retailers, are you trying to tank your sales?

Retailers, are you trying to scare away loyal customers?

Retailers, are you trying to put your store out of business?

Retailers, get your shit together.

Over this last year of this fake pandemic, so many stores have not only pissed off, offended, and quite literally repelled customers, sales, and loyalty, you guys have successfully created customers who hate you with venom.


And when you do that to customers – create such ill will and distaste – those customers are not only never coming back, they will talk bad about you every where and every chance they get.

Good luck with that.

I don’t speak to mask people no more
(part two)

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The Love Guru Blaire is a Relationship Expert, Intuitive Heart Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Marriage & Family Therapist, and Retail Customer Service and Sales Trainer

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Blaire is a holistic leader who enjoys working with forward thinking companies where she consults, coaches, and trains employees, managers and c-suite executives in communication, relationship, and other soft skills to increase employee engagement, productivity, profitability and peace.

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Within 3 short months, I turned around a troubled retail membership club (events division) that was neglected and lacked supervision for over 3 years(!), that was riddled with employee issues which included but was not limited to low morale, employees goofing off, not working efficiently or productively, employees who had absolutely no customer engagement or sales skills.

“Ever since I started working at BJ’s Wholesale Club over a year ago, never before have I had a manager as influential, helpful and positive as Blaire.

Before Blaire, my interactions with BJ members were basic. My sales pitches were lengthy and I had a poor attitude. I rarely sold out of my product and I was easily frustrated, bored and didn’t enjoy my job. I was never given any leadership responsibilities or training, even though I kept asking and eagerly wanted to learn.

I also had emotional breakdowns every other day and I was scared of losing my job because of them.

However in the course of just 3 months, Blaire has changed all of this. She was different than the other managers. She didn’t think I was expendable and she saved me from the one thing I was afraid of – the possibility of losing my job because of my freak outs.

Blaire has taught me a great deal of helpful skills, such as keeping my sales pitch short and sweet, multitasking without mental load, and now I’m able to tackle any demo I’m given. Now I sell out almost every day!

Now I’m training under Blaire to be a proper team leader, something I’ve been dreaming about for a really long time.

I have been free of emotional breakdowns and have learned how to kick some serious butt when it comes to sales. I’m very pleased with how Blaire has shaped me into a model employee and how much I’ve changed from how I was when I first began. Thank you, Blaire!!” – Tom P.

“I’ve been working this job for 3 years. For that entire time I’ve been experiencing difficulty with selling and multitasking. For example, I’ve struggled with cooking the product, selling the product and engaging with members. I would watch other event specialists and see how comfortable they were with doing this and it wasn’t until Blaire came in as the manager 3 months ago that I finally got the help that I needed.

Before sell outs of my product was rare. I wouldn’t hit my sales goals and my presentations were lengthy and didn’t prompt people to buy. Now I sell out on my product several times a week! I’m able to talk to customers and connect with them rather than talk at them, and frankly, my demos are amazing!

Blaire has also been teaching me how to sharpen my leadership skills. I’m learning how to speak up for myself, direct people, speak more powerfully and succinctly and make executive decisions. I’m much better at managing my time. Before I would easily get distracted. Now I’m learning to focus and accomplish my goals (which is everything!) and my day runs much more efficiently. (Before Blaire came in a lot of time was wasted by the whole team and it was never addressed)

Blaire has empowered each one of us. She has motivated and coached us and the whole team has developed beyond what we thought was our potential. I highly recommend Blaire. She brings a lot to the table, much more passion, skills and effort than any job description would require.

Thank you Blaire.” – Mary Lou P.

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I also have a masters degree in Marriage & Family Therapy which is a degree similar to Industrial Organizational Psychology.

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