Wondering When We’re Going Back To Normal?

The Answer is “We’re Not!”

Sure, the media and our leaders tell you that

“once you take the vaccine all will be back to normal”

– But This Is A Lie!

It’s time to step out of fairytale thinking.

Watch this for a reality check.

Recorded December 11, 2020

Our Leaders and Media is Controlled and Corrupt!
(Or have you NOT woken up to this yet?!)

It’s time to wake up to what is really going on in the world.

It’s time for you to get de-programmed and step into your power.

I will help you get there!

Start Learning On Your Own:

Or, I Will Teach You!

I offer New World Order Self Development and Leadership Trainings that will educate you about the Coronavirus Hoax, clear your anxieties and fears, and all the ways you’ve been programmed (brainwashed) by society, the media, and your family. Plus I will put you into power.

So you are strong, educated, and empowered to join the rest of humanity as we rise as One against corruption and tyranny and step into freedom for the first time.

PS: If you are going to survive, you need to get educated and empowered.

Otherwise you are just a sheep walking blindly into slaughter. Contact me to book trainings for your friends, family, and organization.

Awakened Warriors are Indigos, Warriors of Light, Leaders of the New Earth®.

We're leaders who lead in truth, honesty, integrity, and for the good of all.

About The Alien Network:


Created in 2020 by The Love Guru, The Alien Network creates TV programming, books, products, as well as a subscription news publication ("Truth News") that brings higher consciousness into the world. More specifically, the programming brought to you by The Alien Network is geared towards Indigo Warriors and in helping you prepare for and do your mission.


The Alien Network is a one of its kind (and 1st of its kind) workplace where the family (team/staff) is focused on spiritual growth, healing and transformation for themselves and others. Indigo Warriors join The Alien Network workforce to uncover their true selves and become a better versions of themselves, so they can better do their missions and serve the world.


Indigos were once more powerful on their own while we were learning who we were and how to use our special gifts and abilities. But as one advances down their path, they then become 100x’s more powerful when joined with other Indigos to do their missions together. That’s what we do here. Combine our energies, our time, our focus and our intentions to bring higher consciousness to the world in a bigger way than what we would be able to do on our own.