Additional Freedom Classes

with The Love Guru

List of additional Freedom Classes that are available after Module 1 (Foundational classes) are taken.

For when you’re ready to go deeper…

Trainings build on one another and are customized to your group.

Training: What is the New World Order? Key Concepts to Look For.

Whether you are new to the New World Order, have no clue what it’s about at all, or have some information, this is the training to start with. Educational, interesting, empowering, and entertaining. I share 11 key concepts to look for so you are never fooled by the Cabal/Illuminati again. This is their playbook. You have to know your enemy totally and completely in order to defeat them.

Training: Covid is a Hoax

The Coronavirus is a big fat hoax, a lie, a fraud, and our leaders are criminals. During this training, I will share with you the overwhelming evidence that breaks down this crime. Truly eye opening! I will also help you clear the programming you’ve received to make you totally hypnotized and unable to see these crimes that happened right before your eyes!

Training: Questions and Healing Open Forum. Get Your Lingering Questions Answered and Get Support in Clearing Anxieties and Fears and Seeing All of This In a New, Empowering Light, Plus Putting Into Action What You’ve Learned.

When you start seeing what is really going on in the world, it brings up a slew of questions, thoughts, anxieties and fears. In this training, I will support you with what you are currently going through. Yes, we will talk about our feelings. This journey of learning about the new world order is not just a mental pursuit of learning, you will be emotionally affected, changed, and transformed. In this training, you will get healing, support and guidance so you’re able to go to higher timelines, rather than being dragged down by all the doom and gloom.

Training: Stop Trying to Wake People Up – Do This Instead

“Covid”… the “vaccine”… the “wild” fires in Hawaii/Canada/etc… Israel/Palestine….(fill in the blank with the current catastrophe). It’s the latest and greatest distraction and once again, those who are “awake” are swept up by it. If you’re newly awakened, then okay, I understand, you’re trying to get others to see the corruption. But if you’ve been awake for awhile, then you are supposed to be MOVING ON. There are OTHER things for you to do… like getting into your power. … like fighting back (not with guns!)…like creating a new and better world. But the problem is, most “awake” people don’t know how to be in their power. As a collective, we’re in new territory. People are lost. Most of us have been programmed since birth to be weak. To be out of our power. To focus on other people. Most of our relationships are unhealthy. Most people are suffering from codependency. Most people have done zero inner work. Most people are addicted to drama. Most people have tons of mental and emotional baggage. In this training, you’ll learn what to do if you’re NOT trying to wake people up. You’ll learn how to get into your power. You’ll learn how to rise above the bullshit. You’ll learn how to exit the system. There IS another way.

Training: How To Heal Your Smartphone Addiction (or Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc)

In this training, you’ll learn 7 reasons why smartphones are TERRIBLE for you. (Some of these reasons may be quite shocking or disturbing to you and yes, even if you’re already aware to the dangers and the dark agendas going on in the world!) You’ll learn why smartphones are bad for your health… and possibly have already caused some of your health issues! You’ll learn how smartphones are connected to “covid” (yeah, we’re going there!) You’ll learn why smartphones are bad for your mental health… are you an anxious person? Yeah, there’s a good reason for that! We’ll talk about it in class. You may not be an anxious person at all! But instead, “something” is doing that to you (hint – it’s your smartphone!) Learn about tracking and tracing (yep, surveillance!) (And why you should care about this, even if you “have nothing to hide”)
I’ll go over some signs of addiction… just in case you still have some threads of denial running through you! I’ll share some teachings on how your “handy dandy” smartphone is actually preventing you from having peace of mind, being able to hear your intuition strongly, as well as preventing, blocking and delaying you from doing your divine mission in the world! (this should be very concerning to you, if you’re trying to make a difference here on Earth!) I’ll help you step into a place of empowerment — giving you tips and techniques on how to kick your smartphone addiction. And I’ll talk about the magical benefits that start to happen when you’re not constantly hooked up physically, emotionally, or energetically to your phone (because right now, you’re very much synced up with your phone — and boy is this scary too!) And much more!

Training: The Upcoming Alien Invasion

You’ll laugh now, you’ll cry later, and all us “conspiracy theorists” will be laughing at you… in this training, I share the intel. I know it may sound crazy, but very soon, aliens will be invading the US and other countries. (They’ve already started making appearances). But the thing is, these aren’t real aliens who are “invading” the US and other countries – it’s a psyop (psychological operation) that’s being done by our governments.

Training: They Programmed You – Examining the Healthcare System

This training breaks down the lies we’ve all been programmed to believe around the medical and healthcare system. We’ll go over the history of the sickcare system, examing our beliefs, and ways to move forward powerfully.

Training: They Programmed You – Examining the Schooling System

Your kids should not be in school. The educational system is not here for your benefit, it’s here to indoctrinate you and make good little slaves who listen to and obey authority. This training goes into breaking down the lies we were fed and discusses ways to create an empowering learning system for future generations.

Training : You’ve Been Intentionally Tortured. CIA Covid Torture Tactics Revealed, Plus You’ve Been Taking Part in a Satanic Ritual and Not Even Knowing It.

You’ll be blown away once you see, hear and learn how CIA torture tactics have been rolled out during this Coronavirus scam and have been used on the general population (and you) to totally and completely “break you!” Yeah! It’s like you’re a criminal! Because to them, they want to get rid of you. I will also cover how you’ve been taking part in a satanic ritual and actually working to push forth the dark agenda without even knowing it.

Training : Masks are Horrible for Your Health and the Dangers of the PCR Test

You’ve been lied to big time and one of the ways the Cabal/Illuminati is making people sick and killing them off is by requiring you to wear a mask. In this educational and empowering training, I will present you with doctor and expert testimonial that will give you a new way of looking at the use of masks that you will never want to put one on your face again. In this training I will also discuss and present material to you to show you how the PCR test are total bullshit and a scam and why you should never take one either. This training is essential to your health, safety, and livelihood.

Training : Crimes Revealed. How They Pulled Off the Covid Fraud.

Get inside the mind of criminals and you’ll learn how these evil geniuses pulled off the greatest crime in history. In this training, I’ll share with you how these magicians did it. You’ll forever look at your life and the world differently once you know this stuff. The bonus is: once you know how they did it, you can use this secret information on creating good things in your life and the world.

Training: What They’re Doing is Nothing New. The Government is Not Your Friend and Never Has Been.

In this training, we’ll take a look at how the government is not doing anything new to its citizens and how the corruption, betrayal, sickness, de-population and enslavement agenda has been going on for a really long time right before your eyes. You just haven’t been paying attention, were too busy with work or other stuff, or didn’t care. An eye opening training that will transform how you look at your life and the world.

Training: The Dangers of the Vaccine: Mass Genocide Happening Right Before Your Eyes.

The covid “vaccine” is no good, plus it’s not even a vaccine, but because most of the population is under the deep trance of brainwashing, they go out and get it, walking straight into sickness and slaughter. A potentially upsetting and shocking training, especially if you have already taken the “vaccine,” but I will present the material in the softest way possible to not activate a total breakdown. Is it more important for you to know the truth or be lost in denial, cluelessness, and possibly danger. Get the correct information, so you can take right action to sort things out for yourself and your family. Everything is reversible.

Training: How To Not Comply with Masks, Covid Tests, Vaccines, Vaccine Passports,  etc – Heal Your Anxieties, Fears and All The Ways You’ve Been Programmed That’s Keeping You From Standing Up and Standing Strong.

By now, through attending the earlier trainings, you now know that covid is a big fat fraud, so how do you align your actions with your beliefs? In this training, we’ll discuss (and you’ll get tools and healing) on how to stand up for what is right – and not wear a mask, take a covid test, “social distance”, give your temperature, quarantining and other bullshit – even if you “have to” for work or to go into a store. Be guided in healing mental, emotional, and childhood wounds, as well as all the ways you’ve been programmed that prevent you from standing as the proud warrior you were born to be.

Audio of this class is now available for download

1 hour 27 minutes | $250

Learn to stand up for yourself, your family, for what is right — and frankly, not do what you don’t want to do. You may know that the things happening in the world are wrong, but you also may be going along with it, because “you have to,” because everyone else is doing it, or because you don’t know what else to do. You either lack the information on how to stand in your power and say no to this ridiculous stuff or you may have anxieties, fears, and programming that is getting in your way. Learn the “rules of the new world order game” and how to transcend them, so that these stupid protocols do not apply to you. I also share healing practices and energy so you can clear away limiting beliefs, programming, anxieties and fears that are preventing you from standing up to this and saying no. The information shared will not only help you with what is going on in the world now and in the years to come, but also help you improve all areas of your life.

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Training: How To Use Personal and Collective Crisis To Rise to Higher Timelines

Maybe you lost your job, just had a breakup or divorce, are running low on money, or are dealing with some health or home issue. Will you rise to higher timelines or lower timelines during your time of crisis? In this video teaching, I teach you how to rise! To help you learn, heal, shift and change, listen to this video with your journal and a pen in hand. Take notes. Write your thoughts, emotions, memories, intuitions, and awarenesses, as well as what you’d like to implement and change. This is how you actively participate in your shifts and changes and it’s how you upgrade your life.

Video of this class is now available for download

28 min video | $55

Once you purchase, you’ll receive a link in your email to download the product. If you’re having an issue, reach out. All sales non-refundable and non-transferable.

Training: Staying Alive: How to Stop Energy Leaks

Being a spiritual person, you’re naturally inclined to help others. But that frequent or constant giving can turn into something that harms you. At this time, it’s necessary that you pull your energy in or another way to say this is that you learn how to contain your energy. Otherwise you will be unconsciously sabotaging and hurting yourself, draining your energy. Get teachings and examples of how Zeke (my star brother) and my guides have told me how I have been draining myself and how it’s important that we all stop doing this now. It may sound extreme, but this is really a matter of life or death at this time. I see a lot of spiritual people and truthers totally depleting themselves and therefore letting dark energy take over.

Audio of this class is now available for download

40 min audio | $125

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Training: What Difference Can I Make If I’m Just One Person? Getting Over Your Small Self

Are you aware of the corruption going on in the world, see the injustices, don’t like it, but are haunted by thoughts like, “I’m just one person, what can I do? What sort of difference can I really make?” Or feel that the issues of the world are on such a high level that only someone who has a lot of power can make the necessary changes? I’ll address your “small self” limiting beliefs, sabotaging thoughts, and programming that is keeping you small and insignificant. You’ll receive spiritual teachings, healings, and practical steps to take so you can start stepping into a greater version of you.

Audio of this class is now available for download

38 min audio | $250

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Training: How To Rise to Higher Timelines After You’ve Danced in Dark Energy

As an Indigo Warrior, your job is to go into the dark and bring your light. This is part of your mission. That means that you’re going to be exploring all sorts of dark crevices of people and life. You’re going to be witness to things that don’t make you sad, angry and mad, and you’re going to see things that are sick, gross, and wrong. This can drain your energy. It can also take you into a loop of dark energy that can literally ruin your life. The problem is, since Indigos can end up spending a lot of time in the dark, they can also be overtaken by it. I will teach you what proper measures you must take so you can properly and safely do your mission. This way you can go into the dark and then rise and thrive again.

Audio of this class is now available for download

30 min audio | $55

Once you purchase, you’ll receive a link in your email to download the product. If you’re having an issue, reach out. All sales non-refundable and non-transferable.

Training: Having Difficult Discussions with Business Owners, Service Professionals, Doctors

When you don’t play by the rules of the “new world” (no mask, no temperature, no tests, no contact tracing) you end up not being able to do anything. So you can choose to have your life get smaller with less people in it and less things for you to do or you can choose to expand and grow your Soul, as well as step into Leader of the New Earth. Learn how to expand your energy and grow your power. Being a Leader of the New Earth isn’t some trendy far out idea, learn the spiritual, energetic and practical steps to make it happen. Learn how to step into 5D living. Stepping into a leadership role requires you to move out of your comfort zone. I discuss how to have difficult, fearful, and anxiety ridden conversations where you share your beliefs with business owners, doctors, etc of whose businesses you’d like to use and support and share your point of view, educate them, and ask them to align with you. This is how you not only grow your network of “underground” service providers and businesses that view the world as you, but also enables you to grow your community. If you do not learn how to do this now and practice it, you’re going to very quickly find yourself submitting to things you do not want to do simply because you are unable to survive on your own. 

Audio of this class is now available for download

50 min audio | $65

Once you purchase, you’ll receive a link in your email to download the product. If you’re having an issue, reach out. All sales non-refundable and non-transferable.

Training: How To Be Awake and Not Miserable (or Not As Miserable)

No one said being awake was easy. It’s not. You know the truth about all the shit going on in the world. You know all the ways “they’re” trying to kill us. And as if that wasn’t enough, you’re surrounded by “people” who are asleep – who don’t notice anything wrong, gaslight you, and/or couldn’t care less. That’s a recipe for disaster, or shall I say, sadness, depression, and overall feeling miserable about your life experience. In this audio, I guide you thought four steps (along with spiritual guidance and teachings mixed in) on how you can make yourself feel better when you are low, as well as to start seeing the gift in feeling miserable, plus how to start making your life better. Have pen and paper ready to take notes, pause the audio to think about what is shared and do the exercises, along with water to help you process the shifts and healing energy coming through. 

Audio of this class is now available for download

56 min audio | $70

Once you purchase, you’ll receive a link in your email to download the product. If you’re having an issue, reach out. All sales non-refundable and non-transferable.

Training: Everything is the Opposite. Breaking Down the Lies Around “Respected” Professions.

A spicy and enlightening training that’s bound to bump up against your long standing beliefs, if you are in one of these professions or too attached to or run by your ego. Time to open your mind and step into truth. In this training, I’ll go over the lies we’ve been told and sold on believing about teachers, doctors, nurses, police, politicians, lawyers, the educational system, healthcare system and more. Nothing is what it seems in the weird, wacky, and fucked up world we’re currently living in.

Training: George Floyd Killing was Staged and How the Black Lives Matter and Defund the Police Agendas are Total Bullshit.

A fun, eye opening and entertaining training! Very revealing. Put on your detectives cap and I’ll break down all the elements of this Hollywood production for you. That’s right! George Floyd wasn’t killed and you’ve been duped big time! I will also cover how the George Floyd “killing” ties into the black lives matter and the defund the police agenda. ** This training is a must if you are a police officer, firefighter, veteran, emt, or in any political position. It’s also great for you if you are involved in the media in anyway – a filmmaker, writer, author, producer, director. Heck, this training is a must for everyone. Plus it’s a fun and interesting one!

Training: Becoming an Awakened Warrior – A Leader Who Leads in Truth, Honesty, Integrity and For the Good of All.

Through the trainings, you are learning about the corruption happening in the world. This training provides solutions on how you can rise as a Leader of the New Earth, a leader who leads in truth, honesty, integrity and for the good of all. This doesn’t just happen because you say you want to or are this type of leader, it happens because heal yourself.

Training: We’re in a Frequency War. Silent Weapons and Targeted Individuals

Our world is pretty dark, run by dark energies and entities. This training goes into some pretty dark stuff, and I’m sorry about that. I wish I didn’t have to teach all of this, although it is pretty interesting, but it must be known by you too. If you are being called to step into a Leader of the New Earth and you are being called to clear out this corruption and replace it with all that is good, then you must know what the problems are, so you not only see where you are called to serve, but also know what is going on in the world. You can not fix things with your head in the sand. Throughout this training series, I will share with you solutions as well, so you know how to protect yourself and so you are able to step into an empowered place, rather than being taken down by darkness and also so you’re not effected (or as effected) by all of this.

Training: Climate Change or Weather Warfare?

In this training, you’ll get access to government documents, videos and articles that share all about weather warfare. You’ll learn how the government has been doing this for a very long time! You’ll understand how they alter the weather… and why they want to do this. You’ll get a clear understanding of all the elements needed and used to create these weather disasters.
And more! An eye opening training. Get ready to see the world, the government, the media and everyone else involved in a new light. The purpose of this training is NOT to scare you, but to EMPOWER you, so you don’t fall for their dirty tricks and are able to properly protect yourself, your family, and others.

Training: Becoming Resilient: Dealing with Stress, Trauma and the Constant Onslaught of Disasters They Have Planned for Us Without Losing Your Mind, Body, Soul, or Life

Until we take back our world and clear out all this corruption (and there is a lot to be cleared!), you’re going to have to learn how to clear yourself of the constant stress, trauma and unknown nature happening in our world. In this training, I will share tools and techniques on how to stay grounded, happy, and free of stress from constant trauma that is planned to take place in our world throughout the upcoming years. Learn how to create a community of your own and still live your dreams.

Training: Putting What You Learned Into Action, Getting In Alignment

In this training, we’ll review some key concepts that you’ve learned and I’ll help you get in alignment with what you know and what you do out in the world. Information is only good if you apply it. I’ll help you clear your limiting beliefs, programming, anger, sadness, frustration, and anxiety around stepping into a powerful warrior of light who not only knows about the corruption, but does things to transform it.

Training: Why You Don’t Want To Use Siri, Alexa, A Smart Watch Or Scan Your Face, Your Palm or Your Eyes FOR ANYTHING. 

You’ve probably succumbed to one or all of these things, since “everyone else is doing it” or because it seems convenient, but you don’t want to participate in any of these things. In this training I go over THE REASONS WHY all these things are an issue… and I’ll tell you, if you love your freedom, then this is a training you’re going to want to attend!

Training: Mourning the Old Earth

No matter what happens, we’re never going back to the way life used to be pre-March 2020. In this training, I will guide you in grieving the way things used to be. If the old way of living is not talked about, celebrated, and mourned, it opens the door to all sorts of illnesses and diseases in one’s body, as well as blocks in all areas of your life.

Training: Prepping for Newbies and Creating Conscious Communities

After hearing about all this corruption, most people want to get out of dodge. But how do you do that when this is a worldwide takeover? In this training, I will discuss how to become self sufficient, step into sovereignty, and create conscious communities so you can still find peace, happiness, and live a life of your dreams. 

Training: Finding Forgiveness for Yourself and the Ones Who Did This

By now you may be mad as hell or sad and depressed. This is where forgiveness comes into place for you and the evil doers. We forgive for our own sanity, not to let anyone else off the hook. We have all been “victims” of what these people have been doing. You’re bad to have lots of emotions and thoughts swirling. It’s time to do some more healing work. Plus, when the world is upside down and you don’t know who or what to believe, you’re bound to make mistakes along the way, get things wrong, and people are bound to experience sickness, injuries, death, as well as have emotions such as sadness, shame, guilt, anger, and regret come up. In this training, you’ll get started on the journey of finding forgiveness, so you can let go of things that bother you.

Training: How You Can Still Create a Life You Love, Positively Effect The World and Brainwash Yourself for Happiness and Success.

Most people think they are small and insignificant in this world. Who are they to effect change? The truth is you have a lot of power to create a positive ripple in the world. What the cabal/illuminati has planned for humanity is not set in stone. In this training, you will learn spiritual principles and techniques on how you can use your energy to effect the field (physical reality). An empowering class! Get the keys to manifest your dreams.

Training: The Big Picture: Ten to Twenty Years Down The Line. What They Have Planned.

In this training, we’ll step out of the immediate and pressing issues happening in our world and look at the big picture of things. What’s their overall agenda? Where do they want to take us? What are they doing? This way you know what’s part of the agenda and you can resist, transform or just not partake in it when you see it coming down the line.

Training: Becoming an Original Human

How to detox your mind, body, and Soul so you start restoring your original human super powers and gifts.

Training: The 5 Things You Use Frequently (And Love) That Are Actually Weapons and Bringing You To Your Demise 

Training: How What You’re Eating Is Poisoning You

Training: Understanding Your Food, Air, and Water – How They Are Poisoning You.

Training: How To Heal Your Body and Experience Perfect Health

Training: The Transhumanism Agenda – Merging Man with Robot and Extending Life

Training: What is GMO food and The Problems with Them

Blaire brings insightful and thought-provoking discussion of current events, healing techniques and how to be an activist without getting immersed in the culture of fear and reactivism.

Her approach is different than other spiritual teachers, and she offers down-to-earth advice about how to use spiritual teachings to effect real change, heal our ingrained programming, and move into our power.

Wonderful and insightful. The lightbulbs are going off in my head.

Blaire is a skillful facilitator and creates a safe and loving environment.

Blaire’s energy is attractive and infectious!

Very inspiring class – thank you!

I really love your passion and how real you are. It’s refreshing. Thank you.

I always learn so much from Blaire!

Blaire is effusive, bright, radiant – an inspiration and powerful force in the world!