Let’s Forget about The New World Order –

and Instead, Build The New Earth, Together.

The Alien Exchange

Connect with your own kind.

We’re a community of lightworkers, starseeds, and indigos who come together to share our gifts.

In case you didn’t know, the corrupt financial system is collapsing.

It’s time for us to create a new method of exchange.


A way for us to share our gifts in a way that brings
higher consciousness into the world.

A way for us to love and honor one another…

Grow with one another…

Care and connect with one another…

A human heart-to-heart way of sharing.


This is why I created the Alien Exchange.

What is The Alien Exchange?

The Alien Exchange is a way for us lightworkers, starseeds, and indigos to do business with one another.

This comes in the form of us spending money with one another (fiat or crypto) or simply exchanging our gifts.

Collectively, we are not in the old (lower consciousness) mindset that money is best.

We understand that if someone is providing a service for us, that we value and desire, that that is as good as gold.

We’re about building relationships, rather than focused solely on transactions.

The Alien Exchange is a new way of doing business exchanges.

It’s a way we take the government out of the equation.

We don’t need to use their money or follow their bullshit rules.

It’s a way for us to escape the hellhole new world order control systems that are ever increasingly becoming our world.

It’s a way for us to take control and use our energy and power to fuel a system that works for us.

Removing the middle man of corruption and control.

Is The Alien Exchange Right For You?

      • The Alien Exchange is for lightworkers, starseeds, and indigo warriors.


      • We are a community of anti-new world order individuals.


      • We don’t wear a mask (ever).


      • We don’t give our temperatures.


      • We don’t participate in contact tracing or any of that other nonsense.


      • We don’t fear covid. And in fact, we know covid is a lie and a huge fraud.


      • We are open minded and curious.


      • We like to learn (about the new world order, about how to get into your power, about how to heal your mental, emotional, and childhood wounds, about spirituality, manifestation, and making your dreams come true).

      • We are truth seekers and truth knower.

      • We value and are actively doing self-growth and spirituality studies.

      • We put the time and energy in to heal our programming and mental, emotional, and childhood wounds.

      • We are into self-sufficiency, community, and collaborative living.

If you do not do or understand any of the things listed above, but you want to learn, you are still welcome to join. But it’s important to understand, that at the core, this is a spiritual community of indigo warriors who are 1) anti-new world order and 2) focused on going deeper into who they really are (which is being actively involved in healing one’s programming and mental, emotional, and childhood wounds). If these things are not important to you, then this community is not a match for you.

How The Exchange Works:

Since The Alien Exchange is just starting up, you will just be doing exchanges with me. I have listed some of the requests I currently have below. But keep in mind, this is an ongoing, ever growing community, so if you want to be involved in this project, submit yourself, so I can add you to the database of people who are part of the group.

As the community grows, I will move us to a separate website/program, where everyone is able to connect with everyone else on the exchange, and you can put out your requests for services or products to the group.


  • Graphic designer to do spiritual design for some tshirts.
  • Metaphysical, “out of this world,” surrealist graphic designer to design covers for book 2, 3, 4, 5 of the alien series.
  • Book editor for book 3, 4, 5 of alien series. Editor must have done healing around childhood wounds and desire to go deeper.
  • Video editor for the awakened warrior show to make g-rated but exciting trailers for censored outlets like YouTube.
  • Promoter of nwo classes for those who are awake and want to get started or go deeper in clearing their programming and healing their mental, emotional, and childhood wounds.
  • Promoter of nwo classes for those who are confused or unclear as to what the truth is and want help in their awakening.
  • Female massage therapist Northern NJ
  • Hair stylist Northern NJ

If your gifts and skills are not listed, still apply. This is an ongoing, ever growing network that is in its early stages.

Apply to Become a Member:

  • Members are professionals and have experience doing the services they are offering.
  • Members are vetted.
  • We are not anonymous.
  • We’re here building community, friendships, romance, business – the new economy.

Membership to The Alien Exchange is currently free, since we are just starting up. In the future there will be a nominal fee to keep the exchange going. Every member who is accepted into the exchange is screened to make sure you’re a good match with the community I am building here and that your values align with everyone else who is coming onboard.

* All fields are required except for social media links, but I need a way to see you’re legit, so if you have them, post them. Thoughtful answers, that are NOT long, are preferred. This is not a counseling session via form submission.


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