July 5, 2013

Yesterday Martin Luther King was on my mind again.  I know he’s around me.  Just not sure what is going on.  What he wants from me.

What comes to mind, is that

1 – maybe I’m him reincarnated (although I do realize that’s a very out there thought)

2 – maybe he’s coming back now to be on the other side of the race fight / helping with race relations ( <–this keeps coming to my mind)


Maybe that’s why it’s been effecting me so much this white-hate.  Which whites seem to disregard, ignore, don’t care, don’t take seriously, let it slide… and there’s this double standard.  Blacks go crazy (some blacks, of course I can’t generalize) with anything remotely racist.  All up in arms and totally over-react.

Pull the “racist” card and whites shut up, get scared.

It’s a way “they” make us powerless.  It’s a way they take control.  Through fear.

But yet, they are calling us racist through this twitter feed and no one says anything.  Again, most whites letting it slide.

I just posted this on Facebook.. and then cried again today.

“The George Zimmerman has surprisingly really gotten me upset. I am a person who never has paid attention to race issues and always looked the other way. It seems I am no longer able to do this and being called to speak up about the issues. All day today and over the last several days, watching the ‎#zimmerman twitter feed there have been almost non-stop comments by mostly black people about how whites are “crackers” and “racists assholes” and “fuckers”. Most whites overlook this and don’t say anything. We let it slide. But this is not okay.

Someone pointed out to me that Chris Rock and Jamie Foxx were posting racists tweets about the trial/things related. When I went to check out their twitter feed, these tweets were removed… This upsets me greatly as well. People in power, white or black should not be contributing more anxiety and fear to our society. I would hope that people in power would not be adding more hate to the collective.

Look at how Paula Deen was recently ostracized for her racial slurs.. and rightfully so, but yet when someone like Chris Rock and Jamie Foxx says something, it doesn’t get as much air play?

This is wrong. It’s not okay for some black people to call whites “Crackers” “Crackas” or “Racists” — for it to be dismissed, overlooked, and to have no repercussions and when whites say something, everyone goes crazy.

In this trial, it’s not about supporting one side or the other, I have no agenda. I formed my opinions through objectively listening to evidence presented and came to conclusions through logic. Yet, racist black people on YouTube and Twitter have been calling me a racist for days. Really? This is crazy thinking and behavior.

The world is changing. Old paradigms are leaving. People who are in power positions are going to have to shift who they are to come from a place of integrity, love and compassion — or they will be exposed and booted from their positions. I truly believe this. I know it.

Many things have been coming to the light. We see how the gov’t has been lying to us. Thanks to Snowden, who has become a martyr for the truth.

Now we are seeing how corrupt our legal system is… how there’s this mob mentality. Some black people start protests, the media puts their spin on things to make it into a story, Al Sharpton makes a speech, Crump / civil attorney gets involved, and Obama makes a speech.

Now everyone’s up in arms — and someone is the “guilty” one, someone has to pay. Zimmerman is the target.

Now in case you didn’t know already, it’s very clear — the legal system is really not about evidence or truth — it’s now about politics.

It’s about the White Collective Wound of Guilt (see my video on YouTube) — it’s about the Black Collective of Victimization. And everyone’s acting out of wounding, emotional scars, passed down through generations beliefs, anger, upset, hurt.

It’s time for people to stop acting unconsciously. To take a look at themselves and heal their unconscious beliefs and programming so they can see clearly. So we can create this new world of peace, happiness – heaven on earth. One where people act in integrity. One where people are not addicted to pain, chaos and drama.

If you have been watching the Zimmerman trial, rather than grabbing bits and pieces from the media or friends, you would have noticed that the State has no case. They presented very little to no evidence to convict Zimmerman.

This was the comments from both sides on Twitter earlier today when the State rested it’s case.

YET, The Judge who is obviously biased towards the State, has been threatened, or in fear of her life, or running some political agenda (watch tapes of her) ruled that she would not grant Zimmerman acquittal.

A truly sad display in my opinion.

State has very little if any evidence — and presented a horrible case.

They could have done a better job, but then again, you actually need evidence supporting that. So why her refusing acquittal? My feeling is because she is afraid of being called a racist, afraid of threats by select black groups, and doesn’t want this on her head. She doesn’t want to take the responsibility. and would rather put it off on jurors. Rather put them forth to blame.

Again, the world is changing and people are being exposed — as well as their agendas. The truth is coming out.

I’m putting a call out there to all compassionate, intelligent, courageous, powerful people who are HEALED to step up and step forward — The world needs you to step into your position of leadership. The world really needs you now.

I will be making more videos about this in the days to come.
Here are my videos so far about the topic: http://www.youtube.com/IntuitiveHeartHealer

Thank you for reading this. I hope it inspires you into action, even if that is for you to get educated about what is “really” going on in this trial… to learn more about anti-white racism… or to step it up in our own healing journey so you are in a position to focus less on yourself and more on the whole. Again, the world needs you now. Thank you.”