What’s Your Mission?

If you’re an Indigo, you have a really big mission in this world.

The problem is, many Indigos aren’t quite sure what their mission is.

If this is you, and you’re feeling a bit confused, no worries, I can help you.

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What is My Mission?

1 hour audio

Unsure what your mission is? Want help in figuring it out?

If you’re an indigo warrior, you’re here to do great things in the world. But how exactly are you supposed to go about doing this?

In this audio I help you:

  • Figure out what your mission is.
  • Understand what you need to do in order to have your mission be revealed to you.
  • Explain what an indigo’s role is in the New Earth.
  • And much more!

In this audio, I help you clear some programming and childhood wounds that may be causing you pain or pressure in trying to figure this out. I also share spiritual teachings that are related to this topic that you’d probably find interesting. Listen to this audio with pen and paper in hand. Take notes. And do the exercises shared. That’s how you take the teachings and healings deeper.

Warrior Training: Doing Great Things

1 hour video training with PDF guide with 7 exercises

This video also goes into details about how to find your mission here on Earth.

This one takes you deeper in that it helps you understand what kind of of spiritual teacher, healer or leader you are and want to be.

In this video I share with you tools and techniques on how to figure this out.

You’ll learn how to develop a relationship (or a deeper relationship) with God, your angels, guides, etc.)

And how to take your mission to the next level.

Please note: This video uses me as an example for the technique I take you through. If you are new here and not really familiar with me, my work, or my personality, use a spiritual teacher or healer that you are familiar with in the technique I share.

The point is, I’m sharing with you a technique that works very well. Don’t get hung up on the fact that you may not know me or my work very well. Instead use the technique with someone you know, so you can use the technique to your benefit.

As a bonus, I’m also including my 25-minute video entitled, Enlightened Master.

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About The Alien Network:


Created in 2020 by The Love Guru, The Alien Network creates TV programming, books, products, as well as a subscription news publication ("Truth News") that brings higher consciousness into the world. More specifically, the programming brought to you by The Alien Network is geared towards Indigo Warriors and in helping you prepare for and do your mission.


Indigos were once more powerful on their own while we were learning who we were and how to use our special gifts and abilities. But as one advances down their path, they then become 100x’s more powerful when joined with other Indigos to do their missions together. That’s what we do here. Combine our energies, our time, our focus and our intentions to bring higher consciousness to the world in a bigger way than what we would be able to do on our own.

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