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Warrior Training

(Business, Life and Relationship Training for Indigo Adults)

Awakened Warriors don’t just happen.

They are made. Guided and healed.

In the world right now, we’re seeing what happens when people get into power who are not healed.

They have their own agendas and they are corrupt.

They pass laws and make decisions that are self serving.

They accept corporate payouts rather than standing for what’s right for the people.

They may have started out with good intentions, but because they are wounded and therefore not seeing the world clearly, they end up causing more harm than good.

Awakened Warriors do things out of honesty, integrity, and for the good of all.

They are able to lead in a way that serves all, BECAUSE THEY ARE HEALED.

Warrior Training is for you, if:

  • You know you are MEANT TO DO something BIG in this world, but right now you are playing SMALL, HIDING and trying to NOT be noticed.
  • You CURRENTLY WORK as a Spiritual Teacher, Healer or Leader and you’re feeling frustrated  …or you KNOW YOU’RE MEANT TO DO THIS WORK.
  • You are living a life that you know is MEANT TO BE SOO MUCH MORE.
  • You feel STUCK and FRUSTRATED — not sure how to ACCOMPLISH YOUR BIG DREAMS.
  • You want to GET PAID MORE, you’ve tried to make it happen, but NOTHING’S WORKED!
  • You want to REACH MORE PEOPLE and HELP MORE but Spirit has NOT been bringing them to you!
  • You want your life to be easier. You’re TIRED OF WORKING SO HARD and for life being so hard and frustrating.

Did you say “YES” to any of the above?

If so, WARRIOR TRAINING is for you!

Listen to the words in this video.
Does it stir something within you?

Apple commercial: Here’s to the crazy ones

Are you here to change the world?

But right now Spirit isn’t bringing you enough clients or money?

If so, WARRIOR TRAINING is for you!

My Story:

I’ve always had a strong desire to help other people, but Spirit wasn’t sending many people to my work.

And the people they sent to me (most of them anyway) would use and abuse me.

Take me for granted.

Try to get more out of me from every session.

They constantly would ask for discounts and freebies, email me non-stop, and question what I was teaching them.

Overall people weren’t showing gratitude for how much I was helping them.

And I was helping them in BIG WAYS.

I would help my students in a matter of 2-3 months clear up blocks that they were struggling with for 20, 30, 40 years!

They were getting big changes, yet they were still so critical and gave me the feeling that they always wanted more. Like somehow I wasn’t giving enough. But I was drained from them – and all of this aggravated the hell out of me.

The other thing that really pissed me off was that I had big dreams for my life and they still hadn’t happened.

These were dreams I had since I was young, and they still hadn’t come true.

What was going on?

I felt like my life was passing me by.

I knew I wasn’t living to my fullest potential.

And I had no idea what I needed to do to get to me from here to there.

This is when Spirit guided me to set up a blog and document the adventure they were about to take me on.


I didn’t know it at the time, but this adventure they were taking me on was a journey of healing.

It was a journey from doing what I thought I was supposed to be doing in the world —

To a place of serving in a much bigger way —


Would You Like To Be A POWERFUL LEADER In This World?

A Warrior Who Leads In Truth, Honesty, Integrity, and For The Good Of All.

Look At Me Back Then.

This was October 2012.

Not in my power. Wounded. Upset.

Frustrated. Angry. Resentful. Disempowered.

After The Change.

August 2013.

An Awakened Warrior.

Powerful. Courageous. On Mission. Healed. Doing What I Love.

Here’s How Warrior Training Works:

1.  This is a home study, self healing program on business topics specific to what Indigos go through.

Please note: Even though it’s packaged as a business ‘self discovery’ program, the things you examine and heal through here will positively effect all the relationships in your life, as your ‘hang ups’ in business also end up being your issues in your relationships and other areas of your life as well. You’ll explore and heal your dark side.

2.  You purchase the first month and then if you like it, you enroll in the full program.

3.  Once you enroll, you’ll get access to my blog posts that share the journey Spirit took to heal me go deeper doing my Divine Mission.

4.  As you read my posts, you relate them to your life. See what lessons you can learn and what you can heal through.

5.  The more you uncover about yourself, and the more you heal, the closer you will get to Spirit revealing YOUR Divine Mission and how best you are to serve (in a way that you are happy serving too, rather than being a martyr for the cause).

6.  This is a self paced journey.

7.  It’s suggested that you do 2 posts per week, spread out 3 days each. Of course you can go faster or slower as you desire.

8.  The posts that I share will shake up buried emotions within you and help you process and heal, all for the purpose of uncovering more of who you really are.  Removing those masks of “being nice” and however else you have been trained to behave and instead be the shining example of your authentic self.  The more you are “YOU” the more magnetic you become to everything you want in this world.

9. You’ll start at the beginning of my blogging journey and will be taken one step after the next to get you into your power.

Going through it this way will help you in clearing and healing old through patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you.

These old thought patterns and behaviors are exactly what is blocking you from doing your Divine Mission and living the life of your dreams.

In these posts, I share the raw thoughts and feelings, as well as the guidance that Spirit gave me to move forward.

In order to move forward, one must recognize and process their feelings.

Just by reading my experience, as well as the guidance that came through, you’ll shift.

It will make you think and it will bring up emotions in you that need to be cleared… so you can heal.

But take the healing a step further!

After each blog post that you read, write about the feelings that come up for you.

This helps you process your thoughts and feelings — so they clear (and heal).

Some of my blog posts may trigger you.

What this means is that some blog posts may make you feel uncomfortable, angry, frustrated or upset.

You may be judgmental about what I am saying or doing.

This is good, because if you think about why you are being caused to feel upset (or have the strong reaction) you will be able to heal through the underlying issue.

There is always an underlying unhealthy thought process that is going on that is causing you to have a strong reaction, rather than what I just said or did and shared with you in my blog post.

When you are able to examine these uncomfortable thoughts and feelings — and journal about your own experiences that are related — then it will RELEASE things within you. It will give you AWARENESS.  And clear and HEAL them for you.

This will put you on the path to being more authentic, making more money, attracting more people to your work, and get you on the path so you’re able to lead as a Conscious Leader.

To successfully work through this program, get yourself a journal so you can write about and track your thoughts, realizations, feelings, and transformation.

Writing about your feelings and realizations through this journey brings magic to your life.  It causes you to see things in a new light.  You’ll notice your thought patterns and CHANGE.

Here’s a video about Warrior Training.

(back then I was also calling in Blaire’s Land so disregard that in the video)

Warrior Training helped me discover my Divine Mission

Enroll in Warrior Training

This is a self paced healing program to prepare you for your mission, as well as help you go to greater heights doing your mission.

Every post will stir up and heal unresolved emotions and thoughts, as well as give you new insights and awarenesses as to how you’d like to run your business.

The idea is to go through 2 posts per week.


POST 1: Video: I’m Not Being Nice Anymore
(This video is posted above so you get an idea of what this program is like. Post comes with journal prompts)

POST 2: When Frustration Builds

POST 3: Calling Out to My People

POST 4: Close to 75 Unsubscribes

POST 5: I Overdid It Yesterday

POST 6: Letting the Universe Take Over

POST 7: I Wonder if Anyone Will Sign Up

POST 8: Replying to People

Topics you’ll explore in these posts:

Not being nice anymore, issues around getting attached to clients, co-dependency issues in business, getting upset with clients or taking things personally, caring for people and clients more than they care for you, feeling taken advantage of, used and abused, slave mentality, victim mentality, giving too much, wounded healer, healer/helper martyr dynamic, childhood wound trying to be liked, childhood wound, being nice, dealing with resentment, having frustration in business, childhood wound afraid to speak up, childhood wound playing small, not getting paid what you’re worth, building a business that works for you, being in a cycle of not being appreciated, finding your ideal clients, learning how to receive, letting the universe market for you, letting the universe provide for you, partnering with the universe in business, receiving divine flow, receiving prosperity, building a business you love, healing business doubts, business mental chatter, busing fears, finding your divine mission, being yourself in your business.

Once you make your purchase, you’ll receive an email with access to the first month. The way the program works is you enroll in the first month first. Then, once you get an idea of how it works and confirm you like it, then sign up to get access to the full program. Access to the program is for 1 year and then your link will expire. This is a self discovery program. It is up to you to journal about what is shared, think about it and make adjustments in your life. This is how you heal, learn and grow.


The full program includes 13 months of posts (approximately 150 posts), plus 14 real and thought-provoking videos.

This is a self-discovery program where you will examine the behind the scenes issues that every spiritual teacher, healer and leader thinks about and has to come to terms with. Decide what kind of spiritual teacher, healer and leader you will be, as well as examine your dark site.

Some topics you’ll explore are:

  • Asking for money for your work
  • Being a martyr in your business, being a slave to your business
  • How to deal with being overly sensitive, being taken advantage of, and giving too much
  • How to honor your anger and turn it into power
  • Valuing yourself in business
  • Being professional vs being real in business
  • Being true to yourself, being yourself in business
  • The balance between giving and receiving, being a good receiver, problems with giving too much
  • Receiving prosperity
  • The ‘behind the scenes’ real life of experts, healers, spiritual teachers, leaders
  • Finding your life mission, workaholism, being a servant to god, finding your divine mission
  • Letting the universe lead, 5D living, trusting the universe
  • How to break the pattern of negative thinking related to your business
  • How to stop feeling resentful towards your clients or your business
  • Creating an untraditional work schedule, lifestyle design, manifestation principles, setting up a spiritual business, self mastery and more!

Enroll in the Full Program


To start your enrollment, pay the $500 non-refundable deposit by clicking the pay button below.
Once you make payment, you’ll get an email with a pre-program assessment as well as a program agreement for you to fill out and email back. The remaining payment for the program is accepted via bank transfer (I have a service I use that will make it easy for you) or a portion can be paid with crypto. Have questions? Email me at guru @ loveguru dot net I’m here to help you.

Once full payment is received, you’ll receive access the program.

Access to the program is for 1 year and then your link will expire.

Payments are final, no refunds or transfers.

It is up to you to work the program, digest the material, think about it and make adjustments in your life so you get success.

READ THIS – What This Program Is, What It Isn’t, and What To Expect: This program is access to a ton of personal, private blog posts (like a diary) that I wrote several years ago. It contains a lot of struggles I went through in being and becoming a strong and powerful healer, teacher, and leader. The issues I cover are what a lot (most, if not all) of spiritual people go through in sharing their gifts with the world and they either work through their internal issues or they don’t. I did. And this is part of my journey that helped me get through all my internal crap about being powerful healer/leader in the world, making lots of money, being seen and heard, feeling recognized and appreciated. To get benefit out of this program and to make you feel that it was “worth it” as in the price, it requires you to consistently (as in every few days or once a week) and diligently log into the program, read through the posts, think about them, and journal about them. Then to apply the insights that you get into your life. My way of doing things is not the right way. We all have our own individual ways to find success, and these journal posts and insights I share with you along the way will spark new ideas and ways of doing things in the world and in your business. I help people upgrade their lives in a very short amount of time and I help people clear blocks that they’ve struggled for many years (their whole lives). So although I’m not going to say “this is the only program you need to make everything in your business and your life perfect,” I’m offering it to you, because it’s a solid step forward that will help you clear things that have been bothering you about your business, about people, and about your life for a very long time. Also, if you have any doubts about your ability to work through your stuff on your own through a self-directed program like this, then I suggest you sign up for the option of this program where you receive 2 private healing sessions with me, so I can give you the support and attention, as well as healing and teachings specific to you and your problems. This way you’ll get personal attention and support from me which always helps.

Recap Of What You Get When You Enroll….

  1. You’ll be able to read my blog posts and witness my journey… you’ll go on your own transformational journey.
  2. Experience how my gifts open up… yours will too.
  3. How I reclaim more of my power…. you’ll reclaim more of your power too.
  4. Increase my prosperity with the guidance and partnership of Spirit… this will happen for you too.
  5. Make my bigger dreams come true… this will happen for you too.
  6. I start learning my life lessons and go through growth through happiness, laughter, and play rather than struggle and pain… you can shift into this realm too.
  7. You’ll read my “behind the scenes” and private thoughts that no Spiritual Teacher, Healer, or Leader will ever share with you! (at least not with the realness.. and definitely not while they are going through it. Usually leaders share this information after they’ve had huge breakthroughs, but here I share with you while I am going through it and figure it out)! … and don’t worry, I’m successful in getting through it, I’ve already had big transformations, which you’ll read about!
  8. You’ll see first hand how I work through my old thought patterns and behaviors… and you’ll learn (by example) how you to do it too!

I get transformation… and so do you!

I get healing… and so do you!

Plus, you’ll go on your own journey too!

Here’s What One of My Students Says About Warrior Training!


How Would You Describe Your Experience Going Through The Program?

It’s about healing yourself and growth and isn’t just another place on the internet to read a blog. It’s all about being able to process your personal desires, dreams, frustrations, and anything else you wish as you find your true spiritual self.

Why Did You Join?  What Were You Struggling With?

I was struggling with being ‘me’. I didn’t know who I was and wandered through life mimicking everyone around me in search of an identity. Today I am well on my way to becoming who I am meant to be and have always been deep down. I realize that I’m not alone!

What Have You Learned From Reading and Experiencing Blaire’s Transformation and Taking Part In Your Own?

Overall, I have learned and keep learning about me, who I really am! Reading her blogs sparks emotions in me which prompts me to write how her emotions relate to mine. The most amazing this is how when a new blog of Blaire’s opens up, often the emotions she is/was dealing with when she posted usually coincide with emotions I am struggling with at that time. Reading another like-minded persons experiences sparks insight into my own emotions which helps me work through them.

Warrior Training is a Training Program

for The Next Breed of Leaders In This World.

Leaders who lead with truth, honesty, and integrity.

Leaders who do things for the greatest good of all.

You can only be these things, if you are healed and whole.

(otherwise your wounding effects your decisions and the way you lead others)

The information you receive through this program is priceless.

You receive teachings, insights, guidance, healing and transformation that will stir things inside of you and cause you to step more fully into your power – out of victim mode – and into your divine mission.  What I share with you – the growth and healing – stays with you FOREVER.

That means, you go through these lessons once and you’re at a higher level of consciousness. No more repeating the same relationship patterns over and over again – they’ll be gone!

You will also get access to the behind the scenes — true, real and raw deal — of what the journey is like as one rises to the top.

The true, real, and raw behind the scenes feelings and thoughts of what someone needs to CLEAR AND HEAL to become an Enlightened Master.

This information and journey I take you through is PRICELESS — because as you witness my transformation and process your “gunk” too.

You become more and more awakened!

Step by step on your way to becoming an Enlightened Master too!

It is possible. This is the process to get you there!

(You’ll see first hand what they processed through to get to this high level of awareness and wisdom, PLUS you’ll be processing and rising in consciousness right there with me!)

I pave the way for you.

By witnessing my journey, stepping into my Divine Mission, you’ll get a clear understanding of what fears may come up for you as you RISE!

Receive these teachings, healings and guidance — remote healing and coaching from me — for just $225/month.

If you’re drawn to my work, most likely you are an Awakened Warrior.

When you join Warrior Training, you’ll discover more details about your Life’s Work.

  • Discover how to walk through fears that come along with sharing your work with the world.
  • Get guidance on how to connect with more strength and courage so you can be a (more) powerful leader.
  • Learn how to expand your Mission, so you are reaching more and more people.
  • Humanity needs YOU now.  It needs your special gifts and talents.  It needs your special message. This training will help you gain awareness into your special gifts — as well as help you get more comfortable with speaking out and being seen!

Transformation from Gary in


“I have been learning with Blaire for around 6 months and have learned a tremendous amount of things about myself. Her video, “I’m Not Being Nice Anymore” was a wake up call for me.

This is one of the very few times I got to see the ‘human side’ of a light worker as so many refer to us in the spiritual community.

We are all human with emotions and that should never be forgotten.

From what I have observed so far on my journey, one of the things I have noticed that’s bothered me with many who claim to be light workers is a tendency to go overboard when it comes to understanding and forgiving and end up flat out enabling or, the tendency for many to climb up on the old high horse and teach from ‘I have more power the you’ attitude.

Blaire’s video slapped me right in the face as if it was saying, “Pay attention!” Yes, I learned how to protect myself by not enabling others and standing up for myself but learning is one thing and applying is a whole other story.

I have done great things in standing up for myself in the last 4 years but the video showed me that I do not apply my knowledge to everyone and every situation.

Blaire’s video was the reminder I needed. I was skeptical about joining at first. Why would I pay to read a blog when I can find that anywhere on the internet for free?

But I took the leap because I felt it was the right thing for me to do and boy was I right…. The best part is that this is not the traditional teacher-student relationship. This is a peer to peer relationship where everyone is the student, including Blaire!

This has been priceless!  Thank you Blaire!” – Gary, 42, FL 

Cancellation Policy:

The information in this program contains The Love Guru’s proprietary material, so because of this, refunds are not offered and your order is non-refundable and non-transferable. All sales final.