It’s the brainwashed zombies who were first in line for the coronavirus vaccine that are now waking up — or about to — wake up millions of our society.

It’s the brainwashed zombies who thought they were so noble and doing a good thing by stupidly volunteering in the vaccine trials that are now waking up — or about to — wake up millions.

It’s the brainwashed doctors and nurses who perpetuated the covid fraud, who were filled with fear, who did no real research, who didn’t warn the masses about the scam, who are now waking up — or about to — wake up millions.



Because they are all about to be covid vaccine damaged or killed

And that type of information coming out on a mass scale is enough horror to wake anyone up.

They’re going to wake up straight from their brainwashed hypnosis state of “I’m so great — I trust the science” bullshit propaganda they’ve heard repeated a million times prior.


And for all these millions that are about to or will soon will wake up, it’ll be time for them to learn the lessons of… 

1 – Never trust authority to tell you what to do — do your own research and follow your own intuition, not fear.

2 – Always run everything you hear through your beautiful mind — never blindly accept what you’re told to do

3 – Never trust the government — they don’t care about you.

4 – Stop watching TV and reading bullshit online articles from mainstream magazines and news sources — because all that it is propaganda and fear porn

5 – Never give your power away — you need to stay alert and in control (and this is related to inner work!)

6 – Vaccines aren’t good and never were.(Yes, those “anti-vaxxers” weren’t lunatics they were actually right)

7 – You need to focus on your inner work like it’s a full time job because there’s nothing more important (no not money) than getting to know who you really are and clearing all the ways you’ve been programmed over the years

8 – It’s time to leave behind all the external things you used to obsess about and fill your life with like shopping, nonstop socializing, watching baseball, football, basketball, stupid tv shows, Netflix and more that only serve to fill your brain with absolute nonsense and distract you from what is really important in the world

And a whole lot more.

Yes, the great awakening is here!

We’ve been waiting for it.

Wanting it.

Praying for it.


But a great awakening? Or a rude awakening? For many I think it’ll be the latter.

But all us truth warriors, well, what can I say, we warned you.

We tried to educate you.

We tried to help you.

We did this for many months and many years.


And you didn’t want to listen.

You thought we were crazy.

Or over-exaggerating.

Or not “listening to science”

Or whatever bullshit.

So now it’ll be right in your face in a way you can’t ignore.

Because nothing says “I’m awake now!” like seeing and hearing about thousands of dead and damaged eager and enthusiastic vaccine takers who thought they were going to save the world from a fake, non-existent virus.

It’s really terrible.

But when there is a fake, non-existent virus… NEWSFLASH: There is no need for a “cure.”

Except there is just a need for a higher level of consciousness.

And that is about to occur.

For everyone’s entry on to the spiritual path is a dark night of the Soul.

And we are about to witness that on a mass level right now.


Tennessee registered nurse took covid vaccine and now has Bell’s Palsy.

It’s terrible, but now she’s awake. God bless her for speaking out.

I know she’ll be able to heal for now she’s on the spiritual path and (hopefully) will be looking for answers and have a desire to be empowered.

Get Educated, De-Programmed, and Empowered

Unless you’ve done the deep inner work to heal your mental, emotional, and childhood wounds,
and all the ways you’ve been programmed by your friends, family, society and the media,
you’re never going to be a leader who leads in truth, honesty, integrity, and for the good of all.

This is the work I guide you through. Get started. Resources are below.


The Love Guru Blaire is a Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Heart Healer, Psychic Medium, Dating & Relationship Expert, Marriage & Family Therapist, Horse Healer, Animal Communicator.

She works with high-powered executives, entrepreneurs and celebrities who’ve experienced career success and now want love life success.

For over 16 years she has guided individuals in getting into their power. This takes the form of teaching you how to easily, effortlessly and magically attract “the One” by partnering with the Universe, how to heal unhealthy relationship patterns from the root, so you never have to experience the same pain or pattern again, plus healing sabotaging behaviors, old thought patterns, childhood wounds, karma, dysfunctional generational patterns, sadness, loneliness, frustration, anger, anxiety, resentment and fear.

Blaire’s missions are:

  • To guide, help, heal, teach, and lead Indigos in preparing for and doing their Divine Mission.
  • Bring higher consciousness to corporations.
  • Bring higher consciousness to programming found on TV.

Featured in the NY Times, LA Times, CNN, MSNBC, Montel, Glamour and more!

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That is actually how you get more corruption like we are seeing in the world. Corruption happens when someone has not taken the steps to do their inner work first. For when you heal your mental, emotional and childhood wounds, as well as clear programming that has been passed down to you from your family, society, and the media, you become a clear channel to Spirit and totally and completely able to serve the world. This is how you step into being a Leader of the New Earth®, a leader who leads in truth, honest, integrity and for the good of all. 

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I’m Well-Versed on the Cabal’s Plans for Humanity.

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This way you can be ahead of the curve.

If you know what is planned, you can adjust yourself accordingly.

You probably didn’t know that businesses weren’t going to be able to open for many months, but I did it!

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I’m a People and Relationship Expert and Excellent at Guiding People and Companies Through Quick, Profitable, and Peaceful Transformation.

I an Intuitive Heart Healer and for 16+ years have guided high-powered executives, entrepreneurs, and celebrities in clearing their old programming, sabotaging behaviors, mental and emotional blocks, anxiety, sadness, loneliness, anger, resentment and fear.

I am known for my quick results in helping people upgrade their lives and become better versions of themselves.


I also have a masters degree in Marriage & Family Therapy which is a degree similar to Industrial Organizational Psychology.

I have key insights into the psychological workings of your employees, and the skills and training to work with small and large groups/teams, as well as individuals to bring transformational and sustained workplace change.

Contact me to set up a consulting call to get started.

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