May 24, 2013

It seems silly to me to apply for TV hosting positions.  I applied for one yesterday, maybe two – I can’t remember now, but it felt like I was just going through the motions and shouldn’t even bother.

It’s not what I want.

I should be focusing my time and attention — and I am more and more, this is where I’ll pick up today — on finishing my TV books and getting clear and writing up my pitches.


Something interesting I noticed the other day and then a response from the person today…. This girl in one of the online groups I’m a part of wrote that she’s leaving entertainment to go to medical school.  This surprised me since she seemed so passionate about entertainment.  I also thought that maybe we’d work together when I got out there, who knows 🙂  This was just me wanting to grab at contacts I already had rather than trust and faith with them manifesting.

But anyway, I wrote to her — hey, i thought you loved entertainment!

(I’m paraphrasing here…)

And she was like, nope.  and then gave a whole explanation on how something… i don’t know.  she doesn’t like the big studio houses and something about no one talks about anything important and how she loves learning things she enjoys.

Okay, that’s fine.


It’s me who loves entertainment.  And that’s why Spirit is bringing me back into that field.

That’s in my heart.  It’s in my soul.

There’s a tendency to think that Spirit won’t give you what you really want in your heart.  Why is that?  Why would they put you and give you things you don’t want?

Something to think about.

Interesting how she doesn’t have that mission to change the entertainment field — and I do.  It’s the strong passion to add programming that adds to the betterment of society.  This is a strong pull in me.  A knowing I can do it.

I think another thing we tend to think is that someone else may take our vision.  That maybe someone else will.  But that’s not how it works.  I’m wired to do what I’m supposed to do here.  I have those ideas and the passion to back it up.  And someone else, well it doesn’t even cross their mind.

Or if it does, it does in another way.

This makes me feel good.

The ego likes us to think that we’re all hooked up to group mind and all downloading the same things… but we are, in just different ways and as it pertains to our own life mission.

Something to think about…