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2 – You’re going to have to learn how to process your emotions.

Most people are totally out of touch with their feelings.

Most people stuff their emotions down and ignore them.

Most people walk around pretending that they’re fine – when they’re not.

Society teaches us to carry on with life, even when we are upset about things.

Even when things are really wrong.

We’re taught to keep chasing after our goals.

To keep hustling.

To keep making money.

To keep doing.

To value money, the hustle, and career success – over everything else.

(Even though you may be feeling terrible inside)

Whereas when you start digging into truth,

You’re going to HAVE TO SLOW DOWN

And start feeling and processing your emotions.


Because learning the truth,

and especially the truth about the world

which I will share with you,

can sometimes,

and many times,

bring up A LOT of anxiety, worry, confusion, and fear.

This can become overwhelming!


And depressing.

And if you don’t learn how to process your emotions,

(cause you’re going to learn some shocking stuff)

can quite literally push you into having a total breakdown.

And neither of us want that for you.

So when you start digging into truth, you can NOT continue to stuff your emotions anymore.

It’s incredibly unhealthy.

So you have to start learning how to process your emotions.

Or, get better at doing this (it’s an ongoing, lifelong journey!)

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