May 18, 2013

That TV Exec didn’t email me yesterday or the day before.  I was feeling doubtful, insecure about it the last day or two.  Oh well.

I still need to move forward.  I still am moving forward.

The idea — the commitment – is that I partner with people who are on the same page as me.  On the same belief level, the same respect level, the same honesty level, etc.  and I do realize that since I have done a lot of inner work and healing on myself that I’m asking for something pretty great from another.

But I trust that there are others that have done the work as well.  Other good people.  Who I can pair with and have wonderful partnerships.

The commitment is to the vision, not a certain person.  I’m going to write this out more today.

If this guy doesn’t fit into that, that’s fine.  I can still have what I desire.  I still will get it.

I can see how easy it is to get attached to the one thing that comes your way, the “oh my g-d, it’s happening now because this person entered into my life” feeling.  It’s the same with romantic relationships.

So I’m feeling my sadness, but I’m still moving forward.

Just as quickly as he appeared, another will as well.

And this time I will have a fuller presentation –  a fuller vision of what I desire.

To be the talent, plus the creator and consulting producer.

This is exciting and also weird to say, a bit sad — cause it means I have to do more work.

But come on Blaire, you’ve been asking for MORE, so here’s more.

It’s what you love, so just do it.

You’ll love doing it anyway.

I need to trust the process of this time of my life.  Stepping back into TV – this time doing what I love, in front of the camera.

The Universe is on my side, answering my prayers, so I’m good to go.

I trust.

I flow.

I be.

I do.

Thank you.