Trusting G-d With My Life

March 20, 2014

I realize that Spirit is being patient with me as I am learning this lesson.

The next step for me — to take my dreams to the next level – and why they haven’t happened yet — is because I am learning to trust g-d with my life.

I shared with you over the past few days / weeks how it’s been dawning on me how G-d has been protecting me — blocking me — guiding me — once again, PROTECTING ME.

And it’s no coincidence that all of this is in my awareness now, because this is my lesson that they are showing me.

Hey Blaire… you see how we’ve guided you all these years…

You see how we’ve protected you….

There is nothing to fear…. you are not a scapegoat, you are not a martyr, you are our loved one…. you are here to “preach the gospel” (as I joke around and say)

They are here to protect me.

To guide my path.

I am blessed.  I always say this.  My hebrew name is this.  I have thought so many times over to get this tattooed on me (I have no tattoos) but I am proud of this.

BUT I need to believe it.

And believing it is relaxing into it and releasing control, releasing fear.

Letting myself blast off.

Letting myself have my dreams manifest.

And I want to do this.  To trust that I am 100% safe. I actually just got a message about this last night from the angels when I pulled an angel message.

I accept this. I accept my destiny. I accept my path. I accept that I am safe, guided, protected.

Again — to always stay close to G-d.

This is the path that always keeps me protected.