June 25, 2013

So once again I enjoyed my chat with the TV exec yesterday — and it reminded me of my post about a month ago when I was feeling uneasy about him not following up and questioning if I wanted to work with him and/or if I trusted him.

Well of course these things are developed over time.

But I was feeling uncomfortable that he didn’t follow up — or maybe sad, disappointed.  Yes, all of those.

So why now?

Well I followed up with him because my guides told me too — and I told him my idea because I felt guided too.  I do like talking to him when we chat.

So maybe this was just him not following up because he didn’t have any idea of what to do with me and was just letting it be.

And there I was contacting him again and look how quickly he followed up.  Like, immediately.

So I’m going to chock the whole thing up to my fear.

Maybe self-sabotage?

Maybe not fully going for it?

Holding back, waiting for others to pursue me?

I’m not sure, but I felt like I should acknowledge this since it’s been in my mind.

I think the reason why it came up was because

1 – I sent him my treatment yesterday.  My mind was saying — why would you do that if you know you might not hear from him again?

2 – I sent it because I have paperwork marking that we spoke.  That I documented and protected the work.  And it’s totally based off of ME.

So I felt safe to do it.

I also feel that if he’s interested then he’ll get in touch with me immediately.

He’ll follow it up.

I mean, who wouldn’t – – if you’re interested.

So I’m positive, I’m holding the energy (and better than last time because I’ve had time to ground the energy and be better focused) — and I’m continuing on.

So I would say, well, what’s the next step?

And I really don’t know.

Today’s Tuesday and I’m a bit tired, feel it’s time for me to take some time off today – and I will rest.

Yesterday was a big energy day speaking to him and putting myself out there – and I know that counts in the spiritual scheme of things, as far as going for my dreams.

So it’s all good.

I also know that this time — as in IN THE NOW – it’s key for me to daydream.

Daydream about the next steps from here.

Guide the way.

And just as confirmation — I did this, as in set my intention before I went into the jeweler today and got $300 for some jewelry.  That was exactly what I was setting my sights on.  More than $250.

So that was nice.

Thank you!  (for both things and your guidance)

Also I must say, I looked back over the notes I had on here from the last time I spoke to this TV exec — which was a bit over a month ago, and I feel soo good about how much I’ve changed, developed and the direction I’m going.

I’m in the process of getting my own tv show!! This is a really great day!
(but yes, could be better!  envisioning him contacting me to meet with his boss to work out the deal and sign the contract) — yes, I’m ready!! 🙂