May 12, 2013

So after I swam some laps I realized — again, how I don’t like Florida.

I’m not sure if it’s Florida as a whole or just where I’ve lived in Florida and the people I’ve met.

I just feel like I’ve outgrown this place.

I don’t like where I’m living… don’t like the people.

I feel like most of them are in poverty mindset and there are a lot of older men and just weird people in my complex, I’m just not feelin’ it.

I want to move out of here.

I also don’t feel this is where the action is.  That’s why I was considering moving further south from where I am — more into Miami.

But the truth is, I want to be in LA.

I’ve thought about going back to NYC too, but for me I’ve already been there (for most of my life) and the pull is real strong to LA.

I’m ready for it.  I want it.

I had the thought to not inform my management company about renewing my lease — and the thought came to me when I got notice from them (you need to give them 60 day notice if you are leaving.. and that means by the 18th I need to tell them) that probably by June or July I’d be moving out to LA and then would just pay whatever extra I needed to to release myself from the lease.  Be done with it.

That was a nice update since I didn’t know what was going on with that.

Another thing that is in progress.  That is working behind the scenes for me.


So I don’t want to tolerate Florida anymore.  I also want to be in a place (LA) where I can go to casting calls and meet execs and work out deals.  This is something I regularly talk to my angels and guides.. and ascended masters, etc about and ask for help with.