What’s the Difference Between “The New World” and “The New Earth”?

There are now two dimensions available to live on here on Earth – 

The New World and the New Earth.

Watch this video to learn how to:

1) Transform the New World Order

2) Get Your FREEDOM

3) Step into Your POWER.

Recorded May 2021

You don’t get freedom by rebelling or by having guns, you get your freedom by stepping into higher levels of consciousness.

There has been a massive transformation on Earth.

And now there are two different dimensions available (to live on) for the human race.

Which world are you living in?

What world do you want to live in?

“The New World” vs “The New Earth”

“The New World” is all about control, pain, suffering, fear and corruption.

This is the world of lower consciousness.

It’s the world you are living in if you have not done your (deep) internal healing work.

You don’t know how you truly are – you don’t know your True Self, and you walk around with anxiety, sadness, loneliness, anger, frustration, resentment, and fear.

You also are in the “New World” if you are submitting to the mask mandate, getting the covid tests, the rules put down by government on how to run your business and your life, as well as have gotten the vaccine.

You have not done your internal healing work. You haven’t yet cleared your mental, emotional, and childhood wounds. And you have not healed all the ways you’ve been programmed by your family, friends, society, and the media.

“The New Earth” is all about love, happiness, community, expansion, living your best life, and your dreams coming true.

This is the world of freedom.

The New Earth is the place you enter (through your consciousness) when you have done your (deep) internal healing work.

You know your True Self, and you walk around being who you truly are.

You are “loud and proud” of who you are.

And you are fully in your power.

You have arrived — been granted entry to “The New Earth” — because you have cleared your mental, emotional, and childhood wounds.

You have done the work of healing your anger, anxiety, sadness, loneliness, frustration, resentment and fear.

You don’t wear a mask.

You don’t take covid tests.

You don’t give your temperature.

You don’t do anything you don’t want to — you are in total control of yourself and you are living in freedom.

You have created the life you love and are living your dreams.

“The New World” is filled with complainers and victims.

People who are unhappy about their life and about the state of the world.

“The New Earth” is filled with people who love their life.

People who are fully expanded, who are in their power, who are creators,

and who are here to serve the world.

Which world are you living in?


Which world do you want to live in?

Both worlds are available to you now,

but you must do your internal work to clear out all your internal gunk

and illusions (brainwashing)

to get access to the higher realm.


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