December 2019:
Zeke returns to assist The Love Guru step into the next phase of her Divine Mission.

The book contains healings, activations and initiations to assist you, too,
in stepping into the next phase of your mission too.

Read THE MISSION as It’s Written!

Prologue – 22 Pages – Instant Download.

My star brother, Zeke is back and he’s helping me (and you) on the next phase of my (your) Mission. This book starts out discussing some dark energy I encountered, how I got through it, how I came out stronger, and the next phase of my Mission is revealed. The prologue is packed with teachings and lessons about dark energy, how to recognize it, how to avoid it, how to clear it, as well as how you can step into the next phase of your mission too!

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Have You Read Book #1 in The Alien Series?!


In March 2014, aliens contacted me. More specifically, his name is Zeke. I did not get kidnapped. I was not hurt or abused. It was a very friendly and respectful visit that lasted one year. It was an awareness, a feeling, a conversation, an experience in this space-time-reality. One day, it just happened. I did not go out looking for it although in retrospect, I realize there were some specific things I did that opened this connection. During the first two weeks of this experience, which is share in this first book, I learned many things about aliens, time travel, shapeshifting, and Indigos. This is now what I am making available to you. The information shared in this book is 100% true!

All sales are final. No refunds.

  • Your purchase includes exclusive access to 5+ videos (approx 5 hours) that The Love Guru made during her first few weeks of connecting with her star family. The footage is real, raw and insightful! 
  • This book contains sexuality. If you’re not comfortable with sexual energy and encounters, this book is not for you.
  • This is the unedited version. This book is being edited now, but Zeke encouraged me to put the unedited version back on my website to make it available to those seeking this information.
  • The book will be emailed to you as soon as you purchase. Check your spam folder if you don’t see it within 10-30 minutes after purchase.
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The Love Guru’s Books are Healing Books.

They are encoded with energy, insight, spiritual guidance, and wisdom that awakens, heals and helps you shift and change.

All this simply by the act of reading them and thinking about them. On one level, you can read her books as if they are a delightful story. But if you would like to take the teachings and healing further, then start applying the teachings into your own life (and use the book as a self-help, dating/relationship guide.

To do this, it’s suggested that you journal about your thoughts and feelings throughout the book, as well as the experiences that are sparked within you, and how you can relate them in your life, while you are reading her books. Enjoy the books for the fun of it, and enjoy the expansion of your consciousness for enlightenment.

Stay Connected

Many Awakened Warriors (Indigos) have been solo creatures on their journey. But now it’s time for us to re-unite. Join together. Build. And fight.

But not fight in an old school way of behaving, where people yell, scream and complain. We are fighting by joining our energy.

Joining our resources. Joining our vibration. Joining our insights. And creating new outlets. New ideas. New communities.

To clear out the old paradigms. Let’s join together. Join THE ALIEN NETWORK.