WARNING: If you are deep in the matrix, meaning that you believe everything that those in authority tell you, then this article can be potentially triggering. If you are comfortable in your little bubble and don’t want the illusions of your world to crumble down, then don’t continue reading. But if you are seeking answers and truth, you’re in the right place.

We live in a world filled with propaganda and lies.


We’re told there are “invisible enemies” out to get us.

Every few years this takes a different form.

Do you really think so many people are out to get Americans?

Come on now.

Think about this.

This isn’t truth.


Year after year, one lie is built upon the next.

When this happens, humans get confused.

Humans end up having a really hard time deciphering fiction from what is true.

This is because humans get so deep in the brainwashing, the indoctrination, the programming that they don’t know what to do.


Humans go into mental fatigue.

That’s what happens when your mind has been completely messed with.

You get really confused.

You’ve been turned around and around that you don’t know what to think.

This happens even though deciphering truth from lies is our natural state — our natural ability.

But when your mind has been so fucked with, as it has, it’s hard to recognize truth when it’s right in front of your eyes.


It’s a dizzying experience when you’re constantly lied to.

Have you ever been in a romantic relationship like this?

You have a partner who shares with you one lie after the next.

You know he or she is lying, but you also feel so confused as to what is happening because you know he or she likes you and you can’t figure out why he or she is acting like that.

It’s confusing to your mind and disturbing to your Soul.

You end up feeling emotionally exhausted all the time.

And continue to be in a state of feeling super confused.


You end up checking out. Giving up. Going into denial or some other passive state.

It’s easier this way.

Too much energy to ground yourself.

To find the truth.

Your mind is not ready for it yet.

You can’t emotionally take it.

You’re just so confused, you don’t know what to do.

This shows up in each of our lives individually, as well as collectively as a whole.

This confusion, this “checking out,” this mental fatigue, and emotional flip flopping needs to stop now.


Now is the time to re-connect with your humanity.

Now is the time to re-connect with your true state.

You need to start questioning and being curious about the world again, like you did as child.

You need to do your own research.

You need to think!

There are memorials built to honor those who’ve gone to war and died.

These people are deemed as glorious heroes.

But are they?


Or were they just victims of mind control and programming that put them into a slumber, made them go to sleep, and do whatever they were told?

Are there really any enemies out there?

Or are the real enemies the ones who told us there is a reason to go to war?


You need to stop the way you have been functioning and start questioning everything.

You need to spend some time wondering about things you have been told and question if they are really real or if they are fake.

You need to spend some time researching.

(Although good luck with that because we now live in a heavily censored world. This blog is a good place to learn.)

You need to spend some time thinking for yourself.



Collectively, we need to STOP following orders and think for ourselves about what we’re doing and if it’s right.

We need to start asking WHY?

We need to ask for some proof.

We need to demand the truth.


What you have been told are lies and fairytales.

You have bought into the thought that we have leaders who are out for your highest good.

They are not.

I know it’s sometimes disturbing to think about these things, but it’s time to look at these things and you must do this now.


There are marathons and memorials to raise money for those with cancer and other diseases.

We’re told there are no cures.

But guess what?

All of this is bullshit too.


Do your research.

Ask questions.

Think for yourself.


What you have been told since the time you were very young is simply not true.


Memorial Day, Non-Thinking Humans and Other Lies

recorded may 24, 2020

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