May 20, 2013

The last few days it’s been in and out of my mind – the blessing of not being in LA.

The gift of being in South Florida.

You see for years I’ve thought about — and then more seriously thought about moving to LA — to be in Entertainment, to go for it. To be where the action is.  I still am looking forward to that, being surrounded by creative people living and going for their dreams.

But lately I’ve been realizing, with this experience with the TV exec, that if I was in LA and around that energy that I may have done this deal…. been working towards this deal – my TV deal differently.

You know, going for anything that’s thrown my way as my opportunity to get into the field.

Chasing after the money.

Chasing after people.

Whereas now, here in South Florida and in my own energy, in Spirit’s energy, and my truth, I’m tapped into what I desire and the power and the knowing that I’m going to make this happen for myself, regardless if I pair up with this exec or someone else.

This is my dream and I’m going to make it happen and the knowing that I will attract in the right people to work with me.

People say that people play games in LA.  That people are fake.  And of course we attract whoever anywhere, but I know that certain places have certain energy.. just like here in South Florida there’s an old man vibe who check out younger girls and think that this is normal and okay. It’s not.

So anyway, I may have gotten frustrated being out there.  Being in that energy of wanting it so badly to happen – annoyed by responses from people, etc… having it all around me.  Whereas being here, in this safe space, my own space, and really connected to nature, I’m good.  I’m connected to peace and truth and the knowing that it will happen when it’s meant to happen — with the connection to Spirit and myself to always tap into what I desire.

Thank you.