July 3, 2013

Dearest Blaire,

Speak to those who can hear you in your videos.

You have been focusing on “converting” people, this is your natural tendency to go towards — it was how you were raised to be when you were growing up, with your family — your parents.

This was a pattern you’ve repeated.

This is not longer needed.

So when you do a video and post a video based on “does Zimmerman trial make you angry?”

That is falling on deaf ears.

Your people are not angry and unaware of it.

If they are angry they are aware of it, and they know it.  They maybe want to heal it.  Get rid of it.  They don’t want to be like that.

Those who are angry and are proud to be angry are not looking to get rid of that anger — for that is their power.  And that is okay.

It is not your job to wake everyone up.

It’s actually not your job to wake up ANYONE.

It is just your job to educate and bestow healing to those who desire it.

What that means, is to talk to those who can hear you.

Talk to your people.

The people who sing the same tune as you.

The people who have open minds.

The people who are open to awarenesses.  Who are wondering why things like this happen.

Just share your thoughts on the trial.  As you see them.  And those who tune in to hear your thoughts, will be awakened by your awarenesses.

This way, it’s not a you vs me thing — and it’s not a resistance because she is trying to convert me…  she’s telling me I am wrong.

Instead, it’s a mere sharing of your opinion.

When you do this you are more likable and you attract more people.


… okay, thank you.

I made this video below right before I wrote this information out.  I was guided to share my commentary, although it did go a little bit long and maybe a bit confrontational / judgmental still.

This is good learning.  Thank you.


And just a few minutes after I posted this video, and just a few views, someone already commented.

“It’s good to hear someone using civilized logic. What the nation is dealing with is the self-induced jungle mentality living among a people who enjoy peacefulness. It will only get worse.”

That tells me I’m on the right path.  I’m going to continue with commentary at jury breaks.  Do my own reporting.  I felt like a “real” reporter when I was making this.  Like I was there with authority, in a powerful position.  Thank you.