May 14, 2013

So I got off the call with the TV exec and I was on a super HIGH.  I was on a high the whole conversation, sparks flying, loads of passion, motor mouth.  One idea after the next.  One thing to share after the next.  It was FANTASTIC!

It was past 8PM, I had another call to jump onto and then all of a sudden it was 9:30/10PM and I still hadn’t eaten and I was super charged.

I walked Magic around the block, enthusiastically talking aloud to myself and my Spirit Friends about how great life is and how great the call is and how much I am in love with it all.

I was also coming up with more ideas to share with this guy.

“Frantically” thinking about what kind of show I want to do.

And Spirit kept saying to me, slow down little lady.  Ground yourself, celebrate this fabulous call you just had, celebrate stepping into the life of your dreams.  We’ve wanted this good for you too, we want you to have it all — and you can and you will.  (Like all of us if you go for it)

I couldn’t calm down, couldn’t connect with nature, even though Magic and I kept walking and walking.  So much to think about!  So much excitement!

And then again, “resist the urgency” came as a message again, this time through a guides card deck I have.

Slow down, let this guy present ideas to you, ground yourself.

I had thought about emailing this guy some more ideas.  Some questions.  Hyper energy.

But again, it was “no” – resist the temptation.

There is no urgency.  Retreat into nature and into yourself, like you’ve been feeling the urge to right now — to ground and take in more of this energy, to build yourself.

Let it come to you.

Let your Higher Wisdom be revealed, give it time, sit in the stillness.

Yes, I am doing that.

This, I have learned is how I level out the energy, ground it into my body, to be able to take in a higher and higher vibration and state of being.  HELL YEA!