Got Questions about Covid, the Matrix, and/or Other BS Happening in the World?

Want to know the truth?

This session is for you, if you have questions about covid, the vaccine, the matrix, The New World Order, and all things related – you want to know the truth.

There is tons of misinformation and disinformation out there (by the government, the media, and the truther community) and it’s hard to decipher what is real from what is fake. Plus so much of the truth is censored.

This is the work I do.

I can help you.

I will break it down for you.

Answer your questions and share resources with you, so you can go down the rabbit hole* or go even deeper from what you’ve already explored.

The ultimate goal?

To help you break out of the illusions of this world.

To clear away the lies.

To assist you in exiting the matrix.

* rabbit hole – the interesting, weird, bizarre, and very intriguing world of looking for and finding the truth. Information you’ve never heard before that tantalizes the mind, stirs the Soul, and makes you want more.

Sessions with me are interesting, informative, and enlightening.

You’ll Learn more than you would in years of research and study.

Besides, everything is censored these days or part of the agenda, so it’s nearly impossible to find anything worthwhile.

Schedule an “I’ve Got Questions” Session

60 minute Phone Session or Zoom

Sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Session happens through the phone or zoom (audio, international clients)

Once you sign up

You are expected to come to the session with specific questions.

Quick turnaround. Book your session today, have your session in the next few days (based on availability)

During session, we may discuss difficult topics that may cause you to experience uncomfortable thoughts or feelings, such as anger, rage, sadness, confusion, helplessness, or hopelessness. Sessions are intended for educational and entertainment purposes only, and does not serve as a substitute for legal advice, physical health advice, therapy or other mental health wellness advice. Blaire Allison LLC, its employees, members, and affiliates are not licensed to practice therapy and as such, this event does not serve as a counseling session, but rather serves as an invitation for self-reflection and offers ideas to start a journey of personal and spiritual growth. Participants should seek professional support from a licensed therapist if they are experiencing harmful or life-threatening thoughts about themselves or others, or if they are experiencing forms of severe emotional distress.

Session is paid for before the session is scheduled and is nonrefundable. If you choose to stop session or leave the session before or during the period of time when the sessions are taking place, you agree to have forfeited your right to be reimbursed in part or in whole.

Bring To Your Session:
A notepad and a pen to take notes. (No recordings of the sessions allowed – Spirit’s orders). Because sessions are healing, make sure you drink a lot of water during the session as well as afterwards. This will help you clear blocks and process emotions.

Cancellation Policy:
All sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable and your session must be scheduled and take place within 14 days of purchase date, otherwise you forfeit your purchase and no refunds will be given. Please note: this is 14 regular days, not business days. For example, if you purchase your session on June 1, your session must take place by June 14th, unless I am unable to fit you in for a session during this time span. You are allowed 1 reschedule of your session date, otherwise your session will be forfeited and no refunds will be given.

Not a Substitute for Psychological or Medical Treatment:
The information, products, and services provided on the Site and by the Company are for general interest in spirituality and entertainment purposes only; nothing herein is intended or implied to serve as medical, therapeutic, or psychological advice, treatment or services. Company is not responsible for decisions made by Client as a result of the intuitive, coaching or healing work and any consequences thereof. The work the Company provides is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or psychiatric diagnosis, treatment, or advice. Company does not provide medical, health, or psychotherapy services. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified mental health professional with any questions you have regarding your mental health situation or medical condition. That is the only way proper psychological or medical advice can be provided. Never disregard professional mental health advice, medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have heard, read or seen on the Love Guru website or in products, sessions, programs or information provided by Blaire herself. If you suspect that you have a health or therapeutic issue, please consult a licensed doctor, therapist or counselor. If you are having an emergency, call 911. 

Preparing For Your Session:
To get ready for your session, grab your journal and write down all the questions you have about covid and things related. This session runs on your questions, so come prepared. And of course, when I answer your question, it’ll be a back and forth discussion. One question will most likely lead to 10 million more questions. I am glad you are curious.

After Your Session:
After your session, take it easy, and drink a lot of water to clear the toxins that were released and help you process the information and energy that came through. It’s suggested that you stay away from socializing and loud music for the rest of the day. Rest, draw, sing. Your body may need to release, so if it has to, let yourself cry. Stay away from drugs, alcohol, tobacco/marijuana or pharmaceuticals (if you can do without). It’s best that you look at the time after your session as a special time just for yourself. Bask in the energy that you just received and process all that was shared. Journal. Listen to soothing music. Sit in silence. Look at candles burning. Think. Be. Go to sleep early that night and for the next few days as you may need more hours of sleep. This is all normal. For the next few days, be easy on yourself because things are shifting within you. After a day or two has passed, read over your notes. This will take the healing and manifestation work we did together further. In between sessions, journal about the information that was shared and do the exercise(s) that Spirit suggested.