June 24, 2013

When I was out on my walk with Magic the TV exec I spoke to weeks ago kept coming to mind.

He’s actually been on my mind several times but I was resisting it.

Making up reasons why I didn’t think he’d be a match for my work.

But today my guides kept on saying him in my head.

And when I thought about it more — why was I doing this run around with getting sponsors for a car, hotels, etc — when again, the main thing is I want my tv show.

That’s number one.  I don’t need to put this on the backburner.

And I don’t care to do the website.  Of course I can do it and write about it — but it’s TV time for me.

The idea to pitch this idea of my road trip came to mind.

So I wrote an email to the tv exec.  Made sure I was clear that this idea I would get creator credit on it, consulting producer and talent.  That’s important to me.

Then I went for a walk to the supermarket.

Best to clear my mind.

Praying to my guides and other Spirit Friends that if any time I need them, this is it — of course, if this is in the highest good for all.  I kept emphasizing “now” is the time I need these things to happen.

Then throughout my walk, it kept coming to mind that I think I wrote “supervising producer” rather than consulting producer.

Did I really write that?

When I got home an hour later I checked my email — and they were right, I did write supervising producer – and that was incorrect.

So I wrote another email clarifying it was consulting producer and then immediately my phone rang.

LA calling.

And it was him 🙂

That’s quick.  And thank you guides.

He was ready to hear my pitch.  (now that’s service)

I had to call him back in 2 minutes since I had just gotten in and felt like I was going to pass out cause it’s so hot out….  we joked about that.

In any event, we had a good conversation for about 40 minutes and I pitched him my new idea (road trip) and the other tv idea I had that I was holding onto, not sure what to do about these days — put it on the backburner while I figured out my road trip plans.

The conversation went well and I forwarded him my treatment after we got off the phone.

He said he’d read it and let me know.

That’s awesome.

And then I got off the phone and almost instantly got a migraine.

Left side this time.  Wow, terrible.

I keep telling myself that this is in g-d’s hands.  Spirit is taking care of this for me and I can trust them.

And that’s the way it has to be.

I still have the headache.

I’m off the computer for the rest of the night.

I almost feel exhausted — like I can go to sleep right now too.  And it’s only 7:23PM.

You can be sure I’m praying tonight.

Going to walk Magic and sit outside in the full moon moonlight and watch the sun go down — rest — relax — meditate — pray.

It feels like it’s happening now…

I started to re-read the treatment and it’s real good.

This is it.

And I’m ready.

Thank you.