January 19, 2013

Tonight I had a hot date with Barnes and Nobles.  Since I started writing my 3rd book I have been getting the urging to do some research on the marriage / relationship / enlightened / healing relationships market.  I had put it in my calendar as something for me to do on Friday (yesterday), today or tomorrow.

I’m on a role with this book and I do feel (maybe I shouldn’t be speaking about it…) that it’s going to be ready to be pitched soon and will be on the market even sooner.

Tonight was the night.  I felt motivated.  It was kind of late already (7:30PM) 🙂 but I wanted to go….

Got dressed (was in my PJs all day writing, boy does the time fly!) and headed out.

As a surprise, there was a book signing tonight.  This guy named Brad Meltzer.  I’ve never heard of him but in looking at the crowd that showed up for him, he was someone special.

I was amazed.

I had never been at a book signing before.  It took my breathe away.

I walked up to his table area and watched him greet people, sign their books, and take pictures with them.

Tears welled up in my eyes.  A huge lump in my throat.

Blaire, this is going to be you…. are you ready?  Get yourself ready.

I had chills throughout my body.  I’m walking through B&N checking out the scene and the crowd.  My tears are all watery, I’m trying to keep it together, I want to let it out.  I want to hysterically cry, I try to compose myself.

I see they give people a post it note so he can write their name correctly.

Okay, check.

He seems to be writing a lot, not just his name.

Okay, check.

I see him greeting people, like old friends who have caome out to support him.

How sweet.  Check.

I see his daughter sitting besides him.  She keeps looking at me.  I’m sure she can tell I’m emotional.  I feel like a fool crying over seeing an author I don’t even know at a book signing.

What am I going to do at my own book signing?  The wave of emotions are so overwhelming.  I’ll be crying through all of it…  How am I going to keep it together?

Imagine all these people here, waiting in line to see me.  To have me sign their book.  Oh my g-d, this is amazing.

How do you become a best selling author?  I read the back of his book cover and looks like he’s had quite a few best selling books.  He’s on TV and involved in many different projects.  Aww, my dream.  I don’t know him but I already admire him.

No coincidence I was there tonight during this book signing.  My guides wanted me to see it.  To experience it… and I thank them.

I am ready for this, I am so ready.  Yes, please bring it.  I am ready to step into my future.  I am ready to do this.  All of this.  Thank you.