July 2, 2013

I wanted to write yesterday but was too tired.

Way too tired.  So much so that I got a headache towards the end of the Zimmerman trial, around 5/6PM.  Terrible.

I was also having a battle yesterday.  Not major, just some discomfort.  Here I was spending so much time in front of the computer, eyes glued to the trial, and what else was I doing with my life?

Again, it’s anxiety brought on by money.

What are you doing to make money?

When then I was reminded by Spirit this morning — that money comes from Source, not your job.

So, what?

This again?

Okay.  There’s my focus on job / being productive and making money — getting the tv job again.

I mean, come on, what else am I supposed to do?

So I said to Spirit, you have been providing me money – yes, thank you.  But it’s always been “just enough” — can you provide it loads of money?

1/2 a million dollars of money from you?  Not my job?

That’s an open ended question and I’m waiting for the answer.

Today I was able to wake up at 6AM, no problem (since I went to sleep so early) — I actually really like being up so early, you get a lot done and no one’s up, it’s beautiful walking around when life is so still.

And then I did work on my Couples Intimacy Program — enough work to quiet my mind, so I’m being “productive” as it relates to Love Guru — and I ended up making three videos so far about the Zimmerman trial.

I’ve been really inspired. And it re-birthed the idea of being a paid TV correspondent giving my take on things.  I used to dream about that position for months when this blog just started (do you remember?)

Well, we’ll see what happens with both of my tv dreams.  I try to keep spirits up and positive… otherwise I’d go crazy in waiting for it to all happen.

Also, a thought came to mind yesterday that these hours spent waking up, getting dressed and ready for Zimmerman trial are getting me ready to be up, get ready and work in TV.

I’m not used to having set times, nor am I used to working for long hours — like I am in watching the Zimmerman trial and commenting throughout.

Let’s do a channeled message….

“Dearest Blaire, you are right.  Zimmerman trial is preparing you for your tv job in two ways, maybe more.  Let’s cover them.

First off, it’s getting you up early.  Which is really not early, it’s considered normal working hours.  These are the hours you would do for TV, assuming you took a shower, ate and had sometime to journal, enjoy yourself and walk Magic… which we assume you would do all of the above.

Second, it’s putting you in a place that you are “on call” and “alert” – to listen, make comments and be in the interaction.  When you watch Zimmerman trial it’s not like you are laying back and watching a TV show, you are fully engaged.  So in many ways, it is like you are already working in TV commentary.  That’s exactly what you are doing with your videos.

And Third, you are practicing teaching your work to a mainstream audience.  How does one present spiritual thought — get attention — get noticed — and teach — really make a difference to a non-spiritual / practicing audience?  Well, this is how you are learning — alternating – -editing — changing, along the way.

And one more, Fourth, you are keeping your vibration high.  Do you realize how happy and passionate you are in watching and commenting on this trial?  You are loving it.  LOVING IT.  That’s passion. And when you are loving something and in passion — you draw more of the same to you.

So here’s what you are to do.

Start appreciating more all what this trial is giving you.

Keep an intention in mind of where you want to be going (aka, tv job.. you already do that)

And then allow us to work on your behalf.  Allow space for us to work our magic.  That is a fallacy that you need to keep sending out videos, emails, making contact, etc with TV professionals — just keep doing what you are doing, until you get a message from us — your inner knowing — to do something different.

And enjoy!

You are still too restricted and we would like to see you play more with all you are experiencing.

You’ve been asking for changes for a long time and now you are experiencing them — so play, create, and be in WONDER about where it takes you.

We will guide you every step of the way.”

Here are the videos I made today so far.  It was two videos, actually.