May 18, 2013

Magic was a bit sick this week, for a day – he threw up and his stomach was making a lot of noises.

I felt bad for him.  Real bad.  He’s real sensitive to my energy – and although I’ve told him a million times not to pick up my energy and that I can process things in my own, I see that he still does try to help me.

This week I was processing things about TV.  I also have my expo coming up as well, that’s gotten me full of emotions.  But the main thing has been about TV.

I’ve noticed a lot of my worries that have to do with him.

Where will my TV show be filmed?

Will we be going out to LA?

How can I get him out to LA with me?  I don’t want to fly with him in the plane, under the cabin.

Is he too big / heavy for in cabin?

Do they allow dogs on Miami to LA flights?  Who knows?

What about my car?

Will Magic and I drive out there?

How will I do the 48 hour drive?

All these worries…

Then there were worries about being away from him for shoot days for so long.

There was so much stuff that came up surrounding him.  My love.

He is my love and he’s very important to me.

It’s not like I get a TV job and throw him with some doggie daycare.

Which by the way, I don’t have a sitter that I really know and trust and love to watch him…

That concerns me too.

Will he be allowed to be on set?

What if we do another location?

I could suggest a tropical location and then Magic and I could take a cruise over there.

Would they allow dogs on a cruise line?

These things I don’t know.

So much worry — and yep, he picked it up.

One step at a time.  I wrote down all my fears and will just go from there to process them and keep them moving out of my system.  Thank you for showing my fears to me.  Thank you.