June 25, 2013

So after I got off the phone with the TV exec yesterday I lost total interest in driving out West.

Not interested in it AT ALL anymore.

That’s it.


Now, this may be because I need to take a day of rest.

Once again I’m grateful for my massage today… 1 hour to go ­čÖé

Or it may just be because I want the TV thing more.

There’s more fun and excitement there… and maybe driving out West was my way (again) of avoiding/hiding from my divine mission.

Not feeling I was ready, etc.

But since I spoke to him yesterday I’ve been feeling 100% confidence and ready for this.

And that’s what I’ve been telling Spirit too.

And look how quickly that door opened.

I sent him an email that I wanted to speak with him about my idea — and BAM! ┬áInstantly he called me.

That was incredible!

Thank you so much Spirit for that!

Im ready to move forward with this tv show now. ┬áI’m ready to work out a deal, sign the contracts and start filming.

I’m ready to do this now.

Yes — and thank you!