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Lessons I Learned From Being Homeless

TV Show

About Lessons I Learned From Being Homeless TV Show:

In May 2022, Blaire found herself suddenly homeless. Being in a new state with no friends or family, she set out on an adventure bouncing from town to town, staying in hotels, motels, a camping ground, a dirty abandoned warehouse, and even her storage unit. After close to a year of this, Blaire started perfecting her creation abilities and started manifesting houses on million dollar and multi-million dollar properties that were 50 acres and larger. She has just been given 30 days notice and must do it again. Using the lessons she learned from being homeless, Blaire shares her wisdom with viewers on how to get through hard times, while taking them on her adventure to find a new home.

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Lessons I Learned From Being Homeless Trailer

Episode 1: Cycles of Our Lives (48 minutes)



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Episode 2: When The Crisis Hits (26 minutes)



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