I’ve been talking about the corruption happening in our world and leaders who are out of integrity for a long time.

Check out the cute video of me below from 2013.


The corruption that many of us are seeing very clearly right now is nothing new.

It’s been going on for a long time.

But most people just ignored it.

Didn’t want to be bothered with it.

Felt they couldn’t do anything about it.


Corruption in politics is nothing new. Neither is corruption in the media.

Many of us have known this and even those who don’t pay much attention to this stuff knew it too.

Yet, we let it continue.

We let it persist.


When you let dark energy continue, it grows.

This happens with anything that is not going right in your life.

If you don’t take care of that “dark energy” — that “corruption” — that “dirty energy” — it’ll grow and grow until it’s right in your face, unbearable and must be addressed.


This is exactly what we’re seeing happening in the world right now.

The darkness has grown to such a big and formidable strength, again, all do to our ignoring it, our ignorance, or us simply thinking that we had no power to fix it.

So now we have a big ol mess.

We’re experiencing civil unrest in America and chaos in many other countries too.

And now it’s turned into a huge spiritual war.


Just imagine if we had addressed this long ago.

It never had to come to this.

And moving forward, we’re going to have to constantly stay awake.

Paying attention to everything that is going on.

And not just ignoring it or complaining about it.


But when we see corruption happen, we speak out and we take action to uproot it and fix the situation. This is how an empowered person lives their life.

They don’t allow dark energy and bad situations to fester.

A good lesson for us all.

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The Awakened Warrior –

Leaders Who Are Out of Integrity

recorded august 23, 2013

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What To Do When Your Life is Out of Control

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Prepping, Protection and Survival for Spiritual People Who Like to Stay Positive

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You know how important it is to stay positive and upbeat. You also probably know that if you get too negative that you will attract bad things into your life. But with that said, there is chaos going on in the world. This is not negative thinking, it’s reality.

And you must prepare. Yes, you create your own world, but you are living on Earth and your reality is also effected by the humans who are around you.

This audio gives you insight as to what you should be doing right now to prep, protect, and survive what is currently happening in the world. This is not about fearful thinking, but instead it’s about giving you the tools, the clearings and healings to help you feel safe, in control, and empowered.

This audio focuses not so much on all the ins and outs of prepping and protection, although you will get tips on where to start and what to do, but the primary focus is on healing and clearing your programming, and your mental, emotional, and childhood wounds so you can properly take care of yourself.

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Get Educated, De-Programmed, and Empowered

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Get Educated About the New World Order

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