June 26, 2013

First off I just want to say that still — since I was on the phone with the TV exec a day ago — I still do not want to drive to LA.

I feel that phase is done with.  Over.  No longer interested — at all.

It’s really quite strange I guess.  I started making a website and all… which looks cute and no wonder why I was so confused over who I was making that website for.

But I will tell you, that website got me contacting that TV exec again and moving forward again with TV.

I will go into this in the next post, but wanted to share that with you here, because I am still amazed that that journey has no interest to me at all.  It was like it went into a big adventure — into no big deal at all — get on plane, get off plane and I’m there.

Hmm… I don’t know.  Oh well.  (Crazy too, cause I did all that work with magazines writing down contact info… that’s a bummer)  Well we’ll see what turns up.

For now I want to talk about this — It’s not about just being on TV.

This is what came up very clear after I got off the phone with the TV exec the other day.

He was saying something that he can’t say yes to the creator and consulting producer credit… which again I think is one of those weird comments.  That’s how I’m presenting / selling the idea, so… well, anyway.

I wonder if this guy’s role on a spiritual level is to be a catalyst to help me develop this idea by listening to me because he never seems to follow up afterwards 🙂  And each time I speak to him something new and more exciting develops.  I’ll write about this in one of the next posts…

Sorry, this is part news from yesterday that I am filing you in on…

So I realized that this is not about me just being on TV — I don’t think it’s ever been.

For me the consulting producer and creator role is crucial, because for me it’s about sharing a message with the world.  It’s about helping shape it — for the betterment of society.  And the way you have influence is not about being a puppet for what the producers have made up their mind for you to do and how they want it all to come across… but for me to have a voice in the making of the show and the presenting

That’s what gets me really excited — and I know that’s the role I am to play here too.

So that’s what keeps me really focused, it’s a dedicated to a deep mission of why I am here and what I am to do.

I love that about myself.  This passion and dedication to deep mission.  Really, really love that — and love how that came forward yesterday when I was thinking about this stuff even more.

Thank you!