March 20, 2014

I received an email today from someone who saw my interview with Lilou Mace talking about how I inspired them.

I also received a voicemail from one of my YouTube subscribers saying that I inspire him with the videos too and to keep going.

I also remember Lilou in her interview with me saying how she was inspired just listening to me, but in watching the edited video I see she edited that out of there.  I wonder why…

In any event, it really doesn’t matter why she edited it — the point here is I inspire people.

And this is part of who I am that I forgot about — or rather haven’t heard someone say in a really long time, since 2004 when I had the MarryBlaire website up.

I wonder why that is…

And I wonder why now people are saying it to me.

Well, actually I think I was getting it during the Zimmerman trial too… but somehow it feels different now, or maybe I notice it more now.

And this got me thinking — besides doing my Divine Mission for G-d and for humanity and because it’s what I committed to do before I incarnated, I see that I have to speak up and do what I am meant to do here on Earth — and again, keep speaking out and sharing my journey and how I see things — is because I am inspiring people.

And for some reason, this feels important.

Important to help them ignite their DIvine Mission too…

I’m not sure of all of this — as in the full meaning of all of this as it feels like there’s more significance to this that I’m not getting right now — but it’s a nice thought to think.

On related news, I saw my first BABY green iguana today.  That was really special.  I think significant too.  A baby — newness, freshness, a new beginning, excitement.

I feel good today.

Big difference from this morning and the last few days when I was feeling a lot of sadness — and not really sure why.. I think from processing all the Illuminati dark stuff I was being exposed to — as well as just being exhausted on this final stretch, final test of “do you really believe” and “will you really trust” that G-d has my back and will produce for me.. and do you really want what you say you have been wanting… that type of thing.

I realize that I’m going through an initiation now…

Just like I helped facilitate with my student last week.

Initiation for him.

Initiation for me.

That’s so special, I feel very blessed.

Thank you

Here’s my video from today…