Ohh, all the world is a stage and we’re merely actors and observers.

I’m sure I’m not getting that quote correct, but it’s what has been playing in my mind since yesterday.



Trump did a wonderful “performance” at the presidential debate on September 29th.

I don’t care about politics in the most people do because I know it’s all fake, but I made it a point to tune into the whole broadcast the day after. As I was watching it, I kept smiling because both Trump and Biden did such a wonderful “performance.” That was the word that kept coming to mind.



You see, I’m a psychic medium and one of the ways I get messages from Spirit is they highlight certain words to me and they direct me to watch or read certain things.

Case in point, I wouldn’t normally watch the debate because it’s all bullshit.

Not bullshit in the way you may think, as in a waste of time, or that “all politicians lie” —


“Bullshit” meaning that it’s all a performance, it’s all fake.

Many of our politicians are corrupt and puppets for the elite (cabal / deep state)

That’s why I don’t pay much attention to them. 

Because I don’t like people who are corrupt or fake.



So, first thing, Spirit told me to watch the debate.

Second thing, Spirit kept pointing out to me how they were doing such a wonderful performance.

I kept laughing at certain points with my guides at how ridiculous the whole thing was.

I also saw visions of the two guys and their families and others laughing afterwards, again, about how great their performance was.

They really hammed it up.



And now, just a few days later, we hear that Trump “has covid.”

That’s in quotes, because it’s another lie.

Funny again.

They’re playing most of society like a chump.



And so many people fell for it, hook, line and sinker.

Well done, cabal, well done.



But here’s the deal. We knew this was coming, or at least I did.

If you study the cabal (“conspiracy theories”) you learn how they work.



And one of the ways they work is they always, always, always tell you what they are going to do before they do it.

This is another thing that Spirit was guiding me to the last week or so — predictive programming about Donald Trump.

I was lead to several videos and articles.

When I was watching and reading these things, I did what I always do — think about it, sit with it, and ask my guides about it.

What stuck out to me was the date October 2.

The predictive programming had mentioned that Trump had died on October 2nd.



I’m not going to go into how to decipher predictive programming or even what that is, if you’re not familiar, in this article.

It’s way too much information to type out and for that you’re going to have to attend my classes (click this link or posted below) or get one or several of my audios where I talk about this stuff.

These are big and complex topics and time needs to be spent studying, learning and researching it, as well as discussion, which I provide all of that to help you digest the material and concepts which tend to confuse.



Another date of interest is October 30th/31st as well.

I think this is when Trump may “die” and exit stage left too.

Something important to note is that these are both dates of full moons.

October 31st is also a very significant date to the cabal – when they sacrifice a lot of children.

So “sacrificing” the president on this date makes perfect sense.

A perfect gift to Satan (which is the religion they practice).



I think this is how the cabal is x’ing out Trump and going to create the financial crash, total chaos, lockdowns and martial law.

Let me give you a quick summary of how I see events playing out.



Right now, those who wear masks and who have bought into this whole Covid farce are celebrating.

I’ve already seen posts on social media about this.

On how Trump was careless, how he was too cocky about covid not being a real threat, things like that.



The whole thing is ridiculous, because people are chomping at the bit at something again that is fake and it’s exactly what the cabal wants them to do.

Once again, this is how it goes when people are stuck in the matrix.

They buy into illusions and create material, news, etc. based off the lies.



The drama of “how sick” Trump is is going to play out for a few weeks.

They already shipped him off to the hospital for political theater.

And hey, it works.

Gets people stressed out, afraid, and all revved up.

(“Those stupid anti-maskers! What an asshole Trump was! How careless!”) LOL!



We’ll probably see reports of him in the hospital and maybe of him even on his death bed.

He’ll end up dying before the election.

People are going to go nuts (I have no idea why, but I think this is how it’ll play out)



Pro-Trumpers will be pissed that their beloved Trump is now dead.

They have no one to elect.

And it’ll be too late to find a replacement.



Those who bought into the QAnon movement will freak out too.

They’ll have their “Great Awakening” when they realize that actually no one is “draining out the swamp” and that indeed, they are fucked (oh no, you’ll have to save yourself!)



Then there will be anger and rage, sadness, frustration and despair and people will take to the streets.

Riots. (of course, mostly paid)

Total panic.

And financial collapse.

Which will justify bringing in the military and declaring martial law.

Which is just what they wanted from the start.


All of this is a game to the cabal.

They play with the minds of humanity and then harvest your anger, sadness, anxiety and fear.



Trump is going to have to die sooner or later.

He’s named to be “the last president.”

And this is how it’s planned to play out.


These are not a psychic prediction, although I am using my psychic gifts to decipher what is going on — all of this is based off of studying predictive programming and researching the cabal for many years. 

Everything the cabal does, they tell you they’re going to do it first.

To them, if you’re totally checked out and not paying attention to the signs, the symbols, and the messages they share with you and then you fall for their antics, then you’re looked at as dumb, brainwashed, a zombie, sheep and you then deserve to suffer and die too.

This is how they play their game.

It turns them on.


It’s called the culling of the herd.


Agenda 21.

Only the strong survive, for you are the superior race.



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