March 19, 2014

So today it’s become abundantly clear that I have questions to ask.

I read the article about Adam Lanza in the New Yorker this week — his father was interviewed and all it did was create more questions.

Questions that no one is asking.

Questions that I’m not getting answers to.

I’ve been watching for days — almost two weeks now about Hollywood and the Illuminati — and same deal, I have questions to ask.

I want to talk to these celebrities.

I want to sit them down and ask them about brainwashing, mind control, Illuminati, cloning and selling their soul.

I want to sit down with Hollywood professionals — movie makers — tv producers and ask them why all these Illuminati signs — and — terror false flags being alluded to in these productions months and years before things happen.

I need these answers.

I want to interview these people.

So this is a bit scary / dangerous work, I’m sure — but also I just need to know — and even more so, I am excited because I see how Spirit is (maybe) revealing more of what my divine mission is — what I’m to do.