May 17, 2013

So today I am heading to the mall.  For a few days I’ve been wondering about what my “TV look” is.  What would I wear on TV?

If I’m shooting over 3 months time, that means I need close to 90 looks! (3 months x 30 days)

What would be my look?

I don’t think I will be wearing high heels.  My old NYC look.  That sexy sharp look, with a tight skirt and high heels.

That was never my look, but when I wanted to look good I would get that NYC look going.

Now I’m more earthy.  Down to earth.

I love the picture on my banner (you saw my sign, it’s the same picture on my website) – very g-ddess like.  I felt sexy and powerful in that.. but if I’m in studios doing interviews that gets chilly.

So I need a look for in studio (chilly) — I usually wear pants… but I want sexy pants, like tight red ones… I used to have the perfect ones.  Will try to find this again…

I also need a look for out and about.

So this is what I’m doing today.

Rather than spending my energy “worrying” or “questioning” whether things will happen with this guy or not, there are things to do in between now and then.

And that’s to SHOP.

Look around, try things on.  Feel sexy and g-ddess like.

I want to have my specific look.

Not a look that everyone has.  Or one I do by default.  I want my OWN SPECIAL LOOK.

So this is how I am manifesting this now.

Bringing it forward.

After all this is what this time is for. The ebb and flow to things.  Busy doing stuff, making things happen, on deadlines from people….

And then downtime, the ebb, where I tap into myself (or you tap into yourself ) and you take care of other things that are related.

This is very much related.

It’s also something that very much brings things forward.

Thank you.