Warning: If you are a cop, this post may be upsetting to you. If you are quick to anger or rage, and have never done a day of self improvement and introspection in your life, I suggest you take a deep breath before you proceed or just stop reading now. Before you read this article, relax your body, make sure you are breathing easy, and know you are safe. No one is here to attack you, I am on your side. Have an open mind as you read. And, if you are not into self growth and becoming a better version of yourself, as well as looking at what’s really going on in the world, and how you are possibly operating within it, then it’s suggested you stop reading now.

I thought cops cared about protecting and serving.

I thought “cops are heroes.”

I thought “cops are brave.”

I thought “cops are here to help humanity.”

It ends up none of this is really true.


Maybe some cops have those traits, but over my year of trying to get through to cops to teach them about what is really going on in the world (no, it’s not the coronavirus, it’s the fraud surrounding it!) — these men and women in blue just don’t get it.

Most cops have no clue what the New World Order is.

Most cops have no clue as to the corruption, fraud, and lies that is going on related to the coronavirus.

Even when you spell it out to them, it still doesn’t register.



And I have a hard time understanding this, don’t cops specialize in fraud?

Don’t cops specialize in crimes?

Don’t cops specialize in criminals?

Don’t cops love “getting the bad guy”?

Don’t cops love solving a good mystery?

Or have I watched too many cop portrayals on TV and in the movies?!



I even had one cop define for me what “conspiracy” meant.

He seemed to understand that one.

Be really into it.

Yet, when I mapped out some of the conspiracies going on right now, he seemed to go blank.



What sort of mind-blanking, mind-altering jamba juice are they having cops drink at their precincts that they can’t see the crimes happening right before their eyes?



I decided to drop the new world order talk and go at the angle of the law with some cops.

Cops know the law, right?

This also ends up being not true.



They’re called “law enforcement” officers, yet they don’t know the law.


You’ve really stumped me with this one.

The general consensus is that cops seem to think that “executive orders are law”.

Cops also seem to think, or have forgotten, or never even knew civil rights laws — you know, like discrimination laws.

I’ve mentioned civil rights laws to several cops and the idea that you can’t discriminate against “people who don’t wear masks because of a medical exemption,” yet they still think it’s okay for a business to decide whether to serve a person or not.


“Executive orders don’t trump civil rights laws”

“Executive orders also don’t trump the constitution”



I’ve given cops paperwork with statues and codes.

They can do their own research, just like I’ve done.

But I doubt they will.

By the glazed over look in their eyes, I can see they’re totally checked out.



Cops claim they care about “freedom” and “America,” yet they’re doing nothing to preserve those things right now.

I guess they just like those “rah rah” slogans (brainwashing and programming) that has been sold to them about being a cop, rather than actually standing up and being loud and proud when humanity needs them.



It dawned on me that cops are not “law enforcement officers,” but really just “rule followers”

They do what they are told by their chief, by the governor, by the mayor, or by the president.

There’s no independent thinking or self empowerment there.

They just blindly follow what everyone else is doing or what they are told to be doing.


This is upsetting to me.

It’s disappointing.


I’d like to see cops get into their power,

become the brave warriors that they claim they are being,

and step into leadership positions where they stand up for what is right, no matter what

… Instead of just doing what everyone else is doing.

… instead of just doing what they are told to do.

… instead of waiting and watching others making positive changes in this world.


Cops, wake up! Take a good look in the mirror… What are you doing?

Is this really who you are?

Clueless as to what is going on in the world?

Powerless to make any positive changes?

Sitting by the sidelines, unable to do anything at all?



Cops, the world needs you now.

Humanity needs you now.

You need you now.


You’re supposed to be the protectors.

You’re supposed to be the fighters.

You claim you are warriors.


Learn how to stand up.

Get educated and empowered.

I can help you.

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