June 26, 2013

So I could go into upset or anger with this TV exec (I don’t feel that now, but I’m just saying I could have that attitude) — and I had it a little when he didn’t request another chat with me a month ago.

I was let down.

But if he’s not inspired with an idea and it’s not his path… then that’s fair.  And that’s exactly what I would want — someone to NOT get involved.

But now I see him in a different light.  It’s actually a new light JUST after the post I wrote before this.  Again, thank you so much to this blog… it inspires new thoughts all the time.  Thank you so much.

But before I could have seen him as a non-responsive dude.  Sending emails to the abyss — like I did yesterday when I sent him an email clarifying my idea and sharing more of my passion and purpose.

I could be upset that again he didn’t reply.  But I’m not.  For one, I’m being patient.  I’m told to do that by my guides.  I do think I am going to talk to him again…

But here’s the thing that makes me very excited.

Very excited and grateful for this guy…

First off, I spoke to him the first time (which let me say, that there is something karmic about us, I knew this the first time I was looking through his pictures and the way we get along on the phone / rapport) — but now I see him like this… a support during this process.  And a catalyst to get me where I’m going.

Let me share…

Well I spoke to him the first time and the idea — the inspiration – was sparked after we got off the phone to do research about creating this show.  About claiming that I wanted to have much more involvement than just being talent.  I knew this beforehand, but after speaking to him all these ideas came flooding in, as well as support — loads of support – from spirit for resources, etc on how to do it.

Before I had no clue.  Nor was I in that mind frame to find the information.

So bless him for that.

Support — because I picked up key things he was saying when he was talking.

And Catalyst – because the idea got SO MUCH BIGGER.

Almost overwhelming at first, the dream got so big.

But I adjusted.  Within the month, I adjusted and I acclimated to the energy.  Awesome.  Grateful for this!

Then  I speak to him on Monday (today’s Wednesday) — and he calls me right away when I ask if he’s around for my pitch (this was the pitch about my road trip…)

So that’s a support.  He said he called me because he wanted to hear my ideas.  He knows I am someone good — he obviously sees I’m making this happen and going places.

Okay, cool.

Then while on the phone with him – another great chat, which was fun and I really enjoyed — I became clearer about how it’s not about just being on TV for me… and also in checking in afterwards with myself, I became really clear that this is the idea I am pursuing.

The pitch I ended up sharing with him, about going big in one’s career and going for one’s dreams… this idea is solid.  This is what I am to move forward with.

(I checked in with Spirit a few times to confirm this — and this is where my heart is at)

So before, the first talk with him, I got the idea for this show (well I actually got this idea through a conversation — an email I was writing to a spiritual teacher) — but the development of that idea and the big vision came after that first call when I was able to think about things, brainstorm, etc.

Then after the second call with him I was clear that yes, this idea sticks.  He was suggesting I think of another idea, having to do with something with my road trip and love in the different states.

Good idea — I did get an idea with that,but when I checked in with my heart and my guides, that’s not what I want to do.

And that’s what came about from my second call with him.

So I know this is a long post, I am trying to sum it up — but I see this guy as a great support (because he takes my calls, talks to me, has his presence so I’m brainstorming, and he shares these things I pick up about the industry that really help my process) — and then I feel comfortable sharing my ideas and expressing myself.

And then, afterwards, new things open up.

And something new DID open up — yesterday.

Writing this post next. 🙂