May 28, 2013

Okay so let’s play with this idea.  It’s been in my head three times now with three different famous / Entertainment people that I’ve connected with online.

So imagine if I was their go-to person for help with relationship issues?

This would be fantastic.

I’d love it.

I’m thinking now this is my clientele.  Interesting, cause I’d also change “students” to the word “clients”

Hmm, isn’t that interesting.  That sounds bad.  It’s a power thing.  Hmm. Strange.

I see them as my equals whereas I see other people / every day people below me?  That’s terrible.  I feel like I should delete that from here.  But I’m going to honor my process and for you to honor your process.

But here’s the deal, I do feel I am teaching people.  I’m a teacher / people are students.

So why does it make wealthier people my clients then?

I’m still teaching them.  They are still learning.  People have gurus — and gurus call their followers students.  Yes, that still holds.

So anyway here’s a thought…

1)  These people can pay my prices and are happy to pay them.

2) I’m happy to give them private attention – more personal – exclusive – and they’d expect that anyway

3) they’re down for extended programs I offer, the retreats, which is what I love, rather than meeting with someone weekly for many weeks.  I think that gets boring to me.

So it’s what I’d like to do

And then that means I want to delete these new prices I just put up with monthly rates.  that seems silly now.


I just put them up there.  That was something I was inspired to do.  Or maybe it was fearful?  I don’t know.  Again, it was that thought of let me have options up there when I get big — cause I want people coming to my site to buy.

I’d like to make money from viewers as well as the network.  Create my empire.

I think it always goes back to wanting to work with high end clientele.  Offering a really nice luxurious experience.

There’s some people who offer expensive things and you don’t get anything extra by paying that price.  That’s my experience with many hair salons.  I had more but didn’t feel anything special.  I didn’t care about a tea or cocktail that was offered and the haircut was just okay.

But here I would be charging more and offering more.

I really do feel my work is worth a lot.  How I clear things up so quickly with people.

Anyway, the Guru to the Stars.  I love that.

I brought this idea up to the TV Exec… and here it is again.

I love it!

I would fly out to them on location.  Where they’re doing their projects.

I could meet with them in their homes for privacy.

I lvoe this idea.

Healer to the Stars.

Yes, I love it!

Please bring celebrity / Entertainment clients to me.

Please give me guidance on what to do.  That’s who I’d like to serve.

Yes, thank you.