May 18, 2013

This morning I finished watching Chely Wright’s documentary  — she’s a country singer and it took us through her journey of coming out.

The documentary was very touching.  I cried through parts of it.

She was incredibly brave, inspiring, wonderful.

And it made me think two things.

One – how hard it was for her to have all this popularity, all this fame, and how she was scared to death of revealing her true self.  Afraid what 8 million fans would say.

Two – it made me really grateful for my journey.  For doing all my truth telling and uncovering in the privacy of my own home, in a place which feels that no one has been watching.

I am so grateful that my coming up story will be one of me truly knowing myself.  Of course we are always going deeper, but I am grateful that this is a story of me creating conscious relationships right from the start.

Grateful that I didn’t end up in the public eye many years ago, when I wanted to be, etc doing on air stuff — because now I am firm in who I am and what I am teaching.  Rather than being molded by what people want, I will be sharing who I am and what I want, doing projects / creating projects that are of interest to me.

Feeling very grateful, thank you so very much for always watching over me and guiding and PROTECTING ME.

Thank you