April 17, 2013

So now for maybe the 4th day or more, I’ve had dreams of my family.  All of them in the same dream.  Even my Aunt and Uncle who I haven’t spoken to in years.  Really crazy.

So what am I to do with all of this?

The dream was me feeling like a total outcast.  Them looking at me weirder than ever.  Not knowing what my problem was.  Me feeling super angry and hating them even more as they sat there not knowing what I was even mad at, and looking at me like I was the freak.  In total denial.

Ahh, I think I know what this has to do with…

It’s my fears of stepping out…. maybe.

This past life stuff I’ve been thinking about and working through…

I guess my subconscious has been trying to figure out how to come to peace with all of this?

Or maybe it knows that big things are about to happen and I’m trying to get comfortable with it?

Not sure.  But thought I’d mention it.  Every single night, a new family dream.