June 26, 2013

The main issue I was having last night… and therefore blocking it with my limiting thoughts… was that where this guy works and where (I know) this station to be situated is in NEW YORK.

And New York isn’t where I want to be heading.

I want to be heading out to LA.

So this seems absolutely ridiculous today and that’s the beauty of processing things, growth and healing — cause you end up seeing the world differently and  your thoughts totally change.

But now I see that as no big deal.

It’s actually really good this guy’s in NY if he’s the one to help me pitch it to the MAIN network — cause NY is where the MAIN office is!!

That’s where the programming office is.  I’m pretty sure…

Unless they have a station for development on the West Coast…

But anyway….

And just because he’s pitching it in NY, doesn’t mean I have to be up there.

I can move out anywhere I want.  TV is TV and TV is EVERYWHERE.

This is so silly to me now — but that was the stopping point for me which made me unable to visualize ANYTHING having to do with that contact and new opportunity yesterday.

So now, right now — I need to say sorry to my guides, call in Ganesh to remove the blocks I may have laid by my subconscious thoughts in this whole scenario — to clear the path — and ask for Dana, Diana, and Michael, Metatron to help me receive this.

Then my assumption is this will email back…

Funny.  Grateful for the quick shift.  Thank you!!