This article may trigger you. It may challenge your current belief systems and change the way you see the world. If you are not open to new ideas and looking at things from a different perspective, it’s suggested you stop reading now. You’ve been warned.

During this Coronavirus Scamdemic one of the cabal’s main targets (keep in mind, we’re all targets at this point) has been the frontline workers, also known as “Coronavirus Heroes”

Because just as your title suggests, you’re on the front line.

This means, according to the cabal, you need to be nicely brainwashed.



But before I go on, I want to make sure we’re all on the same page:

Brainwashing means you tell someone something over and over again so when other information comes to them — truthful and accurate information — they can’t believe it.

In a way they are “immune” to even hearing anything else as true.

Other words for brainwashing are “programming” (which is the word I frequently use, for I am a de-programmer) and “indoctrination”.



Now why would they want to brainwash those on the front line?

The answer is quite simple.


Because you are here to help them implement their nefarious agenda.

And in order for you to help implement their nefarious agenda, they need you to behave.

To fall in line.

To keep your mouth shut.

To not pay attention.

To not ask questions.

To not betray your fellow brothers and sisters (who are officers, EMT, firefighters, doctors, or nurses).

To not cause waves.

To just do what you’re told.

To not be a whistleblower.

To not cause trouble.

To not get in the way.

To not be a problem.  



So to accomplish this objective, they’ll just tell you… and have others tell you… over and over again that you’re a frontline hero!

So for 7 months now, since March, we’ve seen these puke-worthy signs pop up all over the place.

“We Love Our Frontline Heroes!”

“A Hero Lives Here”

and so on.

Puke-worthy Propaganda by the Cabal

to Brainwash Police Officers, Firefighters, EMTs,

Nurses and Doctors during the Coronavirus Scamdemic

The Coronavirus has a 99% recovery rate.

This has been plastered all over the place.

It’s even on the Center for Disease Control’s website.

But because most frontline workers are so deep in brainwashing, programming, and indoctrination, they either haven’t seen these numbers, are totally unable to see them, or totally disregard them.



So instead of a majority of doctors, nurses, police officers, firefighters, EMTs, coming out to say:

“This is a scam!”

“We shouldn’t be doing lockdowns!”

“We shouldn’t be closing down businesses!”

“We shouldn’t be giving tickets to people for not wearing masks or who are opening their businesses!”

“We shouldn’t be arresting people!”

“People are not dying!”

“It’s not as bad as the media or our leaders are saying!”

“No one should be wearing a mask, it’s not healthy!”

“The CDC is telling us to lie on people’s death certificates!”

“We’re getting paid a lot of money for every COVID case we claim with insurance!”



Instead of doing any of that, many frontline “heroes” are either fast asleep (totally clueless as to what is going on), can’t see what’s really going on, don’t want to see what’s going on, or are in fear or internally conflicted about coming out.




And that sucks for humanity.

Because after all, aren’t all these frontline heroes “public servants?”

But the truth is, most of them really are not.

And the other truth is, with most of them moving forward the way they are, they’re not even helping themselves or their families.

Because the New World Order enslaves EVERYONE.

The cabal is just using frontline workers until they don’t need them anymore and then they will be enslaved and depopulated like the rest of us.

This is why I talk about the importance of de-programming yourself, and healing your mental, emotional and childhood wounds.

Because until you do this internal work, you are unable to see the truth of situations, people and life.

And you end up being easily manipulated, fooled, and controlled.

And that’s not cool.



Let’s be clear, most frontline workers work for the cabal.

Not intentionally, but this is a result of their programming (brainwashing, indoctrination).

They are pawns for the cabal.

And they are key participants in the forward movement of the New World Order which is all about the enslavement and depopulation of society.



So if you’re part of the cabal, you’re probably pretty proud of yourself.

Because you not only brainwashed society, but you got the frontline “heroes,” who are on the front line of implementing your agenda, totally duped.

Well played, cabal, well played.

I love teaching people (and helping them clear) all the ways they’ve been programmed, brainwashed and indoctrinated!

And I’d love to help you de-program, so you can finally be free and truly love the life you’re living.

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