June 26, 2013

So this morning, I woke up visualizing my show differently.

Rather than being in this zone of wanting to get a meeting and wanting to sign a contract — seeing that all in my mind like I have been… this morning I woke up thinking about the show — how would I see it on TV?

Seeing it play out, like I was WATCHING the show in my mind.

And it’s been a bit hard.  A bit of a stretch, but it’s an activity I will continue today… how does this look on screen?


And the other thing that came to mind is all the shows that are on MAIN channels.

MAIN networks.  Because funny enough, yesterday I was so blocking myself I couldn’t even think of any reality shows that are on main networks.

I’m talking about — in NYC, the channels 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11

They’re different channels here in FL, but it’s still basic cable — the big ballers.  The main hitters.  It’s strange that they’re not the same channel numbers here in FL, but then again, FL is kind of strange 🙂  Anyway —

The Bachelorette came to mind!  Duh, the bachelorette is a reality show!

Then the Apprentice came to mind!

Then the Great Race.


Then a thought of Wendy Williams being on one of the main channels…. and ELLEN.

I’d be with all the heavy hitters.

It’s like those are the networks I would think EVERYONE wants to be on because EVERYONE watches them and knows about them.

Even though certain cable channels are really big (in my eyes) — still it’s not like EVERYONE knows what’s on those channels.  Whereas these MAIN ones, everyone knows.

Again, I think that’s where you want your show to go… if you think about it.

So now Spirit is like — yea, you Blaire — imagine yourself being on one of the MAIN channels.

Imagine how big that would be.

It would be SOOO BIG!!

Again, it’s a bit of a stretch for me to envision that now, but clearly Spirit wants me to take this step now.  To stretch me.


Everyone would be watching my show.

The thing that’s cool about these channels is that all age groups watch these shows.

Secret Millionaire.

Undercover Boss.

These are huge shows.

I was watching the Bachelorette the other day and the went to visit the Jersey Shore and see the damage that Sandy (storm) had done to it.

This couple who were in their 60s came out and this lady was wooing, kind of going a little crazy (well, not so crazy but I was surprised she even knew who the bachelorette was) — over the Bachelorette.

She was like — Oh my g-d, you’re the girl from TV.


That was funny to me.

I was like, how does she even know her?  But that’s the power of being on one of those main stations.  PEOPLE KNOW YOU.  All age ranges.

Wow.  And that’s the beauty of my show.  To reach everyone.  Can I picture this?  Well, not so much right now.  This was something I was talking about — how the show has wide appeal, but now Spirit is helping me bring it to the next level for me to really get it in my body, in my being, and to really see it.


That’s all I can say.

I feel like getting dressed and going for a walk in nature to ground this.

I have to make one call and then I’ll eat and do just that.

Time to daydream! (which Spirit keeps giving me messages to do anyway… so again clearly these days that’s what they want me to do — being very much in my feminine, in my heart — and visualizing to bring these thing about… which makes me feel, think, know again, that WOW my life purpose is really important and really big… and how blessed am I that Spirit is giving me this time to really focus on me and this dream — FOR THE GOOD OF ALL.  They keep getting me more and more ready… bringing me down that path… getting me ready for this, the time is now)  Wow.  That is so clear to me in this moment.  Breathing it in.  Thank you.  I feel really blessed and so honored.  Wow.  Thank you.  (and here, I’m complaining how I’m so bored.  Dude, shut up.  You have important things to do — get yourself ready, visualize!) haha.