January 5, 2013

I’ve been separated from my ex for over a year now.  We did have some time that we were communicating and possibly getting back together… that time right before summer where I went to visit him in England and when our relationship transformed from a soulmate relationship to Twin Flame partnership, but the relationship has, in my mind (and I’m sure his) been over for awhile now.

I’m done with it.

And I’m ready for new love.

But with that said, there’s something to be said with being in your own space.

I’m really enjoying that.

I don’t care to rush into a relationship.  I don’t care to be exclusive with someone.  I don’t care to hang out with someone all the time.  I want to be in my own space.  I want to do more fun activities.  I want to build a fuller life.  I want to make more friends.

As I’ve shared with you in several posts, my life – my outlook – is totally different now.  I’m a new person, like I have never been before.  I am re-learning how to do each relationship.

That’s a lot of work and a lot of energy spent focused on relationships.

So rather than focusing on one relationship, a love relationship, and marriage or whatever again, I want to be in my own space.  And I’m very conscious of that — and very deliberate with that.

That’s why, when I see my new basketball friend wanting to hang out with me more, which is nice and appreciated, I think he’s funny and I enjoy watching basketball and talking with him… I’m also very deliberate in how much time I am allowing with him into my life.  Don’t want him dominating my free time, nor do I want to see him so much.

That goes for everyone.

I want to build out my life more.  Stay focused.  Maintain my energy and focus.

I used to not see life like this.  I used to want another relationship and then go right into one.  Now I have other things happening, my divine mission, my love of life – and these I want to put time and attention onto first.

Let me get into a routine with all of it.

Let me keep expanding.

And then when I meet someone who I think is special and I feel more intrigued with, let him have as full of a life as I do.  And let us gradually get together.  Let us consciously make time for others and consciously make time for our divine missions and consciously make time for our hobbies.  Those are more important to me, than spending all my time with a loved one.

This time is my time – and I want to spend my time, being in my own space.